Top 10 popular Open Source Projects in JavaScript

1. React

React is arguably one of the most widely used open source projects in the world. Created by Facebook, this library makes creating user interfaces in web applications effortless. It also makes developing new features extremely easy, and developers do not have to worry about changing any pre-existing code.

React Native, which is built on top of React, extends the functionalities of React to mobile applications, making React a widely used platform for development.

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2. TensorFlow.js

TensorFlow is the JavaScript version of the well-known TensorFlow library, which was originally written in Python.

By converting it to JavaScript, it is now possible to build and deploy machine learning models in web applications, thereby making them mobile. TensorFlow.js can train machine learning models in the browser itself, which relieves the server of the computational expenses incurred in training the model.

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3. Node.js

Node.js is an Javascript Open source runtime environment. It is built on the Chrome browser’s V8 engine. Without a separate runtime environment, JavaScript can only be run using the environments of browsers. But Node.js enables JavaScript to be used as a standalone scripting language, like Python.

Developers can now test JavaScript on their own machines, instead of having a browser do it for them. This extends the capabilities of JavaScript from only making websites more interactive to just about anything.

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4. AngularJS

Using AngularJS is one of the oldest Front-End JavaScript open source frameworks in the industry. Initially developed by Miško Hevery, this widely used framework is among the top 10 starred JavaScript projects on GitHub.

Web applications developed by Angular are cross-platform, in that they are compatible across a wide class of devices, be it Mobiles, Desktops or Tablets. AngularJS is on par with the other frameworks in terms of speed, performance and scalability.

AngularJS advertises to provide huge data requirements and a scalable infrastructure that supports large-scale applications, such as that of Google's.

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5. jQuery

jQuery is an open source library that makes client-side HTML scripting easier. Its motto is “Write less, do more”, and it does exactly that. It wraps the most common JavaScript tasks and wraps them into methods. This makes writing code easier and more productive. Estimates put jQuery as the highest used library in web pages.

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6. npm

The npm stands for Node Package Manager, and it does exactly that. It manages your installed Node.js packages and makes it easier to install other packages.

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7. Vue.js

Vue.js is the most starred JavaScript open source frameworks on GitHub. Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for building interactive user-interfaces. Focusing on integration with other JavaScript libraries, Vue is designed to simplify and organize web applications. Vue was initially developed by Evan You in 2014.

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8. Ember.js

Ember.js is a JavaScript open source framework which allows developers to create scalable single-page web applications, similar to AngularJS. Ember.js focuses on productivity, easy enhancement and developer-friendliness.

Ember.js is one of the most developer-friendly frameworks out there, taking only minutes for a new developer to build an application. Many popular websites like Netflix use Ember.

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9. MeteorJS

MeteorJS is a cross-platform open-source platform for web, mobile and desktop. Meteor integrates with various other JavaScript frameworks seamlessly. MeteorJS focuses on optimizing code size, cross-platform compatibility, and integration into other libraries.

Unlike other frameworks, Meteor is not limited to front-end web applications. Meteor enables rapid prototyping and automatic catering of data changes. It also provides a large interface of enhancements readily available for many use cases.

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10. Polymer

Polymer Polymer is a JavaScript open source library for building applications using what are called “Web Components”. This provides the developer with the idea of reusable widgets or blocks on the web, facilitating interoperability of individual web elements. This idea is used in many complex projects such as YouTube and Google Earth.

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