Can't link a bar button to an @IBAction in superclass

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I have a number of view controllers, each with their own menu button (a UIBarButton, added in the storyboard). Now I want to link all these up to a single @IBAction function in their superclass (the superclass is the same for all the view controllers with that menubutton).

Now I have linked up @IBOutlets to a superclass before, but it doesn't seem to work with @IBActions, even though the function isn't private, and it definitely is part of the superclass (I am refactoring, previously it was an @IBAction in each class, which only did menuButtonTap() (calling the method in the superclass).

Any ideas?

I have solved the problem by manually creating an @IBAction on the superclass, and giving them the same name as the ones I create in the subclasses. Then I deleted the ones in the subclasses. This leaves a 'dangling reference' from the storyboard, according to Xcode, but I know it's there.

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Although this still does not work as of XCode 9.4 for general purpose UIViewController (but your workaround still does work šŸ‘šŸ»), please note that it works as expected for UITableViewCell templates in storyboard.

If some of your template cells in storyboard share the same base class containing @IBOutlet properties, you will be able to link them to every template cell instance as you usually do:

Then XCode will show a popup for telling in which prototype cell the link is "backed":

I'm not sure why this second step is necessary though, since you designate a specific component from within a given prototype cell

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You can do it like you do when adding an action to a UITabbar button from subview class.

Assuming btn is a UIBarButtonItem,

[btn setTarget:self.superview];

[btn setAction:@selector(menuButtonTap:)] 

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Are you using __unused keyword by any chance? If you do the IBAction won't show up in storyboard(I am using Xcode 6.3.2)

- (IBAction)actionBack:(__unused id)sender;
- (IBAction)actionBack:(id)sender;

To make it show up and selectable removed the __unsused keyword.

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  • This is a solution, but I have the items in storyboard, and not in my classes. In my solution, I only add one @IBAction to the superclass.
  • Nope, not using __unused. I did find a workaround though. Check my answer.
  • ok. I see. well that's what happened to me, so I wanted to share if it will help anyone.