How to import and use CreateML or CreateMLUI in Xcode

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I would like to use the new CreateML and CreateMLUI Swift frameworks.

But when I write:

import CreateML

Xcode gives me an error:

No such module 'CreateML'

How can I use those in Xcode?

To import CoreML or CoreMLUI you need to get latest software:

  1. Go to
  2. Install macOS Mojave 10.14 beta version.
  3. Install Xcode 10 beta.
  4. Create a macOS platform template.


Use free MLModels provided by apple:

MLImageClassifierBuilder, An Xcode playground UI that you use to train a model to classify images. SDKs import CreateMLUI let builder = MLImageClassifierBuilder() builder. 2. Xcode version should be 10+ 3. MacOS version should be mojave STEPS: 1. Create a new playground with macOS application type playground. 2. If creatMLUI is not shown then, close the xcode and restart it. 3. As this is still in beta, it takes few time. Repeat step 2 till compliler identifies "CreateMLUI".

You need to

  1. Have Mojave installed
  2. Install Xcode 10 beta
  3. Create a macOS template playground (not iOS)

Can't import CreateMLUI |Apple Developer Forums, Right now you can try iOS 12 only using the beta version of Xcode, and you will also need macOS Mojave if you want to use the new Create ML  I am using macOS Mojave Beta (10.14 18A293u) and Xcode 10.0 Beta (10L176w). I created a Swift Playground and I am unable to import CreateMLUI framework in order to use it. I keep getting an import

Install Mojave* and Xcode 10. Create a new playground and make sure you select macOS as the target (e.g. macOS Single View). Type in import CreateMLUI- it should compile without problems.

(*)macOS Mojave is officially available since yesterday.

Create ML, Create ML; Create MLUI. On This Page a Core ML model file. In your Xcode project, you import the Core ML model file to use your image classifier in your app. CreateML models can be easily integrated into apps, just by drag and drop; CreateML is powered by Mac and its available to use from macOS Mojave; The process of creating and training module can be automated using Swift scripts. Training ML Models Using Xcode Playground (Manual) The manual process of training the machine learning models is very simple.

For Xcode 10 - beta 6 You don't have to upgrade to Mojave. The newest Xcode - beta already supports 10.13.x. (From Apple Developer Forums).

I followed this step to try CreateML framework.

  1. Upgraded to latest MacOS (Not Mojave)
  2. Upgraded latest Xcode - beta.
  3. Create playground in macOS template (Default is iOS template)

Then, I can use createMLUI.

Creating an Image Classifier Model, Create ML; Create MLUI. On This Page Diagram showing how you train a text classifier with Create ML using training data. Import Your Data. Start by gathering textual data and importing it into an MLDataTable instance. You can Xcode compiles the model and generates a SentimentClassifier class for use in your app. Begin training the model by dragging your training data into the classifier. After training finishes, you also use the UI to test your model, and then save it to a file for use in a Core ML app. Note. For additional flexibility and to automate the process of training an image classifier, use the programmatic interface available in MLImage Classifier.

Creating a Text Classifier Model, Train a machine learning model by using Core ML to import and manage tabular data. Download. SDK. Xcode 10.1+. Frameworks. Create ML; Create MLUI. Approach 2: With UI — CreateMLUI. This is going to be fun. Open Xcode 10 beta and Create a new playground and choose the macOStemplate. Step 1: Import the frameworks //Approach 2 import CreateMLUI. Step 2: Write down the code below, let builder= MLImageClassifierBuilder() builder.showInLiveView() Step 3:

Creating a Model from Tabular Data, In this Create ML tutorial, you'll learn how to transfer your learning to Turi 2 and Xcode 10.0 beta 2: Trying to create an image classifier model in Create ML may not work. error: cats dogs.playground:3:8: error: no such module 'CreateMLUI' Use Create ML to create an image classification project. With Xcode open, Control-click Xcode’s Dock icon and choose Open Developer Tool > Create ML. Or, from the Xcode menu, choose Open Developer Tool > Create ML. In Create ML, choose File > New to see the list of model templates. Select Image Classifier and click Next.

Create ML Tutorial: Getting Started, Finding datasets and building custom models with CreateMLUI At WWDC18, Apple introduced a new API that will allow us to use Transfer Learning to re-train an existing Start by opening Xcode 10 and going to File>New>Playground. Create ML is proof that Apple is committed to making it easier for you to use machine learning models in your apps. In this Create ML tutorial, you’ll learn how Create ML speeds up the workflow for improving your model by improving your data while also flattening the learning curve by doing it all in the comfort of Xcode and Swift.