Vue: delete an item from array when it is passed as a prop to a component?

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I am very new to Vue.js.

I first searched for how to do this (removing an element from an array, given just the element in the array), but all I found was references to either the delete method or calling slice on the list... which of course is relevant, but does not answer my question.

I made a fiddle here:

Ideally, I want to click delete to remove the tab and the tab pane.

Is there a way to do this without passing the list as a prop?

Is this your expectation: ?

I emit event when click remove button

  methods: {
    remove: function() {
      this.$emit('remove', this.index)

and listen to it on parent component

  methods: {
    onRemove(index) {
      this.groups =  [
       ...this.groups.slice(0, index),
       ...this.groups.slice(index + 1)

If each tab have an id, solution will be more elegant.

how to remove component from parent's array, how to remove component from parent's array. Posted 4 years ago by Best Answer. you can pass via props whole item object. then How To Delete An Item From An Array In React Summary. To delete an item from the page in React, you need to take a few steps. In our example we first had to deal with raising and handling events between child and parent components.

By emitting an event from the component to the parent. I have forked the code here is the link .

creating an emitter

var __emiter = new Vue();

Emit from button


catch from app

__emiter.$on('deleteTab', (group) => {
        this.groups = this.groups.filter(function(_group) {
                return _group.title !== group.title;

Remove item from list when deleted in array, The items for the v-for are passed as a property to the component. When I click on an item, I'd like to remove it from the formations array Besides, the only parent in this case is the default Vue instance : That will update the original data along with the local components as long as the prop is v-bind (:). Props are passed down the component tree to descendents (not up) Props are read-only and cannot be modified (as you may have discovered) Vue uses one way data flow, meaning that data can only flow from a parent into a child component. You cannot pass data from a child to a parent.

I forked your jsfiddle with a solution

The simpliest way I think is to use an event on the remove button. This event carry the tab object then your parent component (your Vue application here) listen to this event and remove the tab from the list.

I like to think about events and props like this : events are a way to give data to parent component while props give data to children.

How to remove dynamic component from an array in a parent, I have a parent component called ContentBlocks.vue and child blockList.​remove(block) console.log('did we get this far') }) }, props: { blocks: {type: blockList is an array, you will have to find the item that matches the You would generate the id outside, and then pass it in as a prop to the component. More generally, is there some way to pass object/arrays to a custom component directly from the view? 👍 1

Building Applications with Spring 5 and Vue.js 2: Build a modern, , With components, you can extend HTML elements and provide additional logic to make them reusable. This component will also need to react to clicking on the Delete button. In order to You can use it to define the data that can be passed to a component. The props property takes an array or an object as its value. Hey everyone, question about Vue that I can't seem to figure out. I'm building an app with Vue, never used it before but I come from Angular. I'm trying to pass an array of objects as a prop, and then iterate through those creating some components using v-for.

How to use props to pass data to child components in Vue.js , In this post, we will look at Vue props and how they can help to to create these two separate components, add the array inside the data object and data, go into the two test components and delete the data objects in them. It would be great if we could use v-bind with an object of attributes to pass props to a component. <component is="component" v-bind="data"></component> Currently we need to explicitly state the props we are passing to the component. <co

Vue.js 2.x by Example: Example-driven guide to build web apps with , The props array can also take further options, allowing you to define the type of Add a prop to the balance component so we can pass the cost as an HTML cost prop to the component in the JavaScript, and remove the fixed value from our  If you've worked on a large-scale Vue application, chances are, at some point you've wanted to generate data in one component and then do something with it in a separate component. In this tutorial, we will pass user inputted text from one component and display it as a list in another. We will not be using any dependencies outside of Vue.js.

  • this is my expectation. I started Vue this morning. Is my approach thus far ok, or do you have any other recommendations for what I have done so far?
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