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I have created new project and then went to VM Instances, it says enabling compute engine, after some time it throws error Unknown Exception with Code: 13. Do I have to set up permissions or anything else?

Check your billing/payment method. GCE needs a verified payment method

General troubleshooting | Compute Engine Documentation, might find helpful if you run into problems using Compute Engine instances. If you enable serial port output logging to Cloud Logging, you can access this  "Starting VM instance "proj-p100-vm" failed. Error: Google Compute Engine is not ready for use yet in the project. It may take several minutes if Google Compute Engine has just been enabled, or if this is the first time you use Google Compute Engine in the project." Have waited an hour and it still doesn't work. Does anyone know how to fix?

I think such error usually appears when the Compute Engine API (CE API) can't be enabled for some reasons. In your case, it was probably due to the time required to the restoring process or to the new billing association to use the GCP services. However, at this time I can confirm that CE API it's enabled in your project, which means that you can proceed to create instances.

Designing robust systems, Unexpected single instance failures can be due to hardware or system failure. HTTP(S) load balancing enables your traffic to enter the Google Cloud system  Hi I am using and I also come across "INFO: Failed to detect whether we are running on Google Compute Engine." Is it fixed in this release? 0 · Share on Twitter Share on Google+

Please try disabling and then enabling the API via the Google SDK and try accessing again:

$ gcloud services disable compute.googleapis.com

$ gcloud services enable compute.googleapis.com

Lastly, if one of these commands fail please run placing the correct operation ID obtained from the previous commands:

$ gcloud services operations describe [operation ID]

Compute Engine is getting ready. This may take a minute or more , I have same problem, (Enabling Compute API failed. GCE API will be enabled when you access Google Cloud Console -> Compute  [ENABLE_DISPLAY] is either true to enable the virtual display device on the instance or false to disable the virtual display device on the instance. After you create an instance with a virtual display device, you can configure remote desktop to remotely manage your Windows instance.

Google Compute Engine VM instance start up failed, gcloud compute instances add-metadata [INSTANCE_NAME] \ --metadata=serial​-port-enable=1. and then either connect to it using Google Cloud Console or  If you are familiar with the Compute Engine default service account and want to use the credentials provided by the default service account instead of creating new service accounts, you can grant IAM roles to the default service account. By default, all Compute Engine instances can run as the default service account.

Google Cloud Platform, I haven't seen too many experience reports on Google Cloud, so I wanted API is enabled) and are inaccessible to anything outside of the project. However, I'​m not running enough instances to run into any problems here. Compute Engine does not enable Secure Boot by default. If you specify true for enableSecureBoot , Compute Engine creates a VM with all three Shielded VM features enabled. After Compute Engine starts your VM, to modify Shielded VM options, you must stop the VM.

GCP Credentials, Before creating a cloud account for GCloud/GCP on the Aviatrix controller, go through the steps Enable Compute Engine API on the selected project, If cloud account creation fails, check the error message at the Aviatrix controller console  Enable billing for a project. How you enable billing depends on whether you're creating a new project or you're re-enabling billing for an existing project. Enable billing for a new project. When you create a new project, you're prompted to choose which of your Cloud Billing accounts you want to link to the project.

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