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I am trying to use the coin payments API documentation of PHP to get a callback address for BTC. I get the result as nothing while the result should be like this(JSON):-


But I get nothing to see my code:-

class CoinPaymentsAPI {
private $private_key = '';
private $public_key = '';
private $ch = null;

public function Setup($private_key, $public_key) {
    $this->private_key = $private_key;
    $this->public_key = $public_key;
    $this->ch = null;

public function GetCallbackAddress($currency = 'BTC', $ipn_url = '') {      
    $req = array(
        'currency' => $currency,
        'ipn_url' => $ipn_url,
    return $this->api_call('get_callback_address', $req);
    echo $this


help me, please

You're missing a semicolon when attempting to echo it out and you need to close your functions with a curly bracket.

echo command result, hello how can i print to screen the result of this command ? echo "pwd | sed 's/.*​foo//'" when i type it im geting it printed as string &quo | The UNIX and Linux  An echocardiogram (often called an "echo") is a graphic outline of your heart 's movement. During this test, high-frequency sound waves, called ultrasound, provide pictures of your heart's valves

Please echo response data by using json_encode() function as I updated your function.

public function GetCallbackAddress($currency = 'BTC', $ipn_url = '') {      
    $req = array(
        'currency' => $currency,
        'ipn_url' => $ipn_url,
    $resp = $this->api_call('get_callback_address', $req);
    echo json_encode($resp);die();

Echo Command in Linux with Examples, echo is commonly used in shell scripts to display a message or output the results of other commands. echo Command #. echo is a shell builtin in  The results of your echo will be prepared in a report in which your doctor will describe the heart anatomy, heart movements, and any defects observed during the test. It may take several days to several weeks for you to receive the report.

You can't echo after return, if you wants to echo something then return should be after that and on other-side, why you are echoing the all objects. Its seems not correct.

If below code will return array data then you should use code like:--

echo json_encode($this->api_call('get_callback_address', $req));

How to pipe and echo the result that is being processed?, There is a similar question en Stack Overflow:​questions/670784/redirecting-bash-stdout-stderr-to-two-places. The idea is to use  Here is how you can accomplish that task with a demonstration of how to set JAVA_HOME in Windows and echo the result to validate that the changes have gone into effect. Also, let's explore how you can add Java to the Windows PATH, which is another configuration parameter that is often set after a JDK installation.

15 Practical Examples of 'echo' command in Linux, echo is one of the most commonly and widely used built-in command for Linux bash and C shells, that typically used in scripting language and  In addition, the stress echo test can trigger dizziness, breath short, irregular heartbeats, low blood pressure, and heart attack, right after the test. It can even cause nausea, throat and mouth discomfort, abnormal and slow heartbeats and even minor bleeding.

Why does attempting to echo an undefined environment variable , undefined environment variable result in the message “ECHO is on”? From a batch file, suppose you try to echo the contents of a variable  Cardiologists, or heart specialists, are trained to evaluate these images to assess heart function and provide a report of the results.The echocardiogram is just one of the many tests that can be done to evaluate heart anatomy and function. An electrocardiogram (EKG, ECG) is the most common heart tracing done. Electrodes are placed on the chest wall and collect information about the electrical activity of the heart.

Returning Values from Bash Functions, function myfunc() { myresult='some value' } myfunc echo $myresult. The code above sets the global variable myresult to the function result. Echo is the cheapest and least invasive method available for screening cardiac anatomy. Generalists most commonly request an echo to assess left ventricular (LV) dysfunction, to rule out the heart as a thromboembolic source, and to characterize murmurs.

  • the echo will not work after return
  • You seem to be missing the closing curly brace for the class definition. Indenting the contents of your class is also standard to aid with identifying the matching braces.
  • What is the issue you are getting now?
  • It responds nothing
  • It means $this->api_call('get_callback_address', $req); response nothing.
  • It is responding nothing
  • I mean the echo part