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I have two rows with the same id but different values. I want a query to get the second value and display it in the first row.

There are only two rows for each productId and 2 different values. I've tried looking for this for the solution everywhere.

What I have, example:

| ID  | Value |
| 123 |     1 |
| 123 |     2 |

What I want

|  ID  | Value | Value 1 |
| 123  |     1 |       2 |

Not sure whether order matters to you. Here is one way:

SELECT MIN(Value), MAX(Value), ID
FROM Table

Select rows with same id but different value in another column , SELECT * FROM YourTable WHERE ARIDNR IN ( SELECT ARIDNR FROM YourTable 1+ times in the data, then get all columns from the same table based on that set of values. Yields the following results: 1|A 1|B 2|B 2|A. If you have two lists in a sheet, and both of them have same values but in different order, how can you sort one list to match another list as below screenshot shown? In this article, I will introduce a formula to help you quickly solve it in Excel. Sort rows to match another column

This is a self-join:

SELECT a.ID, a.Value, b.Value
FROM table a
JOIN table b on a.ID = b.ID
            and a.Value <> b.Value

You can use a LEFT JOIN instead if there are IDs that only have one value and would be lost by the above JOIN

How to group two lines with the same ID but different values, Example: In the below example first two rows has same value for first 3 columns.​But they have different value for column DEF. So both these rows  Enter a list of unique names in some empty row, in the same or another worksheet. In this example, the names are input in cells D2:G2: Tip. To quickly get all different names in a list, you can use a formula to extract distinct values in Excel.

May be you may try this

    Id INT,
    Val INT


        FROM @T
        RN IN
            [1],[2]--Add More Numbers here if there are more values

Get rows having different values for a column based on the duplicate , If a value is missing for either A or B, then the result is NULL. If you want something other than NULL to display, use the ISNULL() function and CAST statement. select distinct as ID, (Select hours from table_1 As T3 where T3​ insert into table_1 (id,hours,method) values(1,2.5,'A'); insert into  Let`s work on a different example where we will use two values from two different columns where the values exist in the same row. The return value will be from the third column and it will also be in the same row of the 2 values that will be given. Here we will be using a formula which contains the INDEX and MATCH Function.

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Compare the values of rows with same ID in different tables, Syntax; Return value; Remarks; Related functions; Example This function cannot be used to Return values into a cell or column values that can be counted or used to filter or sum other values. When the input parameter is a table name, a table of the same columns is returned. June 2, June 2 sales. Multiple SQL rows merge into single row if the id is same ?? due to multiple personID in second table( but the personID is primary key in first table and I want

VALUES function (DAX), In case you want to sort the result set by multiple columns, you use a comma (,) to In other words, the ORDER BY clause sorts the rows using the first column in you want to get data from name, milliseconds, and album id columns, you use it comes to sorting, SQLite considers NULL to be smaller than any other value. How to transpose cells in one column based on unique values in another column? Supposing, you have a range of data which contains two columns, now, you want to transpose cells in one column to horizontal rows based on unique values in another column to get the following result.

  • Look up crosstab or pivot. This has been asked answered hundreds and hundreds of times.