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In my app, I want to prevent the user from going back to login activity after logging in, but I don't want to close the app. For example if the previous activity is login activity, I don't want to do anything when the user presses back, just stay in the current activity/fragment.

add finish(); in login activity and add onBackPressed in your next activity

    public void onBackPressed() {


Android prevent back button from closing the app, Have you tried putting the super call in an else block so it is only called if the key is not KEYCODE_BACK ? /* Prevent app from being killed on  How to Exit App When Press Back Button - Android Raw. i donot want to go back to main activity i want to close app inside fragment. This comment has been minimized.

Add android:noHistory="true" in the manifest of your LoginActivity

<activity android:name=".LoginActivity" android:noHistory="true">
    <action android:name="android.intent.action.MAIN"/>
    <category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/>

Prevent Back button from closing my application, I am using Nativescript with Angular on Android. I have read that the application closes if I press the back button when the navigation stack is  Solution 4: Uninstall Apps That You Don’t Use Tap on the Settings icon from the notifications shade. Look for Apps and tap on it. Check the apps that you do not require. Tap on them and you will either have the option to uninstall or disable them.

The correct way to do this is to call finish() in the Login activity when it completes and launches the next activity. For example:

Intent intent = new Intent(LoginActivity.this, NextActivity.class);

This would prevent the user from going back from NextActivity to LoginActivity since calling finish() destroys LoginActivity and removes it from the back stack.

There is no need to remove onBackPressed from NextActivity, and that may have unintended consequences (for example, if they navigate from Login -> Next -> Other -> Next then click back, they would expect to go back to Other). Disabling onBackPressed in Next would prevent that.

Prevent the back button from closing the application, I can't seem to find a way to stop a Processing app from closing on clicking the back button - I'm trying to implement a page/menu system and  Exit android app on back pressed. Some Activities actually you don’t want to open again when back button pressed such Splash Screen Activity, Welcome Screen Activity, Confirmation Windows. Actually you don’t need this in activity stack. you can do this using=> open manifest.xml file and add a attribute. android:noHistory=”true”.

No way to intercept the back button exiting the app · Issue #414 , So, I can change MENU to BACK but no matter what I try, I cannot seem to prevent my app from exiting when the back button is pressed. Disable Android home, back and active apps buttons Originally published by Prady Doddala on May 10th 2016 Before you get totally into this post, I would like to warn you regarding the use of these functionalities, because they aren't user-friendly and Android Play Store wouldn’t approve of these unless you have a very strong reason .

Android Prevent Back Button From Exiting, Uncheck Quit On Go Back options at Project settings > General > Application > Config for Godot 3.0 for 2.x, uncheck Auto Accept Quit. On Android, the "hardware" back button tends to just close the app and go to whatever OS screen was up when I launched it (home page, app drawer, etc.). If my Detail page has subpages, the Back button will navigate properly from a subpage back to the main Detail page.

How to prevent the back button on android from closing the app , Sometimes we click back button unintentionally, When you click on a back button it will close your application or will go back to another activity. So open any app, then press and hold your device's back button. When the Superuser request message comes up, tap "Grant" on the popup. From now on, any troublesome apps are only a long-press away from being killed. Do you mainly use this feature to prevent apps from running in the background, or do you only use it when an app is acting up?

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  • use finish(); when they are done the log in and don't allow a back button on the main page that way they cant go back
  • thats right, but if i use back button in the next activity, it will close the app, but i want to stay in this current activity
  • Standard Android behavior is to close the app if you press back and the back stack is empty. If you want non-standard behavior, you can override onBackPressed (may confuse users though). One option would be to pass some data in the intent from Login to Next to indicate whether to disable the back button or not.