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So i have the template layout in the picture attached below. I would like to know how to link the Spin button to able to show month by month when i click on the spin button. Here is the formula i have so far, everything working fine except for the chart doesn't connect to the spin.

E4 formula : ="Monthly "&E5&" - Audit Sheet Delivery"
data for eat month for LATE row:=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(G3,$A$4:$C$6000,2,FALSE)," ")
Same for On-Time:=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(G3,$A$4:$C$6000,3,FALSE)," ")
Spin button link to cell $E$5

I have created define name for each Month, Late and On-Time and linked it to the chart but it doesn't work. Please point out what i have to do in this case. Also, please show the code on here due to i am new to this. Thanks

Thanks you all for your help. I did figure out one way to make it work for me. However, i will more than happy to learn new way or a better way to use spin button and scroll button to changing my chart.

  1. Changes data layout table
  2. Using index formula and vlookup (Cell F19, G19,H19) formula included in picture below)
  3. Changes define name formula to pull data from Cell (Cell F19, G19,H19).
  4. Now i can click on my spin button and the chart changing month by month for me.

It is working fine for me. But i love to learn more if anyone can show me a better way to do it. Please include pictures and formula in your answer. It will help me and other easy to follow it. Thanks

Interactive Chart Example – 2, Idea is, when we click on one of the spin buttons chart show data for previous or next month, depending on the arrow direction you clicked. Interactive chart with a Spin Button; Get your Developer tab. In Excel 2007 and Excel 2010, the spin buttons and scroll bars are accessible from the Developer tab. If you don't have this visible, in Excel 2010, choose File > Options > Customize Ribbon and in the second panel make sure that the Developer checkbox is selected.

Creating a Spin Button for a Dynamic Excel Chart, Can I lock a cell into incrementing by a specific value every time? Can I create a chart that Duration: 6:50 Posted: Jun 6, 2017 The PivotGraph has also been updated to display the data in groups, with multiple bars per month to indicate the year on year values. 8. The final step is to change the graph type from a bar graph to a line graph by selecting the Design tab under PivotChart Tools and then clicking on the Change Chart Type button. 9. The finished graph is shown below.


This is broadly similar to yours. Below is just meant to show you how to use dynamic named ranges as chart series sources. If you later decide to specify start and end ranges of months, you could use this same model and have the start and end indexes generate the height argument for Offset thus being able to plot ranges (though they would be aggregate).

Using the same data layout as in your answer.

① Add a forms control spin button, assign its linked cell as K3, then put the font to white so it is not visible. Its values run from 1-12 with increment 1.

② I then create two dynamic ranges:

  1. LATE with formula =OFFSET(Sheet1!$G$4,Sheet1!$K$3-1,0,1,1)
  2. OnTime with formula =OFFSET(Sheet1!$H$4,Sheet1!$K$3-1,0,1,1)

You can add these via name manager (Alt+F3)

Name manager:

③ I then insert a bar chart and add two series which use these dynamic named ranges as their source:

The above is for Late and this is repeated for OnTime. Note that the workbook name goes before the reference to the dynamic range.

④ In J2 I enter the chart title text "Monthly - 5 KPI Delivery" and point the chart title at this with = J2 in formula bar whilst chart title is selected on the chart.

K2 has the formula =INDEX(F4:F15,K3) and is used to retrieve the Month name from the list of months via Index with row argument the linked cell value from the spin button.

I then edit the chart X axis source with formula =Sheet1!$K$2 so the month name appears on the bottom of the chart.

⑥ Finally, any other chart sprucing you like. I chose to group and lock the chart and spin button together so they will move as a unit and to ensure data point values where shown.

Final result:

In action:

Excel 2013 Charts and Graphs: Excel 2013 Charts and Graphs, Pivot charts are covered in detail in Chapter 8, “Creating Pivot Charts and only Days and then use the Number of Days spin button to go to sevenday periods. Click OK. The pivot table and pivot chart changes to show one column per month​  Creating a Spin Button for a Dynamic Excel Chart | Everyday Office 057 Creating a Dynamic Chart with Spin Buttons in Dynamic Excel Charts Using Check Box, Radio Buttons and Spin

Creating a Dynamic Chart with Spin Buttons in Excel, Create a dynamic data range for a chart in less than 15 minutes. Category. Education. Show moreDuration: 14:43 Posted: Jun 9, 2017 Creating a Dynamic Chart with Spin Buttons in Excel | Everyday Office 060 Excel Dynamic Chart with Drop down List (column graph with How to Add a Spin Button + a Slider to a Chart in

How to use spin buttons in Excel, interactive charts, Today, I'll introduce you to using spin buttons and scroll bars and show you an way to add an interactive element to an Excel chart with a spin  This is the data we are going to use as our charts source data: I have inserted a column chart using items column as horizontal axis and first month column as values. At this point, this is a standard static chart. I decided to use cell P15 as month selection cell. It is right beside the chart. And inserted a Spin Button (form control).

Add a scroll bar or spin button to a worksheet, Use a spin button, for example, to make it easier to enter a month, day, year number, or to increase a For more information, see Show the Developer tab. A spin button can be used to increment a number in a cell. To create a spin button in Excel VBA, execute the following steps. On the Developer tab, click Insert. In the ActiveX Controls group, click Spin Button. Drag a spin button on your worksheet. Right click the spin button (make sure Design Mode is selected).

  • So what do you want to happen when you click up or down on the spin button?
  • Not sure if useful but have you considered a timeline slicer?
  • When i click up and down spin button, the Title of the chart change accordingly to cell E4 but the chart stay the same.I just wonder how can i link the spin button with the chart so it will change data on the chart.
  • QHarr-I know how to use the slicer but i want to keep it clean and use only spin button or scroll button. It will look better
  • I guess linked cell can index into months for plotting
  • Month by month made me think timeline slicer as an additional option.
  • Yeah, i did use the splicer before. but it took too much space. I know there is away you can use either spin button or scroll button with formula to change the data on the chart by clicking on the arrow up and down. it is better and the title change accordingly to the data.
  • It's a slicer and it doesn't have to remain visible. Yes of course there's "a way"... in fact there are several ways it could work; the issue is finding the one right for your data and your experience level.
  • @RyanNguyen You didn't mention any issue with my answer. You could just use the chart filters, programmatically controlled bu your buttons. Problem solved?
  • ashleedawg. How you link up the chart filter with the spin button? i would love to know how.