Why can't I get data on same function in CodeIgniter

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This code is not working in view:

$data2 = array('sekiz'=>$this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('08:00', $tarih1, $tarih2));
$data2 = array('dokuz'=>$this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('09:00', $tarih1, $tarih2));

but this is work in view:

$data2 = array('sekiz'=>$this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('08:00', $tarih1, $tarih2));

You are overwriting the previous set value.

Make it:

$data2['sekiz'] = $this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('08:00', $tarih1, $tarih2);
$data2['dokuz'] = $this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('09:00', $tarih1, $tarih2);

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This is because sekiz is overridden by dokuz

Do it like this way :

$data2 = array(
            'sekiz'  => $this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('08:00', $tarih1, $tarih2),
            'dokuz'  => $this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('08:00', $tarih1, $tarih2)

Your view :


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Don't use same variable names. If you use, the last variable value will be a output.

use like following.

$sekiz = $this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('08:00', $tarih1, $tarih2);
$dokuz = $this->Database_Model->hafalik_randevu('09:00', $tarih1, $tarih2);
$data2 = compact('sekiz','dokuz');   


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