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I have a classic HTML date input: <input type="date" name="dto" id="date_timepicker_end">

Now I need to change this format to be dd/mm/yyyy, and I know I can't change that in html.

When I add the jQuery datepicker I just get a blank input form where you can type any number you want:

I need the input to be just like the HTML input, where the user clicks on the input and can just change the value according to what he clicked. I don't want him to be able to write any random number.

Also note, this is all custom code in a wordpress theme, so I have jquery and my custom javascript and css. I can't add libraries like moment.js and so on...

What is the best solution for this problem ? I know it has been asked a lot of times, but none of those methods work me for because I need the input field to be like a normal HTML input date field, not an empty input, dd/mm/yyyy instead if mm/dd/yyyy.


As you already know, you can't change the value format in an input type="date".

The input type="date" uses a localized displaying format, but its value is formatted like this: "YYYY-MM-DD". (Doc:

Instead of trying to modify or use a pattern on the input of the datepicker, I tried to use the regular input type="date" to work with the datepicker.

The datepicker has got a dateFormat option. It seems that "yy-mm-dd" matches the format required by the input type="date". Using that, I ended-up with a localized datepicker in an easy way:

// Use datepicker on the date inputs
  dateFormat: 'yy-mm-dd',
  onSelect: function(dateText, inst) {
    $(inst).val(dateText); // Write the value in the input

// Code below to avoid the classic date-picker
$("input[type=date]").on('click', function() {
  return false;
<link rel="stylesheet" href="//">
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

<input type="date">

Is there any way to change input type="date" format?, What it essentially means is that as a web designer you must be intending to allow user to pick a date in the format YYYY/MM/DD via datepicker and you designed  I have a date field in the format YYYY-MM-DD but I need to convert this into the format DD/MM/YYYY (with the forward slashes). I have looked at the DateFormatter but there are no formats I need in the destination date format drop down.

you can change the date tag to:

<input type="date" id="myDate" max="2222-05-26">

This won't allow the users to enter more than 4 chars on year field. Also it doesn't really matter what they enter though, you can always perform Client-server side validations.

HTML5 Input type=date Formatting Issues, However; this new addition has failed to live up to the expectations and the major reason behind it remains the fickle nature of the format of the input given by the  The <input type="date"> element represents the date in the "dd/mm/yyyy" format on my machine (UK), but on other machines the date in the field follows a different format. However the format Stack Overflow

Add readonly attribute to your html tag. This is restrict the user to enter the input.

<input type="text" name="dto" id="date_timepicker_end" readonly>

As you're using jQuery datepicker, it has option availble to specify the date format that you want to have.

    "dateFormat" : "dd-mm-yyyy" //any valid format that you want to have

Hope this helps!!

How to Customize HTML5 Date Field Date Format, How to force Input field to enter numbers only using JavaScript ? How to detect HTTP or HTTPS then force redirect to HTTPS in JavaScript ? How to iterate over a  How are we going to achieve this using the date element given that it does not give the liberty to change the date format? If the date format is absolutely critical to the functioning of the webpage, then we will need to make that choice. Below is a code snippet with the date format altered to the YYYY-MM-DD format.

I have come up with a method of using a text box to simulate the date input and do any format you want, here is the code

date : 
<span style="position: relative;display: inline-block;border: 1px solid #a9a9a9;height: 24px;width: 500px">
    <input type="date" class="xDateContainer" onchange="setCorrect(this,'xTime');" style="position: absolute; opacity: 0.0;height: 100%;width: 100%;"><input type="text" id="xTime" name="xTime" value="dd / mm / yyyy" style="border: none;height: 90%;" tabindex="-1"><span style="display: inline-block;width: 20px;z-index: 2;float: right;padding-top: 3px;" tabindex="-1">&#9660;</span>
<script language="javascript">
var matchEnterdDate=0;
//function to set back date opacity for non supported browsers
    window.onload =function(){
        var input = document.createElement('input');
        input.setAttribute('value', 'some text'); 
        if(input.value === "some text"){
            allDates = document.getElementsByClassName("xDateContainer");
            for (var i = 0; i < allDates.length; i++) {
                allDates[i].style.opacity = "1";
//function to convert enterd date to any format
function setCorrect(xObj,xTraget){
    var date = new Date(xObj.value);
    var month = date.getMonth();
    var day = date.getDate();
    var year = date.getFullYear();
        document.getElementById(xTraget).value=day+" / "+month+" / "+year;

1- please note that this method only work for browser that support date type.

2- the first function in JS code is for browser that don't support date type and set the look to a normal text input.

3- if you will use this code for multiple date inputs in your page please change the ID "xTime" of the text input in both function call and the input itself to something else and of course use the name of the input you want for the form submit.

4-on the second function you can use any format you want instead of day+" / "+month+" / "+year for example year+" / "+month+" / "+day and in the text input use a placeholder or value as yyyy / mm / dd for the user when the page load.

How do I input this type of Date dd-mm-yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy In, use the date input type, it requests the date in dd/mm/yyyy format (the support the date input type, the value is treated as a text field (which I  Unsupporting browsers gracefully degrade to a text input, but this creates problems in consistency of user interface (the presented controls are different) and data handling. The second problem is the more serious one; with date input supported, the value is normalized to the format yyyy-mm-dd.

How to get current formatted date dd/mm/yyyy in Javascript and , To set a particular day, you'll need to set the value to a YYYY-MM-DD format, like this: <input type="date" value="1980-08-26">. Minor note:  The RFC 3339/ISO 8601 "wire format": YYYY-MM-DD. According to the HTML5 specification, this is the format that must be used for the input's value upon form submission or when requested via the DOM API. It is locale and region independent. The format displayed by the user interface control and accepted as user input.

Date input and validation - HTML & CSS, Date Input. There are generally 3 types of JavaScript date input formats: The ISO 8601 syntax (YYYY-MM-DD) is also the preferred JavaScript date format:  I want to change date format mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy in input filed. I want to change date format mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy in input filed. My input field

Prefilling a Date Input, YYYY-MM-DD, Specifies a date for the date field. Explanation of components: YYYY - year (e.g. 2011); MM - month (e.g. 01 for January); DD - day of the month​  Hi, 1. I am using inputfield to select date from the client. When cleient selects input field is displaying date in mm/dd/yyyy format. How to make the format to yyyy-mm-dd(on any client)?.

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