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I have this code written and majorly I wanted the result to print out values, combining with strings and newlines. I was also trying to avoid having the results in (). However it seems I am missing something as the result prints out nothing. I am aware of using the print function but the problem is this. The function is actually being rendered within a Flask html page. Using the Print results in 'None' being outputted when the html page is called. Or if there is another workaround using Print and being able to render it. Here is a draft of the code.

def testline():
    str1 = 'result'
    str2 = 'devastating'
    str3 = 'Filling Wao: '

    return "The {0} for the current year is {1} \n Definition: {2} \n Wao".format(str1, str2, str3)

Any help will be most appreciated.

result = testline()

Should work !

Some Tips, Tricks, and Common Errors, So we cannot create our own variable or function with a name True — we'll get a of any function and we have not explicitly executed any return statement, Python exists purely to perform actions rather than to calculate and return a result. In a similar way, when working with files, we often have an option to read the  Flask is one of the web development frameworks written in Python. Through flask, a loop can be run in the HTML code using jinja template and automatically HTML code can be generated using this. The code will be stored in Directories in the format of Flask.

return will just return the result but not to stdout. Its good for capturing the function output via a variable.

If you want function output on stdout you can use print() function.

def testline():
    str1 = 'result'
    str2 = 'devastating'
    str3 = 'Filling Wao: '

    print("The {0} for the current year is {1} \n Definition: {2} \n Wao".format(str1, str2, str3))


Python code not printing output, your code goes here def calculate(m,n): result = m * n return result write python … but it sure looks like you have a return statement prior to  SELECT), the rows specified by the SELECT statement will be sent directly to the client. For large result sets, the stored procedure execution will not continue to the next statement until the result set has been completely sent to the client. For small result sets, the results will be spooled for return to the client and execution will continue.

Thanks everyone for your contributions. They were close but not really the solution I needed. I finally got a nice workaround. Like I said using the Print Statement output none on the HTML page. So i sticked to the return statement. This time around, I only returned the variables within the function:

return str1, str2, str3

Then rendered the function via a variable 'results' in the page

Then I did a for loop in my HTML page using Jinja and iterating the return items alongside the strings. Something like this:

{% for result in results %}
<p>The {{ result[0] }} for the current year is {{ result[1] }}</p>
<p>Definition: {{ result[2] }}</p>
{% endfor %}

And gracias, when I run my browser, you can guess right that it came out just as I wanted. I hope it helps someone.

Python return Statement, We can use the return statement inside a function only. In Python, every function returns something. If there are no return statements, then it returns None. Excel has a feature called Show Formulas that toggles the display of formula results and actual formulas. Show Formulas is mean to give you a quick way to see all formulas in a worksheet. However, if you accidentally trigger this mode, it can be quite disorienting. With Show Formulas enabled, columns are widened, and every formula in a

Why would you use the return statement in Python?, The return statement does not print out the value it returns when the Output. Hello from within foo 2 Hello from within foo 20. We see that  Flask will try to find the HTML file in the templates folder, in the same folder in which this script is present. Application folder. The term ‘web templating system’ refers to designing an HTML script in which the variable data can be inserted dynamically. A web template system comprises of a template engine, some kind of data source and a

Python return statement, Python return statement Note: Return statement can not be used outside the function. Output: Result of add function is 5 Result of is_true function is True  The first line imports the Flask class and the render_template method from the flask library. The second line imports the BeautifulSoup class, and the third line imports the requests module from our Python library. Next, we declare a variable which will hold the result of our request

What's the difference between the print and the return functions , First thing to note is that return and print are statements, not functions, but that is just In this example, we pass the results of a function to another function. print will just print/output any given variable or string onto the screen. right, i dont do any thing even though i finished 37% of python and finished make a website. Users who are familiar with languages like C or C# might want to use the return keyword to make the logic of leaving a scope explicit. In PowerShell, the results of each statement are returned as output, even without a statement that contains the return keyword. Languages like C or C# return only the value or values

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  • Actually, I am aware of using the print function but the problem is this. The function is actually being rendered within a Flask html page. Using the Print results in 'None' being outputted when the html page is called.