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I did an android studio update and updated flutter and now the IDE is stuck in an indexing loop. At the bottom center it keeps flashing 'Updating Indexes...' and my projects projectName.iml file keeps flashing between being a file icon and a folder with a green dot icon. Also each file error indicator flashes between the green check to the eye icon.

Not Indexing State Icon: Indexing State Icon:

I've invalidated the caches and restarted several times and every flutter project is having this same issue. When the update completed I got a flutter notification that reads:

Flutter module type updated Converted from 'WEB_MODULE' to 'JAVA_MODULE'

I'm able to continue work on the project and launch the application in the emulator without any problems, it's just distracting having this constant flashing on the screen. Anyone else having this problem and found a solution?

Flutter Plugin: Version: 23.0.2

Flutter SDK Version: Flutter 0.2.3 • channel beta • Framework • revision 5a58b36e36 (2 weeks ago) • 2018-03-13 13:20:13 -0700 Engine • revision e61bb9ac3a Tools • Dart 2.0.0-dev.35.flutter-290c576264

Dart Plugin: Version: 173.4700

Dart SDK: Path: ~/dev_mobile/flutterSDK/flutter/bin/cache/dart-sdk Version: 2.0.0-edge.***cc5fe0

Coverage Plugin: Version: 173.4301.25

Android Studio:

I found this comment in an android studio bug and it fixed it for me:

"File -> invalidating caches and restart"

Android Studio With Flutter Update Has Caused an Indexing Loop, I did an android studio update and updated flutter and now the IDE is stuck in an indexing loop. At the bottom center it keeps flashing 'Updating Indexes. After updating to the latest Android Studio and the latest Flutter plugin, the IDE start indexing every second for about half a second. Autocompletions and similar things stopping working for this moment. Flutter Plugin version 22.2.2. I tried to File -> Invalidate Cache and Restart but it has no effect.

I was able to address this problem by adding

<option name="ALLOW_USER_CONFIGURATION" value="false" />

to my project_android.iml file. Once adding this line, the reindexing loop stopped and it has not even after several days of working and restarting Android Studio. Found the solution in a comment by stevemessick here as per Günter Zöchbauer link reference in the response above.

Android Studio indexing every 2 seconds · Issue #1735 · flutter/flutter , In Android Studio 3.1 Beta 1 (and 3.2 Canary 1) indexing is triggered every 2 Create new Flutter Project (in Android Studio 3.0, because of #1649);; open This causes the IDE to become unusable as it causes the UI to blink every second. I've just Update: File -> Invalidate Caches / Restart.. helped me. I update androidsutudio from 3.4.2 to 3.5, flutter and dart plugin can't use, and plugins Marketplace can't open, so I can't update these plugins. The plugins shows incompatible with the current android studio version flutter. I will prepare to downgraded to 3.4.2.

This is a known issue.

Plugin version 23 was supposed to fix that, but it seems it hasn't.

Flutter for Android developers, In Android, you update your views by directly mutating them. Unless you spawn an Isolate , your Dart code runs in the main UI thread and is driven by an event loop. For example, you can run network code without causing the UI to hang by In Android SDK (as of Android O), you create a Font resource file and pass it  In Android Studio 3.1 Beta 1 (and 3.2 Canary 1) indexing is triggered every 2 seconds, which makes e.g. code completion tooltips go away. Excerpt from the log (this continues forever): This also happens when there's no tab with Flutter/Dart code.

Neither invalidate cache nor downgrading Android Studio to 3.1 from 3.1.4 worked (and the "ALLOW_USER_CONFIGURATION" line was already on the IML). I fixed the error by deleting the project and re-cloning / reloading it again on Android Studio.

Flutter 1.9.1 release notes, 33281 (announcement) Update TextStyle and StrutStyle height docs 34907 Fixed LicensePage to close page before loaded the License causes an error The biggest addition to Android this release is support for a new flutter command: 37828 have android_semantics_testing use adb from ENV provided android sdk  If this didn't solve the issue you have to also set the Flutter SDK path. Under Language & Frameworks choose Flutter and find Flutter SDK path field. Your flutter SDK path is two step above in the folder hierarchy relative to which which flutter command gave to you. Set it to the field you've found in step 1 of this header.

in my case, adding

<option name="ALLOW_USER_CONFIGURATION" value="false" />

didn't solve the problem, I also noticed this loop happens just with activities linked to a layout XML file!

Firebase App Indexing, I did an android studio update and updated flutter and now the IDE is stuck in an indexing loop. At the bottom center it keeps flashing 'Updating Indexes. I solved this issue by migrating the '.android' project to androidx using Android Studio, after that, I import flutter module to my project, and it works fine. But remember one thing, don't delete .android project, cause flutter will re-generate one if it not exists.

Create Deep Links to App Content, Use Firebase with a framework. Flutter · Set up projects programmatically The App Indexing API on Android enhances ranking performance for links to These apps have both app-generated public content and user-generated personal content. Associate your app with your website, and update your app to parse and  Hi there, I'm unable to deploy a new base application to the android platform. Works fine for IOS but not androideither a physical device or the emulator. Steps to Reproduce Create a new flutter project in android studio Add a new 'Sc

SurfaceView, Open the user's preferred app that can handle the URI, if one is You can also use the App Links Assistant in Android Studio to add Android  As a result, painting to a canvas in Flutter is a very familiar task for Android developers. Flutter has two classes that help you draw to the canvas: CustomPaint and CustomPainter, the latter of which implements your algorithm to draw to the canvas. To learn how to implement a signature painter in Flutter, see Collin’s answer on Custom Paint.

Google Play Instant, The Surface will be created for you while the SurfaceView's window is visible; you should implement SurfaceHolder.Callback#surfaceCreated  I don't know why this error is happening. 1.I updated my Flutter sdk Yesterday. 2.This error displaying after 24 hours of latest update 3.How can I solve this error

  • This fixed a similar issue for me. I don't know what Flutter is, but my Android Studio kept reindexing and became pretty useless.
  • Works! In my case the .iml file then looks like this: <facet type="android" name="Android"> <configuration> <option name="ALLOW_USER_CONFIGURATION" value="false" /> <option name="UPDATE_PROPERTY_FILES" value="true" /> </configuration> </facet>
  • mine already have this line and still indexing... android studio is the shittiest IDE i've ever downloaded
  • Thank you for providing these. I was able to find a fix in one of the links you provided. I have added the details in an answer here.
  • Till when will you repeat the process. I face this issue in almost all the projects. Shall I delete them, re-clone and reload them again???