Show total count of events in month view(Full Calendar)?

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Can I show count of events in month view agenda calendar instead of showing all events. In full calendar. I m using latest plugin of full calendar. If yes then kindly help.

This is my workaround if you need. Add 'date-num' to the event element, then count them using eventAfterAllRender callback

        eventRender: function (event, element, view) { 
            $(element).each(function () { 
                $(this).attr('date-num', event.start.format('YYYY-MM-DD')); 
        eventAfterAllRender: function(view){
            for( cDay = view.start.clone(); cDay.isBefore(view.end) ; cDay.add(1, 'day') ){
                var dateNum = cDay.format('YYYY-MM-DD');
                var dayEl = $('.fc-day[data-date="' + dateNum + '"]');
                var eventCount = $('.fc-event[date-num="' + dateNum + '"]').length;
                    var html = '<span class="event-count">' + 
                                '<i>' +
                                eventCount + 
                                '</i>' +
                                ' Events' +



Fullcalendar display the count of events per day, As per fullcalendar documentation you can search for events with a filter function Sample in Month View EventsPerDay variable gives count The 2019 calendar is automatically generated and can always be visited online. Also month calendars in 2019 including week numbers can be viewed at any time by clicking on one of the above months. Additionally you can view also leap years, daylight saving, current moon phase in 2019, moon calendar 2019, world clocks and more by selecting an

I don't know if this is what do you need but in a project that I'm working I needed to count the events in the month view with FullCalendar javascript plug-in and made this:

In my HTML I have a label where I update the counter after the calendar was rendered:

eventAfterAllRender: function (view) {
    // Count events
    var quantity = $('.fc-event').length;

Simply count the quantity of .fc-events and update the counter dynamically

jquery Show total count of events in month view(Full Calendar)?, Show total count of events in month view(Full Calendar)?. eventRender: function (event, element, view) { $(element).each(function () { $(this).attr('date-​num',  Printing Help page for better print results. Phases of the Moon are calculated using local time in New York. Disable moonphases. Red –Federal Holidays and Sundays. Gray –Typical Non-working Days. Black–Other Days. Local holidays are not listed. The year 2019 is a common year, with 365 days in total.

set the event limit to 0 perhaps?

eventLimit, A value of false (the default) will display all events as-is. A value of true will limit the number of events to the height of the day cell. View a live demo. An integer  Calendar. See why the Events Calendar and Pro are WordPress' most trusted calendar plugins Month View. No Results Modern Tribe is a full service digital

Documentation, Views. Month View · TimeGrid View · List View · DayGrid View · Timeline View Date & Time Display · Date Navigation · Date Nav Links · Week Numbers · Date Event Model · Event Sources · Event Display · Event Clicking & Hovering  Starting in column F, we have a summary table that shows a total count per month, followed by a total count per month per priority. We are using the COUNTIFS function to generate a count. The first column of the summary table (F) is a date for the first of each month in 2015.

dayCount, Sets the exact number of days displayed in a custom view, regardless of weekends or hiddenDays. Documentation Getting Started. Month View TimeGrid View List View Event Model Event Sources

Show total count of events in month view(Full Calendar)?, In this post, we will get events count on dayClick FullCalendar. navLinks: true, // can click day/week names to navigate views; editable: true,  You can specify options that apply only to specific calendar views. Provide separate options objects within the views option, keyed by the name of your view. If an option is not matched by a View-Specific Option, the option value is taken from the top-level options object (whatever you passed in to new Calendar ).

  • i don't understand what you want to show, just a number?
  • @eyalb Yes I want events count just number show in month agenda.
  • This works perfect. Also I wanted to hide all event data, so below link helped me.…