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How to redirect to previous page in laravel5.2 like URI Referrer in php.

I've tried $request->url(); but it gets the current url.

I've a form and list pages.There are many lists that redirects to form.but I want to go to that specific page after submit.

For Ex:There are a Project and Client list. If I go to form from project then it should go to project and if I go to form from client list It should go to client list page after submitting a form.

You should use return redirect()->back();

HTTP Redirects - Laravel, url It can't redirect back to previous page. and I found this solution by Scott Byers, but it is not working too. Laravel >= 5.3 The Auth changes in  Redirect url to previous page in laravel. Ask Question Asked 3 years, 9 months ago. How to redirect to previous page in laravel5.2 like URI Referrer in php.

Inside your template file you can just use:

{{ url()->previous() }}

How to redirect back to previous page after login success?, Then after a successful authentication Laravel checks if the session has the url.​intended key, and if does, it will redirect to the URL saved in the  Laravel Auth features a function to redirect logged-in user to the same page they were visiting before. So, for example, if you visit /posts, you get automatically redirected to /login and then enter your data successfully, Laravel will “remember” and redirect you back to /posts instead of default /home.

You have a global back function:

return back();

Redirect to previous page after login, The back helper function is used to create a redirect response to the user's previous location. It defines two parameters which can be used to control the status code and headers of the response. An integer argument can be supplied for the $status parameter to change the HTTP status code for the request. I need to redirect to the previous page once an item is edited but it's redirecting to the same page (edit) again. I've tried with Redirect::back() and URL:previous(). This is the flow: (init from one of this two pages) show_pageA or show_pageB->(user clicks edit button) itemcontroller@edit->(clicks save) itemcontroller@store

Thank You for answers. I've got it now.

set the hidden variable in blade to get previous page url using

{{  Form::hidden('url',URL::previous())  }}

after that get it by $request->input('url'); in controller,Then redirect it.

return redirect($url)->with('success', 'Data saved successfully!');

Laravel 5: Redirecting Users to the Previous Page With back, method on the redirector will redirect the user to the URL they were attempting to access before being intercepted by the authentication middleware. Hi, do you guys know how to redirect back to previous page after login success? There is an answer for it at stackoverflow but I'm kinda confuse about

you should this methods:

return calling controller:

return redirect()->action('classcontroller@fuction');

return calling url:

return redirect('home/dashboard');


All about Redirects in Laravel 5, If you just want to redirect a user back to the previous page (the most you can redirect a user to this particular route, whatever its URL is: laravel URL::previous Posted 4 years ago by nazar1987 hi every one i try use URL::previous() in back button to help me return to previous URL the problem appear when the validation work the back button still return to the same location and not return me to the previous URL is there solve or i save previous URL in session ??

Laravel Auth: After-Registration Redirect to Previous (Intended) Page, Laravel redirect to previous after login,how to back to previous url, after login in laravel, laravel intended example, laravel redirect previous page after login,  Redirect to external URL with return in laravel. Ask Question Asked 5 years, 1 month ago. Laravel Redirect to an url and submit form on page. 1. Laravel

Laravel after login, redirect back to previous url ?, Let's start building the feature for redirecting the user back to the previous page. Let's add a section in the login file. resources/views/auth/login. The Laravel 5.6, When user insert wrong credentials then login page will reload and session(['link' => url()->previous()]); will take login URL in link variable. So the user will redirect to a login page again or redirect to /home if login success. So to avoid these below code working for me!

Redirect to Previous URL After Logging in, Laravel v5.5, If I check referrer url then in case I change route URL everything will be broken so I want to rely on route names instead. Plus, the solution having many "if-s" or a "  In the past we need to set the custom redirect, grab the URL and redirect user to previous URL. But now,  laravel supports redirecting back to the same page after logging in inside the App. This helps customer to get engaged in the same page and finally redirect back to the original page.

  • redirect()->back();
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