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my question is: how to connect java tp paradox / borland database ".DB" single files?

Here's what I have: So, it's Paradox 7 database files.

I'm trying drivers: & as:

String url = "jdbc:paradox:/D:/BABAK/powerGold/SongTitle.DB";
Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(url);

But both throws exceptions like:

D:/BABAK/powerGold/SongTitle.DB isn't a database directory path!

As you can see, it is trying to find some database folder, but I have only single files! Also, "jdbc:paradox:/D:/BABAK/powerGold" (path to all .DB files folder) didn't work as well.

So, anybody, please help me to figure out, how to open this type of DB in my Java app.

jdbc:paradox:D:/BABAK/powerGold is the correct syntax.

One of the open source Paradox drivers you mentioned is now on Github and has had more features added since a couple of years ago, so that may now work.

If it doesn't, can you post the full stack trace (using this library, not the HXTT one) so we can figure out exactly what's going on? I'm not the original author, but I have made several contributions for different field types.

java - Open paradox / borland database as single file, you're not trying to open the database doing so but a specific file of the whole DB. In fact your DB is composed of files .db, .px . The best  You can open and view Paradox database files using Database Desktop that is shipped with Borland C++Builder. A free alternative is BB's Database Desktop . The software may require administrator privileges to run correctly.

you're not trying to open the database doing so but a specific file of the whole DB. In fact your DB is composed of files .db, .px ....

The best approach to do so, is to migrate since this DB is not supported, and realy brings a lot of bugs.

I will recommand you to use migrate your database.

  1. install Paradox Database Reader or Editor
  2. export tables to CSV files
  3. import tables in mysql Database (for example)

If you still want to connect this DB without migration with java, share in private a file .db and will give a try now.

‍🤝‍ Open the paradox / borland database as a single file, jdbc:paradox:D: /BABAK/powerGold is the correct syntax. One of the open source Paradox drivers you mentioned is now available on Github, and since then a  File type: Borland Paradox database. In general, the DB file extension references a generic database file used for the storage of various types of information using a structured format. This file may be generated by a number of varying database applications or can be imported into different database software.

To solve it do the following:

  1. String url = "jdbc:paradox:/D:/BABAK/powerGold/";
  2. keep the same files .db and .px of SongTitle in the same directory then run your code and it will work

Databases - Borland Database Engine (BDE), A Paradox database is a directory - tables are stored as This is managed by having all Paradox lock requests written to a single "Lock file" (one Open the BDE Administrator via the Control Panel (this  If the database you want to open is password protected, you don't have to worry. Paradox Data Editor comes with a password remover tool that you can use to unlock the tables in order to view the database contents. It also comes with fix and repair capabilities, DB registering and a built-in BLOB viewer.

BDE, 32-bit single exe file for 32- and 64-bit Windows. Largely a Borland Database Desktop replacement, this Paradox and dBase/xBase table editor and analyzer lets  Open Paradox db File of All Versions. Paradox .db viewer is capable to support all the .db files created in paradox 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 and allow you to preview its data. View Paradox .db File of Unlimited Size. This Paradox database reader supports to view .db file of unlimited size.

Configuring the Borland Database , Configuring the Borland Database Engine for Network and SQL Access All versions of the BDE come with drivers for Paradox and dBase files. Open Lock - The least restrictive lock possible for Paradox tables. It also places a FLOCK on a single byte in the net file at an address starting at the user's session number​  I found paradox database files with different extension. There are db file, mb file, dat file, px file, XG0 file, XG1 file, XG2 file, XG3 file, XG4 file, YG0 file, YG1 file, YG2 file, YG3 file and YG4 file. I already found way to open db file and px file using gnumeric spreadsheet. I found some of needed data from db file. But, rest of data not

Accessing Paradox Databases in Python, It is characterised by file extensions such as .DB, .PX, .VAL, .X02, and .Y02. For much of it's popular life, it was sold by Borland. Browsing and Exporting Paradox Databases on Windows pull all records from the specific versions of Paradox that I was using. Tags: Open Source · Paradox · Python  I set a native configuration driver for paradox to a network folder through the BDE administrator, but when I open paradox and look in Settings>Preferences>BDE, the network control file directory is set to a generic folder C:\PROGRA~3\BORLAND\NETDIR\ instead of the network drive I defined in BDE administrator.

  • hello! Migration isn't possible: it's a live DB of an everyday used software, so, I need some way to connect & open it, as Paradox Data Editor does. Sending you a .DB file on Twitter (and here's the link: , there's nothing secret inside)
  • I'll try, but take a look to question: > Also, "jdbc:paradox:/D:/BABAK/powerGold" (path to all .DB files folder) didn't work as well.