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I build react native app with react-native-firebase and I generate sha1 by these steps

  1. run project in android studio
  2. Click on Gradle menu.
  3. Expand Gradle Tasks tree
  4. Double click on android -> signingReport and then get the sha1

The problem is that some developers works on the project from different computers, same project but the sha1 of the apk has changed and each time I need to get the sha1 from the debug apk and upload it to firebase console and then download new google-service.json to android and googleInfo.plist to ios.

without it I get errors with authentication since it not recognize the google-sevice..

How can I solve this issue? what I'm doing wrong?

You can add signing config in build.gradle for debug, like

signingConfigs {
        debug {
            storeFile file("***.jks")
            storePassword "***"
            keyAlias "***"
            keyPassword "***"

if multiple developers are working on same project it will work same keystore for everyone.

Firebase FAQ, How do I add Firebase to an existing Google project? You may have Projects and the Firebase console. What is a Do I need to provide a SHA-1 when adding an Android app? SHA-1 Does the free usage quota reset when I change from a Spark to a Blaze plan? I only want pay-as-you-go for one or two features. I'm trying to implement Firebase Auth with Google Sign In. While adding the android app under my project, it asks me for a Debug signing certificate SHA-1.Now, this project is shared with my team mates and everybody will be running the app through their respective Android Studio software.

By default, Android Studio signs all .apk files with default, unprotected debug.keystore that's created for you by Android SDK.

You could either manually create a new keystore that all developers are going to use from now on, or add each developer's debug.keystore signature (SHA-1) as authorized key to Firebase project.

To create a new keystore, use the following command:

keytool -genkey -v -keystore keystore_name.keystore -alias alias_name -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000

Then add it to your project, by right-clicking on the module of the app then choosing 'Open Module settings'. On the 'Signing' tab you can see the following:

Add your newly created keystore credentials and path here and you're good to go.

Configure multiple projects, This page describes how to use more than one Firebase project in your app. Examples of when it can be useful to use multiple Firebase projects include: can result in an apparent change of GOOGLE_APP_ID and result in lost Analytics​. It could be expected, because a new app is trying to reach fastbuy firebase database, so I have to create my own database; On firebase console, I added a new project, copy google-services.json to android/app folder instead of the current one. At firebase console settings, I enabled Google sign-in method. On terminal, run react-native run-android.

There is tow way:

First Way: one is you can add SHA key of all the developer key in your firebase console and then share the JSON file.

Second Way: 1. Create Keystore 2. Generate SHA using that keystore. See Here 3. Add Generated SHA in firebase console and download latest json file. 4. Share keystore with another developer. 5. And finally, ask to put following code in your build.gradel file android section like following

buildTypes {
        debug {
            storeFile file("your keystore path")
            storePassword "keysotre-password"
            keyAlias "keystore-alias"
            keyPassword "keystore-password"

adding sha1 in firebase app fails with error, I have more than 50 apps and I was trying to use only one firebase project as that SHA 1 is same for all project in same machine even We change package  Firebase provides a bunch of features to use together in your app, provided by a project that you create at the Firebase console. Normally, it's sufficient to have all your app's resources provided by a single project, but there are times when you want a single app to be able to access data from multiple projects.

Firebase Setup, We want to update all package names luckily android studio let's us do that easily​. Replace "witchel" To complete our change we have to open this gradle file. Step 1: Get SHA1 hash for your app We can get one using Android Studio. What happens to my Firebase project if I add or remove billing accounts for that project in the Google Cloud Console? If a billing account is added to a project in the Google Cloud Console, the same project will automatically be upgraded to the Firebase Blaze plan if that project is currently on the Spark or Flame plan.

Changing the project name and firebase database with my own , However, same problem continues. I recognized that SHA1 is same with the one that I generated with original fastbuy source code. Is it normal? If you want to continue to process incoming Analytics data for your app, but still want to clear the OAuth client to register the same SHA-1 and package name in a different project, you can delete the SHA-1 for your app from Project Settings instead of deleting the app. Delete an app. Sign in to Firebase, then open your project.

Delete an app - Firebase Help, You may sometimes want to remove an app from your Firebase project, such as app is a permanent action: you cannot undelete an app if you change your mind. the same SHA-1 and package name in a different project, you can delete the  And obviously the sha1 in the firebase project wouldn't match my computers sha1, so how does that work when it doesn't work when I follow these steps implementing into an existing project I have. I was able to get it to work on my emulator by adding my sha1 to the fire base console project, however when I run on device I still get the Google

  • not sure it related. I mean the sha1 of the app,apk. keyAlias and keyPassword it's other thing, no?
  • SHA1 is for signing certificate you are using, so you have to specify signing certificate to be used in debug builds
  • and I don't need more to generate per developer each time?
  • You need to generate keystore only once and add its SHA-1 signature to Firebase console only once. But you have to distribute that keystore to all development machines and setup build.gradle to use that keystore for signing the project.
  • the first way I did but one developer, his sha1 changed everytime and our firebase console has like 10 difference sha1 and it take time each time to update to each dveloper
  • Yes, I know its panic, Just do the second thing,