Can't get Instagram Business Account ID through Facebook Graph API

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I'm trying to access the media of my Instagram business account through Facebook Graph API. I'm following this guide:

I've set up everything as requested: I have an Instagram business account, a Facebook page connected to this account and a Facebook app.

In step 5, when I try to get the Instagram Account ID with

GET /v3.0/{page id}?fields=instagram_business_account

the response I get looks different than the one in the guide. The Instagram business account field is missing, I only get back the ID of the Facebook page, which I already have.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong here?

Try the query below with the manage_pages permission.


I'm going through the review process and having trouble understand the permissions required to

  1. Get Instagram Business Accounts
  2. Subscribe to instagram_story_insights webhook

I only manage to get 1. by having the manage_pages permission. But I don't want to manage pages, just want to get the Instagram Business Accounts and request insights, feed and profile.

For 2. I only find the /subscribe endpoint and that requires a Facebook Page access token and that is only available with the manage_pages permission.

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I was facing this issue since last 2 days and it was started suddenly.

I was able to resolve this issue by doing below steps.

  1. Convert back your Instagram business account to personal account.
  2. Now Convert your personal account to business account through the only facebook web not on instagram native app.

Important: We need to convert personal account to business account through the only facebook.

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Hopefully you've figured this out by now. I had the exact same problem as you did where I would only get the id of my page.

The solution was adding the correct permissions to the user access token.

You will need to use a user access token with manage_pages and instagram_basic permissions when you make API calls to

GET /v3.0/{page id}?fields=instagram_business_account

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Facebook Graph API 4.0 Only Supports Instagram Business Account. Creator instagram account doesn't work on graph api .

Check out below pics for getting instagram id from graph api

Click to View for Graph API Response

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Given the Facebook account has a page (with {page id}) linked to the Instagram account. We managed to obtain ids via Browser (HTTPS Get) with{page_id}?fields=instagram_business_account& access_token={Access token with the right permissions}

The token was manually generated using Facebook's Graph Explorer

Choose "User Token" option and Add the permissions "business_management", "manage_pages" and "instagram_basic" via the UI. Hit "Get Access Token" button to generate the token to be used with the "instagram_business_account" url query above.

To get images from the linked Facebook page, we currently do{instagram_business_account}/media?fields=id,name,media_url,media_type,timestamp&access_token={Access token with the right permissions}

BTW, our Facebook account does have an app created under it so we could choose this app in the Facebook Graph API Explorer tool when the UI asked for it.

With the right permissions, one can covert these steps into code.

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  • Any luck with this? I'm having the same exact issue.
  • This was previously working for me, but upon trying it again this morning, it is no longer working and I have no idea why.
  • looks like there is a known bug at the moment, see…
  • the known bug was reported back on May 9th, and seems to be affecting more people as time goes on.
  • Issue Resolved. Please check my answer here :…
  • Thank you very much, this did the trick. Just to clarify for others, I logged in to Instagram in the settings of my Facebook page and converted my personal account to a business account there. Now I can get the field instagram_business_account as expected.
  • For me, the point that make everything work is to add the "instagram_basic" permission on the Facebook Graph Explorer UI before getting the access token. The Facebook docs says that you need only the "manage_pages" permission on the UI, but you MUST add "instagram_basic" too.