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In iOS is there anyway to prevent a UIView containing multiple buttons (siblings) from being simultaneously from being touched? For instance, two non-overlapping buttons that are side by side can be tapped at the same time with two touches.

Set UIView.exclusiveTouch.

How to prevent multiple button clicks at the same time?, Now my problem here is that when I click or touch two answers(buttons) at the same time, both of them behave and do the function which I've  Sometimes user can made bottleneck in your app when user click multiple button click at same time. you can avoid, it’s very easy. The standard way to avoid multiple clicks is to save the last clicked time and avoid the other button clicks within 1 second(or any time span).

You can also use below method. If you have two buttons or more, to prevent multiple push at a time.

for e.g,

[Button1 setExclusiveTouch:YES];

[Button2 setExclusiveTouch:YES];

Set this method in your viewDidLoad or viewWillAppear

Disabling multitouch in the whole application (iOS, swift), “Disabling multitouch in the whole application (iOS, swift)” is published by I wanted to disable simultaneous touches to multiple buttons (or views) in the same Note for iOS7: On iOS7 the tintColor property has moved to UIView, and now  If you can’t catch the extra charge(s) in time to void it before the batch actually processes, you will have to issue a refund and incur additional fees on both the original duplicate transaction, and the refund. Your customer’s trust in you will drop – especially if they see multiple charges before you can void or refund them.

for(UIView* v in self.view.subviews)
    if([v isKindOfClass:[UIButton class]])
        UIButton* btn = (UIButton*)v;
        [yourButton setExclusiveTouch:YES];

How to avoid multiple button click at same time in android?, The standard way to avoid multiple clicks is to save the last clicked time and avoid the other button clicks within 1 second(or any time span). Ok, you have to do  Re: Preventing multiple check boxes from being checked Put them in a group box, again from the forms toolbar. Drag the group box onto the sheet, then drag the checkboxes in. > each row. > checking more than one box in each row.

Swift 4 Syntax:

    buttonA.isExclusiveTouch = true
    buttonB.isExclusiveTouch = true

Reduce accidental selections, Some AAC users may accidentally tap buttons multiple times or activate Hold Duration sets a minimum time that you have to hold down on a button Select on Release has two modes: First Finger Up and First Finger Down. Proloquo2Go will outline each button any finger is touching. Prevent accidental repeats. On a screen, we have a Save button that creates a new record in the database based on the user input. However, if the user manages to click the button quickly multiple times, multiple records are created, as the requests are handled by IIS in parallel.

You need to find all buttons on that view and set the "exclusiveTouch" property to true in order to prevent multi touch at the same time.

func exclusiveTouchForButtons(view: UIView) {
    for cmp in view.subviews {
        if let cmpButton = cmp as? UIButton {
            cmpButton.exclusiveTouch = true
        } else {

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  • Awesome! Why I didn't think of that for buttons I do not know?!
  • Perfect ! that was like hidden treasure , never knew of this property, thanks a lot.
  • please note to set it on each "UIButton"! NOT the the UIView those buttons are in :) (Set in on all subviews of that UIView would do) like this -> [self.controlView.subviews makeObjectsPerformSelector:@selector(setExclusiveTouch:) withObject:[NSNumber numberWithBool:YES]];
  • @Hlung: That won't necessarily work; -setExclusiveTouch: takes a BOOL, not a NSNumber (it might work if the number happens to be interpreted as YES, but that's not guaranteed). I call it UIView.exclusiveTouch because that's the class that the property is defined in (a UIButton is a UIView).
  • @Hlung: It is definitely not guaranteed by the docs, which say "The method must take a single argument of type id". AIUI on x86, if the address is divisible by 256 then it will be equivalent to NO (since BOOL is a signed char so it only looks at the bottom 8 bits). I've also heard of UIKit interpreting 2 as NO (i.e. the code only looks at the bottom bit; unsurprising).
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