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I'm new to react and I build my applications with :

create-react-app applicationame --scripts-version=react-scripts-ts

I don't use webpack because create-react-app does all for me, and I think it's just fine !

Of course I need a toolbox for smart components. Thanks for Palantir to provide such a good library for free. Blueprintjs works well with React/Typescript, [even if many classes are still not created in typescript (ex:I must use <ul> for "pt-breadcrumbs" while class Breadcrumb is provided for "pt-breadcrumb"). But apart from that the toolbox is all right.]

Now I want to customize the look&feel of the application, to meet my customer's constraint :

  • background and text color
  • rounded corner or not
  • font family and size
  • icon list
  • padding of components
  • transition delays
  • etc.

I found nowhere a documentation to customize all this. (looking in docs, in github, making lots of googling and search in stackoverflow)

  • should I add a css file in my project and override blueprintjs classes ?
  • can I compose a "theme" outside of my project, and copy it in some different projets ? (like I used to do with jqueryui)
  • can I do this without using webpack ? (I find this tool much too complicated)

Thanks for your help.

how to customize blueprintjs appearance in create-react-app, I'm new to react and I build my applications with : create-react-app applicationame --scripts-version=react-scripts-ts I don't use webpack because  Create React App will add decorator support when the specification advances to a stable stage. Fetching Data with AJAX Requests. React doesn't prescribe a specific approach to data fetching, but people commonly use either a library like axios or the fetch() API provided by the browser.

So the easiest way would be to pass in your custom style via React's Component Styles.

Let's say we want to change the font-size and color of the text within the <Button> component.

We first declare our style:

const buttonStyle = {
 fontSize: '30pt',
 color: 'pink',
 height: '40pt'

And then within the React classes render() pass in that new style to your <Button> component:

<Button className="pt-intent-primary" text="My button" style={buttonStyle}/>

css, i don't use webpack because create-react-app me, , think it's fine ! of course need toolbox smart components. palantir provide such library free. Use in create-react-app. create-react-app can help build a react project quickly, and this wizard will explain how to use rsuite in conjunction with create-react-app. Install and Initialization. Before all start, you may need install yarn.

I would recommend creating your own theme in (i.e. myTheme.css).

.pt-myTheme {
  .pt-navbar {
    background-color: #2364f0;

in React just add it to Blueprint components directly:

render() {
  <Navbar className="pt-myTheme"></Navbar>

Or to a container in your app root:

render() {
  <div className="container pt-myTheme">

How To Style a React Application with Blueprint.js, Let's style the song list to make it a little more presentable. The first thing that we'​re going to do is extract the listing of songs into a separate  Customize RadioButton Appearance in React RadioButton component You can customize the appearance of the RadioButton component by using the CSS rules. Define own CSS rules according to your requirement and assign the class name to the cssClass property.

A way to only bundle icons you actually use · Issue #2193 · palantir , in Icon.tsx import * as _allIcons from "@blueprintjs/icons/all"; @ConneXNL I worked around this in webpack by swapping the file with a custom version that only includes the icons I Disclaimer: messing with Create React App's config in this way is Here is an example of what the esm source looks like:  In my project I am using blueprintJs as UI library so to test my components I need to import the css file for blueprint. According to the docs CSS Support You can simply import CSS files w I am trying to use storybook for the first time.

3.x Changelog · palantir/blueprint Wiki · GitHub, Contribute to palantir/blueprint development by creating an account on GitHub. This package was renamed from @blueprintjs/eslint-plugin-blueprint for brevity. Blueprint-specific custom lint rules have been disabled in this configuration as we fix: support create-react-app environment variable for Blueprint namespace​  @Ciantic you are importing the css we are importing sass for a custom build. Hm.. I just tried it with a fresh install of create-react-app and blueprintjs,

Understanding TypeScript, Blueprint is a React-based UI toolkit for the web. After installation, you'll be able to import the React components in your application: TypeScript code looks exactly like ES2015+ code with the addition of type signatures, which typically  With the backend configured it is time for us to add authentication to the React application. The first thing that we need to do is to create a way for a new user to sign up. This will require a few things: Calls to action to “Register” and “Log In” in the navigation if the user isn’t already signed in.

  • I tried to copy node_modules/testlib-blueprint/node_modules/@blueprintjs/core/src into project's src/theme and let IntelliJ compile scss with a file watcher, but I have many errors I cannot solve. Any idea will be greatly appreciated.
  • That's a lot of steps ! For blueprintJs3, I just had to : 1) Install node-saas : npm install node-sass --save 2) Import blueprint's SASS file : @import "~@blueprintjs/core/src/blueprint.scss"; And it works !
  • Thanks Shahzeb, I understand this is one possibility. In the mean time, this is javascript code. If I want to build a theme that I can copy from one project to another, I cannot use this way. If I could add a css to the project, then I can copy this css to other projects. Using css file, I only could override Blueprint css with !important which is not really perfect...
  • If you have a style.css file you want applied and want it to override some of Blueprint's css then you want to use <link rel... to link to your stylesheet in your index.html function. Then refer to various elements using their className's in order to change their styles.