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I am trying to create an AR app using Unity & Vuforia. I have a 3D model that needs to be spawned when ground plane is detected.But this needs to happen only once. The way Vuforia work is, it keeps on spawning objects when new plane is detected. So what i need to do is either detect plane only once or spawn the object only once. As i am new to Unity, i need help doing this. Great if someone could tell me what i need to do to achieve this.

In your app you should have a Plane Finder object somewhere with the following properties set by default

The Plane Finder object has a Behaviour component attached that calls a Position Content method if a plane was found. That method belongs to the Content Positioning Behaviour and it makes an instance (Clone) of your Ground Plane Stage. In order to avoid more than one instance you should import the vuforia Deploy Stage Once script located here: and you should change the Plane Finder Behaviour as the following:

Place content only one on Ground, I want the content place only one time when user tap on the UI Button instead of the screen. Creating the GameObjects again should make this option visible. to the script but doesn't seem to get activated once the plane is detected. To learn more about Ground Plane, please refer to the Ground Plane User Guide. NOTE: Ground Plane is supported in Android, iOS, and UWP. Ground Plane is only compatible with devices supported by Platform Enablers (ARKit/ARCore) or devices that have been specifically calibrated by Vuforia Engine. See Supported Device List for the latest device coverage. New devices are added frequently.

Vuforia has updated.Now There is no DeploymentStageOnce script.Inorder to stop duplicating while we touch, we have to turn off Duplicate Stage in Content Positioning Behaviour (Script)Check the Inspector when we click Plane Finder.

Introduction to Ground Plane in Unity, Area Targets · Device Tracking · Ground Plane · Vuforia Fusion Ground Plane is only compatible with devices supported by Platform Enablers (ARKit/ARCore) or devices that have been specifically This will create a new capsule object in the Unity Hierarchy window. Once you find a surface you like, tap the screen. Ground Plane leverages Vuforia Fusion to utilize the best core technologies available on each device, and supports both native and Unity app development for Android, iOS, and UWP. Ground Plane is only compatible with devices supported by Platform Enablers (ARKit/ARCore) or devices that have been specifically calibrated by Vuforia.

I struggled a long with it, in short we must disable AnchorInputListenerBehaviour after hit.

  1. I attached a new script on PlaneFinder with this code below:

    <!-- language-all: c# -->
    public void OnInteractiveHitTest(HitTestResult result)
        var listenerBehaviour = GetComponent<AnchorInputListenerBehaviour>();
        if (listenerBehaviour != null)
            listenerBehaviour.enabled = false;
  2. I added event on Plane Finder Behavior

That's all, I hope it will be useful.

Tap to position the object once, Hi, I'm trying to get an object placed on a ground plan once. Also, I want the object being placed only once and when it's placed it can't be Our Ground Plane sample for Vuforia 7.1 with Unity 2018.1 contains an example of doing this. I build & run, for testing I used a cube, when tapping the screen the  VUFORIA GROUND PLANE DETECTION TUTORIAL WITH VUFORIA 7 - Duration: clicking objects on screen with Vuforia AR & Unity3D How to create Virtual buttons with Vuforia AR & Unity3D

For Updated Versions:

go to "Advanced" setting and "On Interactive Hit Test" script -> Select "Off" option for the script.

Augmented Reality Vuforia 7 Ground Plane Detection. : 8 Steps , Augmented Reality Vuforia 7 Ground Plane Detection. Go to file, build settings, and switch your build platform to Android or IOS. Drag the script we just made onto the plane finder game object. using UnityEngine; public class CarController : MonoBehaviour { private bool soundPlayed = false; // Update is called once  I am trying to build an application using Unity for Android. It uses Vuforia (set to digital eyewear mode) and ARCore for ground plane detection. The goal is to place some object at a location on the ground plane based on some event other than touch (like voice command).

please try the vuforia website for this problem

Introduction to Ground Plane in Unity

Ground Plane Detection, In the Game Object Menu select: Vuforia> Ground Plane> Ground Plane Stage. Now this is where the process diverts from the usual set up, by adding a ground plane object. You can see that the Ground Plane stage has a 100cm grid, these are only rendered in the Once you find a surface you like, tap on the screen. Ground Plane is only compatible with devices supported by Platform Enablers (ARKit/ARCore) or devices that have been specifically calibrated by Vuforia Engine. See Ground Plane Supported Devices for a list of officially supported devices.

Vuforia 7 Ground Plane Detection Augmented Reality Tutorial , So this lecture we going to be creating our first ground plane experience. Now Ground plane Duration: 4:57 Posted: Jan 6, 2018 The Vuforia Object Scanner is an Android application that is used to scan a physical 3D object. The Object Scanner produces an Object Data (*.OD) file that includes the source data required to define an Object Target in the Target Manager.

Combines Vuforia image tracking and ground plane. Modified from , ground plane. Modified from the PlaneManager class within the Vuforia ground plane samples. Created 2 years ago. Star 3 · Fork 0 Runs only once after first successful Automatic hit test Place object based on Ground Plane mode. 7. Once the import is complete, your sample is ready to run in Unity Play Mode or to be deployed to a device. IMPORTANT: To run Vuforia Ground Plane in Unity Play Mode, print the Emulator Ground Plane Image Target found in Assets > Editor > Vuforia > ForPrint > Emulator.

Making an Augmented Reality App for Beginners., We will use Unity3D and Vuforia's ground plane detection to make a The only thing you will need as far as software is the free version of Unity. Now once the object is placed in the world we should probably turn the toggle off so go to the 

  • That did not fix my issue. When i click on a new plane, a new model pops up. Now i have another issue too...the model is shown before the camera even before ground detection. and disappears and appears again normally when the ground plane is detected.
  • @AnupGPrasad Quote: "The way Vuforia work is, it keeps on spawning objects when new plane is detected." you did not say anything about clicking. Nevertheless I know what you are talking about because I already made a workaround that issue for myself. Hint: go to this page and look at Number 15
  • Okay. I have an interactive button on a model with action. Will that work without conflicting this if i replace the script?
  • @AnupGPrasad I didn't understand the question.
  • Vuforia docs lack the crucial step of updating the function of PlaneFinder for onInteractiveHitTest. Thanks for making it explicit using the screenshot.
  • Done that. Still deploying the object multiple times.
  • I tried using the script but couldn't get it to work. Visual was giving me a bunch of errors.