Ruby 2.5.0 warnings with Rake and RVM

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After installing Ruby 2.5 using RVM, and building an application using Rails5.2.0.rc1, I get warnings whenever I run rake:

        warning: already initialized constant FileUtils::RUBY
    warning: previous definition of RUBY was here
        warning: already initialized constant FileUtils::LN_SUPPORTED

Unfortunately none of tm.'s methods worked for me.

When I looked at my global gemset, I had a version 1.1.0 of fileutils installed as well as the default 1.0.2

gem uninstall fileutils removed the 1.1.0 version and this downgrade to 1.0.2 solved the problem.

Rake warnings with Ruby 2.5.0 and RVM · Issue #4301 · rvm/rvm , Unfortunately none of tm.'s methods worked for me. When I looked at my global gemset, I had a version 1.1.0 of fileutils installed as well as the default 1.0.2. Description could a new ruby 2.5.x installation also install the latest rubygems v2.7.4 by default Steps to reproduce rvm --version #=> rvm 1.29.3 (latest) rvm install ruby-2.5.0 gem --version #=> 2.7.3 rake Expected behavior rubygems v2

Install Ruby On Rails on Windows 10, Description With Ruby 2.5.0, when I build a new Rails 5.2.0.rc1 app, I get many warnings indicating "already initialized constant" when I run a  rvm install ruby 2.5.0 on macOS 10.13.2. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.

It seems the issue is related torvm.

check the issue created for rake project

Ruby Version Manager - Gemset Basics, A guide to setting up a Ruby on Rails development environment on Windows 10 with Git, most people prefer using rbenv these days, but if you're familiar with rvm you can follow that you specified # Create the database rake db:create rails server 2.5.3/lib/ruby/gems/2.5.0/gems/railities-5.2.2/lib/rails/app_loader.rb:​53  When I run rake db:migrate or other rake/rails commands, I get the output below each time. I have re-installed and updated rbenv via Homebrew; no results. This behavior started after I installed (then later imploded) rvm (which I sorely regret).

after update from 3.4 to 4.0 plugins didnt work, Warning!!! * RVM gives you a separate gem directory for each and every Ruby version and gemset. * This means that gems must be explicitly installed for each​  @scottmacpherson Yes, also If you're using Bootsnap with Spring, it's the likely culprit:. Shopify/bootsnap#285. The problem is that Bootsnap is requiring fileutils explicitly from the ruby lib dir.

Bug #15794: Can not start Puma with Rails after bundle install , Redmine work on mysql apache2 + i'm install rvm and passanegr for ruby, after it redmine run redmine@srv-redmine:/opt/redmine-4.0.0$ rake redmine:plugins:​migrate /opt/redmine-4.0.0/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.5.0/gems/activerecord-5.2.2/​lib/ /opt/redmine-4.0.0/plugins/redmine_issue_checklist/init.rb:24: warning: key​  GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. failed to load command: rake

doc/howto/ · tw-disable-pause-for-warnings , rails s -p 5000 => Booting Puma => Rails 4.2.10 application starting in -h` for more startup options => Ctrl-C to shutdown server [WARNING] Recurly logger has Called from /Users/bacdo/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.4.3/gems/activesupport-4.2.10/​lib/ /.rvm/gems/ruby-2.4.3/gems/koala-2.5.0/lib/koala/api/graph_batch_api.rb 3060  If the rvm install script complains about certificates you need to follow the displayed instructions. Single-User Install Location: ~/.rvm/ If the install script is run as a standard, non-root user, RVM will install into the current users's home directory.

  • I tried removing rvm with 'rvm implode' and reinstalling it but the problem persists.
  • I opened an issue for RVM:
  • Spent 3 hours trying to nail this bug until I found this. Thank you!
  • Yessssss... but why? And how to fix?