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I always have to go to a specific repository, click the switch branch button, type my branch name and finally arrive at what I want. Is there a way to submit advanced search terms into the search bar and return only my branches (the ones that I contributed to?)

I am not aware of a way to do this. While this is not definitive, my initial search of the help on github suggests that it's not currently possible. Based on this link: https://help.github.com/articles/searching-code/

Only the default branch is considered. In most cases, this will be the master branch.

Also, there's nothing about branches on the advanced search page, sad to say: https://help.github.com/articles/advanced-search/

Viewing branches in your repository, On Github your branches are in a dropdown list on the left side of the main display, just below the number of commits in the repo near the  The command to list all branches in local and remote repositories is: $ git branch -a. If you require only listing the remote branches from Git Bash then use this command: $ git branch -r. You may also use the show-branch command for seeing the branches and their commits as follows: $ git show-branch

have you tried to use


It works in my projects but I do not know if somebody have done that

About repositories, As a member of an org with many many repos, I would like a way to see all my branches so I can delete the ones I've accidentally left lying around  Git is the best known distributed version control system at the moment. Sometimes you may require to list available branches within your git repository. In this post, we will see different ways to list available branches.

How do I actually see a list of my branches on GitHub?, The way Git branches is incredibly lightweight, making branching operations nearly log testing . To show all of the branches, add --all to your git log command. So we can view all existing branches by typing “git branch -a” into terminal, which tells git that we want to see ALL the branches in this project, even ones that are not in our local workspace. This returns output you see in the code example below.

Feature Request: Show all branches across all repo, Now it is time to start actually working with GitHub (and git) the way they So we can view all existing branches by typing “git branch -a” into  Firstly run git fetch command to update your remote-tracking branches under refs/remotes/<remote_name>/. git fetch Now use following command to list all branches on local and all remote repositories.

Branches in a Nutshell, Showing all branches example. For listing all branches – in local and remote repositories, run this command on the terminal: $ git branch -a. The  With this, git show-branch without extra parameters would show only the primary branches. In addition, if you happen to be on your topic branch, it is shown as well. In addition, if you happen to be on your topic branch, it is shown as well.

Don't Mess with the Master: Working with Branches in Git and GitHub, This command will list all of the branches, both locally and on the remote (use -r for just remote). Here's an example of the output: git branch -a. Protected branches are available in public repositories with GitHub Free, and in public and private repositories with GitHub Pro, GitHub Team, and GitHub Enterprise Cloud. For more information, see GitHub's products in the GitHub Help documentation. Setting to true returns only protected branches. When set to false, only unprotected branches

  • Follow the feature request here: github.community/t5/How-to-use-Git-and-GitHub/…
  • man, that's too bad. I did a few searches myself, but I figured it was because I was bad, not that there was no solution. :(
  • Since at least 2016, there has been a way to do this, as given in stackoverflow.com/a/51321004/323177
  • This only works for "yourrepository". OP is asking for a way to see branches across all projects
  • a repository can have lots of branches, at the question this was not specified to be for different repos but branches
  • OK. I guess I misunderstood what "all my branches on github" means. I assumed that meant all branches on all repos on github.