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I am writing a PowerShell script to host a website in IIS.

I tried this script in a machine where there is no IIS installed and I got error so I want to check if IIS is installed and then I want to host a website in ISS.

Below is the script I am trying but it is not working:

$vm = "localhost";
$iis = Get-WmiObject Win32_Service -ComputerName $vm -Filter "name='IISADMIN'"

if ($iis.State -eq "Running") {
    Write-Host "IIS is running on $vm"
else {
    Write-Host "IIS is not running on $vm"

Please help me with any PowerShell script to check if IIS is installed or not.

if ((Get-WindowsFeature Web-Server).InstallState -eq "Installed") {
    Write-Host "IIS is installed on $vm"
else {
    Write-Host "IIS is not installed on $vm"

5 Ways To Check Installed Version of IIS in Windows, To check if you have IIS installed, click Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools. If you receive an HTTP 404 (Page Not Found) error when running  If it is not installed I would like to offer the user to install it and have the installation be done though PowerShell. I saw the post here: Check whether IIS is installed or not But when running Get-WindowsFeature Web-Server I'm getting not recognized as the name of a cmdlet .

I needed to do this for a list of several hundred servers today. I modified the previous answer to use get-service w3svc instead of WMI installed state. This seems to be working for me so far.

$servers = get-content  c:\listofservers.txt
foreach($server in $servers){
$service = get-service -ComputerName $server w3svc -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue
Write-Host "IIS installed on $server"
else {
Write-Host "IIS is not installed on $server"

2.1.4. Ensure that IIS is installed, To determine if IIS is installed, do the following on the Web Server: •For All Versions of Windows. 1. Click Start > Run (or <Windows Logo Key  Answer: To verify if IIS is installed or not we need to go to ’Add or Remove Programs’ utility in the Control panel and click on the ’Add/Remove Windows Components’ in the side menu. There we must locate an item called "Internet Information Services (IIS)". If this is checked, IIS should be installed.

In an elevated Powershell window this works for me:

On Windows Server 2012 (on Windows Server 2008 first run this: Import-Module ServerManager)

if ((Get-WindowsFeature Web-Server).Installed) {
    Write-Host "IIS installed"

On Windows 10

if ((Get-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName "IIS-WebServerRole").State -eq "Enabled") {
    Write-Host "IIS installed"

How To Verify IIS and Required Roles and Features are Installed, ASKIT toTo specify how this channel works , it is new channel to answer all the questions related Duration: 7:22 Posted: Jan 6, 2014 The first place is to look in the registry, because, often the registry does not lie. IIS sets a few key registry keys upon install that might be of interest to those looking: HKLM_Software_Microsoft_InetStp. This is a well-hidden location that many folks don’t realize is installed.

Check if IIS is installed, Step 3. Scroll to find Internet Information Services. Click the checkmark to activate them if they Duration: 1:32 Posted: May 28, 2013 go to Start->Run type inetmgr and press OK. If you get an IIS configuration screen. It is installed, otherwise it isn't. You can also check ControlPanel->Add Remove Programs, Click Add Remove Windows Components and look for IIS in the list of installed components.

How to Check Your Version of IIS, If the status is Started IIS is running. The Startup Type will tell you if it is set to start Automatically. You can also use the procedure in the  If the DllFullPath entry is present and has a path value in the Data column, then ASP.NET is installed and registered with IIS. • ASP.NET is a component of the .NET Framework. If ASP.NET is not installed, see the section on How to Install .NET Framework. In IIS 6, check to verify that ASP.NET 4.0 is enabled.

Check IIS web server is up and running : The Official Microsoft IIS , We discuss 5 ways to check the installed version of IIS or Internet Information Services on Windows 10/8/7. It includes using PowerShell, CMD,  The virtually most definitive answer possible (there are other similar possibilities) is: Now, just use on_iis() whenever you want to know. You can also find out via the $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'], sort of: (Basically, according to the article, Apache sets the document root with a valid variable, and IIS does not).

  • Get-WindowsFeature Web-Server...check install state property
  • Get-WindowsFeature is sometimes not present in Windows 10 pcs. I think Get-WindowsOptionalFeature might be the way to go.
  • @Anthony You might need to run Import-Module servermanager to enable it. On Windows VMs(Windows Server e.g.) Server Manager is installed by default, so Get-WindowsFeature is available here. But on other Windows 10 pcs thats not the case.