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valueerror: the palette list has the wrong number of colors.
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I use an heatmap to visualize a confusion matrix. I like the standard colors, but I would like to have 0s in light orange and highest values in dark purple.

I managed to do so only with another set of colors (light to dark violet), setting:

colormap = sns.cubehelix_palette(as_cmap=True)
ax = sns.heatmap(cm_prob, annot=False, fmt=".3f", xticklabels=print_categories, yticklabels=print_categories, vmin=-0.05, cmap=colormap)

But I want to keep these standard ones. This is my code and the image I get.

ax = sns.heatmap(cm_prob, annot=False, fmt=".3f", xticklabels=print_categories, yticklabels=print_categories, vmin=-0.05)

The default cmap is To reverse it set cmap to

Using your code:

cmap =

ax = sns.heatmap(cm_prob,
                 cmap = cmap)

How to reverse colorscales in seaborn heatmap, I believe seaborn uses a cubehelix colormap by default. So you'd do: from matplotlib import pyplot import seaborn as sns colormap =​  The Colorbar gives information about the color represented by the visualized data and also represents the range of values that depicts the data plotted by the Heatmaps. By default, a colorbar is present in the Heatmap. If we wish to remove the colorbar from the heatmap, the below syntax can help you out with it: seaborn.heatmap(data,cbar=False)

To expand on Ben's answer, you can do this with most if not any color map.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
import seaborn as sns
X = np.random.random((4, 4))

#92 Control color in seaborn heatmaps – The Python Graph Gallery, 2/ Diverging palette: 2 contrasting colors; 3/ Discrete data. Sequential palettes translate the value of a variable to the intensity of one color: from bright to dark. The attribute cbar of heatmap is a Boolean attribute which if set to true tells if it should appear in the plot or not. If the cbar attribute is not defined, the color bar will be displayed in the plot by default. To remove the color bar, set cbar to False: >>> heat_map = sb.heatmap(data, annot=True, cbar=False) >>>

Did you try to invert the colormap?

sns.cubehelix_palette(as_cmap=True, reverse=True)

Choosing color palettes, import numpy as np import seaborn as sns import matplotlib.pyplot as plt sns.set() It is generally not possible to know what kind of color palette or colormap is best common to use them as a colormap in functions like kdeplot() and heatmap() You can also control how dark and light the endpoints are and even reverse  How to add a label to Seaborn Heatmap color bar? Ask Question It is worth noting that cbar_kws can be handy for setting other attributes on the colorbar such as

seaborn.light_palette, seaborn. light_palette (color, n_colors=6, reverse=False, as_cmap=False, input='​rgb')¶. Make a palette or cmapseaborn color palette or matplotlib colormap. cmap is color map and we can choose another built-in colormaps too from here. interpolation is the interpolation method that could be nearest, bilinear, hamming, etc. 2D heatmap with Seaborn library. The Seaborn library is built on top of Matplotlib. We could use seaborn.heatmap() function to create 2D heatmap.

Seaborn heatmap tutorial (Python Data Visualization), Sequential colormap. The sequential color map is used when the data range from a low value to a high value. The  cmap matplotlib colormap name or object, or list of colors, optional. The mapping from data values to color space. If not provided, the default will depend on whether center is set. center float, optional. The value at which to center the colormap when plotting divergant data. Using this parameter will change the default cmap if none is specified.

Seaborn heatmap colors are reversed - pandas - html, Seaborn heatmap colors are reversed - pandas. same code and the same pandas dataframe): I'm unable to find why the color gradient is inverted and The colormap looks this way now: You can always use the cmap argument and specify  Building color palettes¶. The most important function for working with discrete color palettes is color_palette().This function provides an interface to many (though not all) of the possible ways you can generate colors in seaborn, and it’s used internally by any function that has a palette argument (and in some cases for a color argument when multiple colors are needed).

  • for me I have to use as sns does't have cm module.
  • @AmirhosImani what version of seaborn are you using? It seems like it's still part of the current version (see here)
  • Yep, but, as I already wrote in the question, I want those same standard colors not the ones in cubehelix_palette (which has shades of purple without orange)
  • I may have misunderstood the question then. Maybe the other answer is what you are looking for?