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I Am using the standard CI zip library to read a directory and create a zip file for downloading however when I am testing this in windows I get:

and in OS X the zip unpacks a cpgz file which then unpacks to a zip file - infinitely

My CI function:

public function downloadPackage($unique) {
    $text = $this->syndication_m->getTextForContent($unique);

    $path = '/var/www/html/uploads/'.$unique.'/';

    if(file_exists($path."copy-".$unique.".txt")) {
        $fp = fopen($path."copy-".$unique.".txt","wb");


Can anyone help me with a fix or suggest what to do here? Thanks


public function downloadPackage($unique) {
    $path = '/var/www/html/uploads/'.$unique.'/';

    $text = $this->syndication_m->getTextForContent($unique);
    $this->zip->read_dir($path, TRUE);
    $this->zip->add_data('copy-'.$unique.'.txt', $text->synd_text);

php - Download Zip file corrupted in codeigniter, I'm using this function to create and download ZIP files. It works well for less than 200MB files, I tested. When I tried to download More than  I'm having the same problem with the zips that are created by the Zip lib. WinRar extracts them fine, but when I right click on any of the extracted files, Windows explorer crashes. Update: Quote:The files are fine when extracted with: 7-zip Native Windows Right-click option The files are corrupt when unzipped using: WinRar StuffIt

I have just come across a very similar issue where the downloaded zip file got corrupted and this is what solved my problem:

I call the ob_end_clean() function just before the $this->zip->download() line.

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In place of writing file using fopen try to use "$this->zip->add_data($text);" and make sure directory(sub directories) $path pointing to does not have any soft link(shortcuts) files.

Apart from this try, not to include empty folders in zip file sometimes it creates these kind of issues.

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I had similar issue. whenever i was creating new zip file and unzipping .zip file, new file was creating as .cpgz. this was happening due to my zip file was not creating properly. Means it was creating as corrupt zip file.

Meanwhile i was getting Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes) error. Once i solved this Fetal error, my zip and unzip issue got resolved.

I resolved below error

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 262144 bytes)

Add into index.php

ini_set('memory_limit', '-1');

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ZipArchive - Manual, Available for closed archive, as of PHP 8.0.0 and PECL zip 1.18.0. It happily decompressed corrupt files in my tests and the user downloading the data is not  GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. force_download() used with

  • Maybe this can help:
  • Hi I have just tried all of this an still not working correctly.
  • i also tried the example that i gave you and worked as expected. Can you please show what is the value of $unique and what $this->syndication_m->getTextForContent() is returning!?
  • $unique = 4ts5yegq; and text is equal to a string of text I have made a change here to $text->synd_text;
  • Updated my question with a new snippet as per your answer
  • please try the function in my edit, just copy/paste, and let me know if it works properly ...
  • Works brilliantly. ob_end_clean == "clean/clear output buffer"
  • This only happend when I created big ZIP files (more than 250 files, 50MB), using ob_end_clean() solved the issue. Thanks Peter!