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As the title says; how does one change the overall tint color of the new, in iOS 9, SFSafariViewController?

Some news from iOS 10: now we have two properties to control the overall looks of the SFSafariViewController

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The only downside is, of course, it's not available for older versions.

if #available(iOS 10.0, *) {
    safariVC.preferredBarTintColor = .black
    safariVC.preferredControlTintColor = .white
} else {
    safariVC.view.tintColor = .someColor

preferredControlTintColor, The color to tint the control buttons on the navigation bar and the toolbar. SDKs After the view controller is presented, changes made are not reflected. If your app lets users view websites from anywhere on the Internet, use the SFSafari View Controller class. If your app customizes, interacts with, or controls the display of web content, use the WKWeb View class.

It's a property of the view, safariVC.view.tintColor = UIColor.someColor()

How do I customize the tint color in SFSafariViewController?, In the session, it was explained that you can customize the tint color of the toolbar items and done button. But I don't see any API to do it? I also. SFSafariViewController: With SFSafariViewController, you can use nearly all of the benefits of viewing web content inside Safari without forcing users to leave your app. Before iOS 9, the first two options were the only options for developers. Knowing when you had to use one or the other depended on the context of the presented content.

There's no need for that.

Just use CSafariWebKit and set the Color you want in BarTintColor and the TintColor:

So, you won't need to check if it's available. The frameworks does it for you

let vc = SafariViewController(url: url, barTintColor: nil, tintColor: nil)
vc.presentSafari(fromViewController: self, whenDidFinish: nil)

Change navigation bar color in SFSafariViewController · Issue #417 , we are change color of login screen header navigation bar. Default color is gray. please can me help where i will change in "AppAuth" so effect in  A nicer / cleaner UI which is consistent with Safari and all other apps using a SFSafariViewController. Whereas cordova-plugin-inappbrowser is affected by ATS , this plugin is not. This means you can even load http URL's without whitelisting them.

iOS11- SFSafariViewController - Abhishek Neb, SFSafariViewController(SFSVC) came into existence from iOS-9 onwards. Customizing bar and tint color, drag & drop, status bar, can now open new window, improved privacy, DismissButtonStyle can be changed at runtime as well. As the title says; how does one change the overall tint color of the new, in iOS 9, SFSafariViewController?

WebKit and Safari changes in iOS 11, This document discusses changes made to WebKit and the Safari Services SFSafariViewController was introduced in iOS 9 as an option for You can also customize the color scheme to fit in with the color scheme of your  This color preference is ignored if the view controller is in Private Browsing mode or displaying an antiphishing warning. After the view controller is presented, changes made are not reflected. Use preferred Control Tint Color instead of setting the view’s tint Color property.

How to change SFSafariViewController ToolBar color, Original Answer. SFSafariViewController renders off-process. You can only change the tint color, but not bar style or bar tint color. To set the tint  react-native-sfsafariviewcontroller. An SFSafariViewController wrapper for React Native presenting Safari View in a modal (contrary to slide-in navigation item). Installation. Run npm install react-native-sfsafariviewcontroller --save in your project directory. Make sure you have the UIKit framework included in your XCode project

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