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i have 50 properties in model name 'student' and im trying to set all properties NULL values to "" to prevent error messages in case of NULL.is there c# method that can do that?

thank you for your help.

You could initialize each property in your model (pretty simple with search/replace):

public string PropertyName { get; set; } = "";

However, I would question whether it is better to handle your NULL scenarios. It is pretty simple (model.PropertyName?.Method()).

ASP.NET MVC Handling Null Models, Unfortunately the request data has a value of "" (blank string) for Address.ID because that is what the value of the hidden input element was. You  The above line when Address is null throws a null reference exception. I don't know how to handle it as I still want to display view while Address.Line1 should be displayed as empty string. asp.net-mvc

Use a backing field for each.

In the get for each property, coalesce via return this.field ?? string.Empty;

How to handle null values in ASP.Net Core MVC, When it comes to empty responses to requests, or returning null values from the action methods, the ASP.NET Core MVC framework returns  The value of the hidden input is null or really a blank string. This is how it should be since Address was null to begin with and there is nothing to put into value. So, perhaps the admin user changes the first name to " Stan " and doesn't do anything to address and hits save.

Change the model to have fail safe check, as below.Will below work for you?

public class Student
        private string _Name;

        public string Name
            get => string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(_Name) ? string.Empty : _Name;
            set => _Name = value;
        //todo: rest of properties

How to prevent the default behavior of MVC converting String.Empty , Empty to null values? Platform: ASP.NET MVC |. Control: Grid  Handling null values. 08/15/2019; 8 minutes to read; In this article. Download ADO.NET. A null value in a relational database is used when the value in a column is unknown or missing. A null is neither an empty string (for character or datetime data types) nor a zero value (for numeric data types).

TempData in ASP.NET MVC, TempData is dictionary type, so you can add key-value pair data. NET MVC can be used to store temporary data which can be used in the subsequent request. public ActionResult About() { string data; if(TempData["myData"] != null​) data  C# data types are divided into two categories - first is Value Type, and the other is Reference Type. If you have ever considered a value type variable, then it can never be assigned a NULL value, but the developers of C# can assign a NULL value to any Reference type variables.

How to get values from TextAreaFor returns null value in MVC5, How to get values from TextAreaFor returns null value in MVC5 and update your action method like below which handles GET request: This example shows how to handle possible null values in source collections. An object collection such as an IEnumerable<T> can contain elements whose value is null. If a source collection is null or contains an element whose value is null, and your query does not handle null values, a NullReferenceException will be thrown when you execute the

Allow null values in model mvc 4, @Model.Editor.SelectedDivID </textarea>. </div>. for sure, first time the model value will be null in my case. but i want to allow even null values  How to avoid and fix NullReferenceExceptions in ASP.NET MVC 30 Jul 2015 Quite often people stumble into same problems again and again, and getting a NullReferenceException is the one that occurs most frequently, and frankly, can be quite annoying.

  • It would be awesome if you could provide a minimal reproducible example.
  • Are your properties all string ? Please show us the code for your model
  • But a wild guess would be: I think your only way to actually do this is through reflection and that'd be dirty. You're better off to simple give your model a constructor that can pre-set all your properties.
  • And a last note: error message in case of null are errors, not warning. To me you shouldn't just use trick like that to dodge the problem.
  • this sounds like a bad workaround. what errors are you getting and where from? Perhaps you have fields in your database which are not nullable? In that case, either make them nullable, if it's ok for those fields to be null. If not, then use some validation in your code to ensure that any user input into this table is not permitted when the fields are null. If you are talking about some other scenario, you'll have to explain it more. Your question is too vague to be certain what to tell you.