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I want to go end of the page when I click on a button .I have data on this div (coming from server). But when I give the div height, it doesn't work. When I remove the height from the div, it works.

<div id="realTimeContents" class ="left realtimeContend_h" style="width:97%; height:850px">

I'll elaborate: When I get data from server, I append the data with auto scrolling (that's why I need the height of the div). But when I give it height, it stops going to the end of the page

function nativePluginResultHandler (result)
    $('#realTimeContents' ).append(result);

    var elem = document.getElementById('realTimeContents');// just to scroll down the line 
    elem.scrollTop = elem.scrollHeight;

Here is fiddle .

try following:

var $div = $("#realTimeContents");


working fiddle here:

Hope it helps.

Window sizes and scrolling, Example. Scroll the document to the horizontal position "500": window.scrollTo(​500, 0);. Try it Yourself ». More "Try it Yourself" examples below. Basically we have div in which have frame this code is working correctly in IE8 but in IE11 first time we run the code it give document.body.scrollHeight= 111, then we expand any frame then it it give document.body.scrollHeight= 354 and again collapse it have to again set its value to 111 but it will stuck to 354. and this height will be change

For Scroll down in Selenium use below code:

Sometimes "document.body.scrollHeight" does not work on JavaScrip specifically when the website is written on React then use: document.documentElement.scrollHeight

Here is the code for scroll Down and Scroll Up

JavascriptExecutor jse = (JavascriptExecutor) driver;
// (driver is your browser webdriver object) jse.executeScript("window.scrollBy(0,document.body.scrollHeight || document.documentElement.scrollHeight)", "");

For scroll up use below code:

jse.executeScript("window.scrollBy(0,-document.body.scrollHeight || -document.documentElement.scrollHeight)", "");

Window scrollTo() Method, The scrollHeight property returns the entire height of an element in pixels, including padding, but not the border, scrollbar or margin. Tip: Use the scrollWidth  The scrollTo () method scrolls the document to the specified coordinates. Tip: Use the scrollBy () method to scroll a specified distance multiple times. Browser Support. window.scrollTo ( xpos, ypos) Parameter Values. Required. The coordinate to scroll to, along the x-axis (horizontal), in pixels. Required. The coordinate to scroll to, along

Try this method

First check if document.body.scrollHeight got zero value, if yes then try to get document.documentElement.scrollHeight value

var getheight = function() {
  var sh = document.body.scrollHeight;
  return (sh && sh > 0) ? sh : document.documentElement.scrollHeight;

var height = getHeight()

Hope it helps

scrollHeight, This is a weird one, and not something you will stumble into every day. scrollTo​(0, y) and y is larger than document's maximum scroll, any page height detection is ugly return Math.max( document.body. scrollHeight, document. Safari with getBoundingClientRect and position: fixed , but that one is  To scroll to the very beginning, we can use scrollTo(0,0). window.scrollTo(0,0) These methods work for all browsers the same way. scrollIntoView. For completeness, let’s cover one more method: elem.scrollIntoView(top). The call to elem.scrollIntoView(top) scrolls the page to make elem visible. It has one argument:

I had an issue where it wasn't going all the way to the end of the page. I had some text that was not breaking and causing my content container to be wider than body. This made scrolltop max out at a height that was less than the scrolltop value.

Might not be the case for everyone overflow-wrap: break-word; fixed it.

iOS Safari window.scrollTo / getBoundingClientRect bug · Muffin Man, offsetHeight),{width:r ").css({position:"absolute",top:0,left:0,width:h.width appendTo(m.body),e(m).on("mousemove touchmove",l).on("mouseup Best JavaScript code snippets using scrollHeight(Showing top 15 results out of screenY,p=window. bar.css({height: barHeight + 'px'}); // hide scrollbar if content is not long  There are a number of ways to scroll a page using Selenium WebDriver in Java. Some of them are discussed below. If you want to scroll the page vertically to perform some action, you can do it using the following JavaScript. ((JavascriptExecutor) driver).executeScript(“window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight)”); Where ‘JavascriptExecutor’ is an interface, which helps executing

scrollHeight JavaScript and Node.js code examples, if ((scrollHeight - scrollPosition) / scrollHeight === 0) { 100) { $('.s3cc-fixed').css​('position','static'); }else{ $('.s3cc-fixed').css('position','fixed'); } }); For whom it is not not working just try this code and you are done scrollY) >= document.body. $(window).on("scroll", function() { var docHeight = $(document).height(); var  The scrollWidth and scrollHeight properties return the entire height and width of an element, including the height and width that is not viewable (because of overflow). Tip: To add scrollbars to an element, use the CSS overflow property. This property is read-only. Browser Support. element .scrollHeight. Technical Details.

jquery-scroll-bottom.js, scrollHeight read-only property is a measurement of the height of an Problems and solutions returns true if an element is at the end of its scroll, false if it isn't. scroll: window.getComputedStyle(element).overflowY === 'visible' window. clientHeight; document.registration.accept.disabled = document. No it shouldnt return 0. Otherwise how can u implement a scroll to top image which should only displayed if the user is scrolling the page to a certain amount? Check the values in FF i.e. and see the result. Anyway your solution isnt working for me in chrome. Other suggestions?

Element.scrollHeight, // Scroll to the bottom of the page let maxY = window.scrollMaxY; window.scrollTo(0, maxY); Notes Do not use this property to get the total document height, which is not equivalent to window.innerHeight + window.scrollMaxY, because window.innerHeight includes the width of any visible horizontal scrollbar, thus the result would exceed the total

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