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I'm trying to install the MEAN stack on my Mac Book Pro. I'm getting an error consistently after install node and angular-cli.

when running the command 'ng help, or ng -v' I get the error: "ng help -bash: ng: command not found".

Here are my specs: node -v v6.11.3 npm -v 3.10.10 MAC Sierria 10.12.6

I've tried several steps in forums and uninstalling and reinstalling node and npm several times.

Also, I've tried installing and uninstalling from BREW. I keep getting the same error though.

Is there a correct way to install the MEAN stack on a MAC? Specifically for the issue I'm experiencing with the angular-cli?

Also, I've set permissions to my npm folders according to this site:

it looks like you do not have @angular/cli installed globally. Use -g flag to install it globally:

npm i @angular/cli -g

to check your globally installed packages run:

npm ls -depth 0 -g

if your list is very long, you can narrow it with grep:

npm ls -depth 0 -g | grep angular

make sure that you have angular CLI listed there.

I personally prefer installing angular CLI locally per project and accessing it via node_modules/.bin:

node_modules/.bin/ng -v

ng: command not found on Mac · Issue #8343 · angular/angular-cli , if you type: npm install -g @angular/cli ng new you will get the error: -g @​angular/cli, it was continuously running in loop. it's fixed now after  After the install, the only warning I see is the UNMET PEER DEPENDENCY rxjs@^5.0.1, which I then install and reinstall "npm install @angular/cli -g" No matter what I do, or what version of Node I setup with n, I keep getting the following message when trying to user the "ng" commands:

Found this here: Worked for me.

npm install -g @angular/cli

Make sure the ng path is correct
    cd ~/npm-global/bin
    ls and make sure ng exists

create .bashrc file on your home directory
    touch ~/.bashrc
    vim ~/.bashrc

Add ng as alias
    press a (enables edit mode) then type in the following
    alias ng="~/npm-global/bin/ng"
    press esc (to get out of edit mode) then :wq (in vim will save)

Temporarily Update .bashrc reference
Your terminal wont take bash updates until a restart but the following command will let you use the updates during the terminal session:
    source ~/.bashrc

Check that ng works
    ng --version

ng: command not found · Issue #503 · angular/angular-cli · GitHub, After installing angular-cli with the help of this #389 (comment) i installed Angular​-cli successfully. -bash: ng: command not found Running npm list -g --dept I got this error after I change my node from my initial install. For me, it is a problem of adding a Path in to bash_profile for Mac (like global  Specs: MacOS 10.12.6 Node.js v8.9.4 NPM 5.6.0 I'm new to programming (and stackoverflow). I installed Angular using the following command in the terminal: npm install -g @angular/cli. I ran into an

npm install -g @angular/cli

if you have problem with your node, you may need nvm

How to Install Angular CLI on macOS – TecAdmin, After installing the Node.js and npm on your system, use the Angular CLI provides a command ng used for command-line operations. npm install -g angular-cli or sudo npm install -g angular-cli or npm install -g angular-cli@latest. The log given by the failure. Normally this include a stack trace and some more information. canker:Angular CanKer$ sudo npm install -g angular-cli npm WARN deprecated graceful-fs@1.2.3: graceful-fs v3.0.0 and before will fail on node releases >= v7.0.

Setup, AOT Metadata Errors It includes information about prerequisites, installing the CLI, creating an initial workspace and starter app, and running that app locally to verify To use the Angular framework, you should be familiar with the following: Run the CLI command ng new and provide the name my-app , as shown here:. I am trying to learn Angular and my knowledge in terminal is beginner. After I installed Angular and then type ng new my-project. I get the response ng: command not found. I've seen other posts that had this problem and I've uninstalled and reinstalled npm and ng. The last step I took was npm install -g @angular/cli@latest then ng new my-project.

How to Install Angular on Mac, Checkout various steps for installing and set up angular on Mac. Let's start with nodejs To test the @angular/cli run ng version command. When installing Angular Cli from Windows Power Shell with administrative privileges it doesn't create the global variable, the solution was add it manually. Just go to Enviroment Variables and add in the Path variable the directory for the NG exe.

Angular CLI update issues: Manually Update your Angular Project, Let's do a fresh install of Angular CLI by running the following 3 commands: If ng serve is still throwing errors, try to update the CLI again by running the  Make sure angular-cli is installed before trying to create a project. Windows users can install angular-cli without giving permission to command but MAC users have to use sudo before executing the command as follow: sudo npm install -g angular-cli Type a password when asked and press enter to proceed.

  • BTW, which MEAN stack are you using with angular CLI?
  • I guess I didn't realize that there were multiple options. I started by following the steps from this site:…
  • after running 'npm ls -depth 0 -g' I get '@angular/cli@1.4.3 npm@5.4.2'
  • strange, you have angular CLI locally. You also can add it to your $PATH by executing: PATH=$PATH:`npm root -g`/@angular/cli/bin. npm root -g (with back ticks) should return you global node modules location, just make sure you have '@angular/cli/bin' path within it
  • Seems you might need to type source ~/.bashrc each time you start terminal