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When trying to add a Content Page to the solution in visual studio, the following error occurs:

Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown.

The project system has encountered an error.

Did not find new element in the hierarchy for item `Views\MyPage.xaml`.
The item would have been added with type "Page".
The project item schema service knows about this item type.
The item does exist in the project file.

When adding the file I do the following:

Right click on Views in my Xamarin Solution > Add > New Item > Content Page > Add

When looking in the windows explorer, there is a file created MyPage.xaml but it has not created MyPage.xaml.cs and it is not added to the solution

It is a blank Xamarin shared project and this error just keeps happening...

It's driving me nuts as I can't even add a single page

As a workaround, I add the files manually using the W. explorer and then edit app.projitems manually, but this is just ridiculous.

As a dirty workaround until this gets fixed, adding the files "manually" to the project gets the job done.

With Visual Studio closed,

  1. copy/paste existing (working) *.xaml and *.xaml.cs files (rename them as you please)
  2. open the newly pasted files with a text editor (not VS) and rename the contents to your chosen name in #1
  3. add newly pasted files to your *.projitems file (open it in a text editor, search for the filenames you copied in #1 and add the new ones similarly) - there'll be 3 places to add them

Now open the solution in VS and rebuild - it should look and build fine.

Xamarin System.Exception when adding Content page VS, When trying to add a Content Page to the solution in visual studio, the following error occurs: Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown. Xamarin System.Exception when adding Content page VS windows 10.0 visual studio 2017 version 15.5 project xaml Visionuse Company reported Dec 19, 2017 at 01:43 AM

Apparently, if you go into the VS2017 installer and install the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) development workload, this fixes the issue.

Xamarin System.Exception when adding Content page VS , try { int x = 0; x = 1 / x; // Divide by zero error } catch (Exception ex) { Console. Copy the file and add it under {root}/{appname}.Xamarin.Forms . Next namespace App2 { public partial class MainPage : ContentPage { public  When I try to add a Content Page Visual studio throws a System.Exception error, and then this message box pops up:. This is the contents of the diagnostic log file: 10/02/2018 10:32:33 Recoverable Microsoft.Assumes+InternalErrorException: Did not find new element in the hierarchy for item "Page1.xaml".

Make sure you have StackLayout instead of ContentPage.Content in your .xaml files that throw this exception on VS.

Monitoring errors in Xamarin apps, <ContentPage xmlns="http://xamarin.com/schemas/2014/forms" sometimes runtime exceptions are raised on code in the generated files, so you should be Two files are added to the project, HelloXamlPage.xaml and the  Cannot Create New ContentPage on Xamarin.Forms Project visual studio 2017 version 15.5 project xaml windows 10.0 Tung Nguyen reported Jan 18, 2018 at 08:50 AM

Part 1. Getting Started with XAML, Forms NuGet is now being built with Visual Studio 2019 and the latest Mono and Now to use fonts you only need to add them to your Xamarin. Github #6384 - "[Bug] [iOS] content page in tabbed page not showing inside shell exception, android position" (#9452) (added in (4.5.0 Pre  In the Solution Pad, select the Notes project, right-click, and select Add > New File. In the New File dialog, select Forms > Forms ContentPage XAML, name the new file NotesPage, and click the New button. This will add a page named NotesPage to the root folder of the project. This page will be the root page of the application.

Xamarin.Forms. (4.5.0 Service Release 3) Release Notes , 21154 – binding exception on Android page the 2nd time you load the page 21384 – Grid content inside ScrollView extends beyond the bounds on iOS 22277 – VS: Adding a new Class Library (Xamarin Forms Portable) project does not  Now, you have successfully tested navigation between the content pages in Xamarin.Forms Application for cross platform Application development, using Visual C# and Xamarin. Brought to you by: JavaScript SDK for Bold BI dashboard and analytics embedding.

Forms Bugs, I am creating a simple login page which accepts username,password. when i Exception:** 'Cannot create a table without columns. does it have public properties? Views { public class AddDetails : ContentPage { public Entry .​com/article/xamarin-forms-working-with-sqlite-android-ios-and-windows/ . 5  ContentView and ContentPage are meant to be used as base class for your own views and pages. Use ContentPage when you want a Page, use ContentView when you want a View. 0. What I meant is, all examples Charles Petzold used are using ContentPage as base, and not ContentView.

  • Mazzy, i've found anything in this site. Maybe helps you. https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/17661/issue-with-using-xaml-in-a-shared-xamarin-forms-project. If doesn't help, i tried.
  • My 'solution' from stackoverflow.com/a/47920864/2953322 is basically just - add it with a different version of Visual Studio (I used VS 2015 to add it for a project in VS 2017). Not sure if this is an option for you; should be a bit quicker than editing the app.projitems...
  • Possible duplicate of Did not find new element in the hierarchy for item
  • I've spent a couple of hours trying to fix this, almost went as far as using .Net Standard, despite not needing it. I eventually reverted to your external editor approach, created ten 'spare' forms then used macros in notepad++ to add them en-masse to the project file. It really sux though.
  • The problem occurs in Standard .Net as well, so don't waste your time. Great idea with the macros - but I'll agree with you: this really sucks. It's such a basic necessity.
  • Is there any other visual studio setting to do this automatically ?
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