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I'm using webpack to compile my vuejs project and use the vuetify framework but I can't get the colors to work. For example this:

<v-btn color="error">Error</v-btn>

Does not produce the red error button, instead it's just the white one. I include all the files using this:


import Vuetify from 'vuetify'
import '../node_modules/vuetify/dist/vuetify.min.css'

and App.vue

<style lang="stylus">
  @require '../node_modules/vuetify/src/stylus/main'

Could someone tell me what I'm forgetting?

update to vuetify v0.16.9 to use color

Button component, time using Vuetify, but i have a problem with default css color styles? primary​, success, is applied to the buttons, but not display any color . The v-btn component replaces the standard html button with a material design theme and a multitude of options. Any color helper class can be used to alter the background or text color. Any color helper class can be used to alter the background or text color.

If you do not wrap your app with the v-app like so...


You will get funny behavior. Wrapping the app in that tag fixed it for me. I obviously skipped the entry statement in the quick setup guide tho :D

Default colors not apply? · Issue #3571 · vuetifyjs/vuetify · GitHub, i am trying to add css classes to vuetify button but without success: Your web browser is showing an empty CSS class definition? well, i dont care about the color, lets say i want some css which is not given by the  Hey gang, in this Vuetify tutorial I'll explain how we can use a few of of the colour and text classes to make our font coloured / bold / large / small etc. VUE & FIREBASE FULL COURSE - https

To solve this problem use :


For more information read this article: My application does not look correct

Vuetify button can't get CSS Classes - Get Help, I run into issues with outdated resources and I go and research what the new The next Vuetify patch has arrived! v2.2.22 brings fixes to button ripple effects  Vuetify is a Vue UI Library with beautifully handcrafted Material Components. No design skills required — everything you need to create amazing applications is at your fingertips.

If you are using an older version of vuetify you may have to use a class instead of color. I had the same issue until I updated the version.

   <v-btn class="error">Error</v-btn>

However, they also have some documentation in regards to stylus:

While convenient, the color pack increases the css export size by ~30kb. Some projects may only require the default provided classes that are created at run-time from the Vuetify bootstrap. To disable this feature, you will have to manually import and build the main stylus file. This will require a stylus loader and a .styl file entry.

<style lang="stylus">
  $color-pack = false

  @import '~vuetify/src/stylus/main'

How would you go about dynamically changing the style/color of a , Update your vuetify version to ^1.2.0 and it should work. Release notes: Support for custom colors when using the color prop — color="#FFFFFF" Of course be  and corresponding rule for dark theme, however maybe this fix could have a negative impact somewhere else which I'm not aware of, the only thing I know is that the text color is slightly different from the icon color - rgba(0,0,0,.87) vs rgba(0,0,0,.54), but it's only for the light theme, in the dark theme both are the same (#fff)

Vuetify button custom css color not working - css - html, There are also weekly patches to fix issues that the community raises. to white, but the button component color has remain unchanged. I start using vue just last week and so I am not familiar with vue much. But I felt confused that just switch from div to md-layout make v-on:click not work and need to add .native. It would be more intuitive if all event need to add .native equally. So if I change html tag to see layout, all of event still work. but, well, I see that it would

How to Get Started with Vuetify, 8 and it works fix action button appearance enables background for the action button sets Visibility. There's one problem with this example. Add Vuetify to the  Vuetify: 0.14.1. What is expected ? The ripple should be animated within the list tile. (This is was working with v-list-item) What is actually happening ? The ripple is animated within the whole list element. Reproduction Link. Reproduce link jsfiddle

Vuetify change button color on click, light and a dark theme at the same time. Switch between them and tweak the colors 'til your heart's content. Go now and build an awesome color theme for your Vue.js + Vuetify application! Small buttons. This is a light toolbar. Link. Default Contribute to vuetifyjs/vuetify development by creating an account on GitHub. easy way to disable "active" for buttons and v-list 'Dense' not working for v

  • any error in the console? does the button have any styling?
  • The button does have styling, it just ignores the color="error" part. It's just a default button. There are no errors at all. I'm really confused
  • Two answers further down is the actual answer
  • This fixed it for me! Somehow missed that as well ;)
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