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Sorry I couldn't demonstrate this on SQLFiddle because it seems to be down when I asked this question.

I have the following table

Col1        Col2     
====        ====     
1           A       
1           A       
1           B    
2           C
2           C

If I run the group by query of


I would get

Col1        Col2     
====        ====     
1           A            
1           B    
2           C

My question is how can I write a query to detect column 1 value when I have more than one different values in column 2? Essentially the return of that query should give me "1" because that is where the rows have the same value in Col1 while Col2 have different values over the span of multiple data rows.

You can use group by clause with min() and max() :

select col1
from table t
group by col1
having min(col2) <> max(col2);

Get rows having different values for a column based on the duplicate , Using standard SQL on most RDBMS, there are various ways. COUNT(distinct DEF) > 1 ) dup ON dup.dept = d.dept AND dup.role1 = d.role1 AND dup.role2 = d.​role2 ;. The subquery returns sets of dept/role1/role2 with more than 1 rows. If at least one row exists, the row from the main table is returned. Check if one column value exists in another column using MATCH. You can use the MATCH() function to check if the values in column A also exist in column B. MATCH() returns the position of a cell in a row or column. The syntax for MATCH() is =MATCH(lookup_value, lookup_array, [match_type]).

Try this:

select Col1,count(distinct Col2) as [different Col2 value count]
from yourtable
having count(distinct Col2)>1

Formula to check if rows that have the same value in one column , This will count the matching column B & column C values. Then eliminate all rows with result greater than 1 to find unique values. Section: Excel Basics Tutorial: Autofill Row or Column - Same Data. Excel: How to FILL a Column, Row, Range with the SAME DATA. We often want to copy and paste data into other worksheet cells - perhaps part of a row or column, a cell range, or non-adjacent cells. We can do this easily in Microsoft Excel. We can also have Excel autofill

       FROM table t1 
            JOIN table t2 
                  ON T1.col1 = T2.col1 AND T1.col2 != T2.col2

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  • Do you mean: return all Col1s that have 2 or more Col2 values?