Can not see the Firebase function deployed

firebase deploy functions
firebase functions timeout
firebase cloud functions write to database
firebase functions deploy region
the following filters were specified but do not match any functions in the project
firebase-functions express
firebase-functions node version
firebase-functions initializeapp

I followed the following steps:

  1. The Firebase CLI (Command Line Interface) requires Node.js and npm, which you can install by following the instructions on

    • Installing Node.js also installs npm
  2. Once you have Node.js and npm installed, install the Firebase CLI via npm: npm install -g firebase-tools

    • This installs the globally available firebase command. To update to the latest version, re-run the same command
  3. Initialize your project: a. Run firebase login to log in via the browser and authenticate the firebase tool.

    b.Go to your Firebase project directory or create the directory

    c. Run firebase init functions

    • The tool gives you an option to install dependencies with npm. It is safe to decline if you want to manage dependencies in another way.
  4. Select associated firebase project

  5. Select Y to install dependencies with npm

  6. Move to directory setup firebase functions

  7. Edit index.js file with the function you created

  8. Run the firebase use --add to add your Firebase project

  9. Run firebase deploy --only functions to deploy the function

After all this I get the message in the terminal at deploy was completed but in the Firebase console, when i click on Functions tab there are no functions listed!?

Quick Tip: Make sure you are exporting the function you are trying to deploy in your index.js file. Your firebase project will deploy but Cloud Functions won't be available unless they are exported.

Manage functions deployment and runtime options, See the Firebase CLI reference for the full list of available commands. Caution: Note that you cannot delete functions by deploying in non-interactive mode. I try to deploy my app to firebase but it's fail. Can't deploy project to firebase. Can not see the Firebase function deployed. 0.

In step 7, you have to uncomment the sample function in there and save the file. Then, in the output of the deploy command, you will be given a url for the created helloWorld function.

Get started: write and deploy your first functions, See the how-to guides for other background triggers such as authentication events After Firebase provisions resources for your Firebase project, you cannot  If you do not return anything, the function times out, signaling an error, and is retried. See Sync, Async, and Promises. Deploy and execute makeUppercase() To complete the tutorial, deploy your functions again, and then execute addMessage() to trigger makeUppercase(). Run this command to deploy your functions: $ firebase deploy --only functions

Make sure you save the file after uncommenting the default function and then use

firebase deploy

Deploying to specific function says successful, but files not updated , I've been using firebase to deploy my cloud function using the command: firebase Function is not updated, although the cmd prompt says the  Can not see the Firebase function deployed ; How to remove Google project from Firebase Console? How to remove all data from a Firebase database? The Bundle ID in the certificate does not match the Bundle ID you entered ; Unable to send data message using firebase console

Make sure you're running at least version 3.5.0 of firebase-tools. To check which version you have, run:

firebase --version

If you're running the default setup, you can update firebase-tools using:

npm install -g firebase-tools

Changes to functions are not deployed · Issue #85 · firebase , If the Firebase CLI was unable to find any functions, it will also print a successfully deployed message, but with no mention of specific functions  firebase serve --only functions,hosting // uses a flag; To emulate HTTP functions only, use the following command: firebase serve --only functions; Test from other local devices. By default, firebase serve only responds to requests from localhost. This means that you'll be able to access your hosted content from your computer's web browser but not from other devices on your network.

I had exactly the same problem and I solved it by making sure the index.js file containing all my functions was saved on the "functions" folder inside the project folder. I am using vs code so I just clicked on file/save as and selected the correct folder.

Firebase functions deployments not working anymore! · Issue #860 , Function is successfully deployed. Actual behavior. === Deploying to 'XXX' i deploying functions i functions: ensuring necessary APIs  If you are a collaborator on a project, it might not show up in the GCP dashboard. If you go to the Firebase dashboard, go to the functions directory, and go to one of the functions, off to the right there's a vertical ellipsis that only appears when you hover over it.

Firebase functions can't deploy · Issue #354 · firebase/firebase-tools , I haven't changed anything in my functions but they suddenly can't deploy any more. npm install -g firebase-tools firebase deploy --only  With implicit function deletion, firebase deploy parses index.js and removes from production any functions that have been removed from the file. Note that you cannot delete functions by deploying in non-interactive mode. Modify a function's name, region or trigger

Can't deploy functions to a particular project · Issue #343 · firebase , I have a functions project that I deploy on multiple Firebase projects. It deploys fine on all projects except one. You can see this behavior in this  If you really do want to use the firebase client-side SDK instead of firebase-admin, you’ll want to run npm install --save firebase in your functions/ directory. You should then have a line in your functions/package.json that looks a bit like this:

Firebase deploy error - Glitch Help, Trying to deploy a Firebase app with cloud functions and getting an error: Deploying to Can't understand what does it mean.! We'll take a closer look on Monday and see what's up and if we can clarify things at all. For more information, see StackDriver pricing. Viewing logs. Logs for Cloud Functions are viewable either in the Firebase console, Stackdriver Logging UI, or via the firebase command-line tool. Using the Firebase CLI. To view logs with the firebase tool, use the functions:log command: firebase functions:log

  • Did you ever get this resolved? If you post your actual index.js, I might be able to help.
  • I'm having the exact same problem, don't yet see a solution in here..
  • I had the same issue and found a workaround. It might not be perfect, but is a solution for the moment: you can access the Firebase cloud functions from the Google Cloud Console
  • Hey @Dimitri. Check my answer on this issue.
  • I had to make sure I ran "npm run-script build" in the directory with all of my source files (multiple) before deploying, firebase seems to deploy from a /lib folder with transpiled source. I later add this npm command to my firebase.json file for "predeploy" commands.
  • The function was exported and index.js existed in functions folder. However, I used the Visual Studio Code to edit index.js and my last changes were not saved. After saving the file and redeploying. It worked fine.