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Hot questions for Spring Tool Suite

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What's the difference between these

I ask because STS says it's built on top of Eclipse, and I wonder what differences it has over simply using a plugin that adds similar functionality to "vanilla" Eclipse.


It's true, STS is built on top of Eclipse. The difference is only related to another products support from the STS installation, like Roo, Pivotal tc Server, Cloud Foundry and getting started guides, but you could also include this features in your Eclipse installation.

So STS gives a complete solution around Spring features and simplifies the developer environment install, that's the key difference.

As Martin Lippert explains in the forums:

"So you can end-up having the same features in STS and your existing Eclipse installation after installing the STS features into it."

You could find more details on the Spring forums.

Details on features: STS features and Spring IDE plugin features.


How do I install STS on Ubuntu? I already downloaded the compressed STS tar.gz file from


Extract tar.gz file wherever you want

(for 64 Bit)

sudo tar -xvf spring-tool-suite-3.7.0.RELEASE-e4.5-linux-gtk-x86_64.tar.gz

(or for 32 Bit)

sudo tar -xvf spring-tool-suite-3.7.0.RELEASE-e4.5-linux-gtk.tar.gz

and you can start to use (/sts-bundle/sts-3.7.0.RELEASE/STS).


When I use the Java 8 method reference double colon operator (::) with new operator (e.g. MyType::new), I get this error in Eclipse of Spring Tool suite (STS):

The type org.eclipse.jdt.annotation.NonNull cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

How to get rid of this error?


Error description is provided in Stephan Herrmann's comment. There is open Eclipse issue to make this issue more user friendly.

Solution is to include following dependency:



i have the latest STS4.I am using installed java-1.8 jdk NOT embedded as the execution environment. My project just runs fine without any issue.

However when I launch the STS application itself I have a pop up saying "Missing tools.jar" I have already tried

  1. I have tried pointing JAVA_HOME to different Jdk
  2. added -vm args in the .ini file.

Yet I cannot get rid of this pop up.


The fix is in the -vm parameter. the order and the absolute path of the javaw.exe seems to be the issue.

the readme file mentions _ "To run Eclipse with an alternate Java runtime environment, the path to the Java virtual machine's binary must be identified. With an Eclipse installation from the distribution, altering the $PATH variable to include the path to the alternate Java runtime environment is often not enough as the Eclipse that Linux distributions package often performs a scan internally to pick up GCJ by itself whilst ignoring what's on the $PATH."

So I have edited now the SpringToolSuite4.ini and made this entry


Restarted my STS and it works perfect.

The reference to set the JVM Specifying the JVM was very useful in understanding this.


I am very new to STS. I searched for this error in stackoverflow. I didn't find correct matching answer.

I am able to see the class in MavenDependencies seciton in STS but not able to add the annotation in my java class.

Your help will be appriciated. Thanks


Go to your maven repository directory For windows on below path C:\Users\YourUser\.m2\repository\org\springframework\boot Then delete spring-boot-autoconfigure folder.

Now go to eclipse Right click on project -> Maven -> Update Project.

This solved the problem for me.


I would like to ask what does this error mean when adding a new Available Software Site and installing new software in Eclipse/STS (Spring Tool Suite) using Install New Software?

I am experiencing this problem with the Spring Tool Suite Nightly Build:

I am trying to update my STS and reinstall the Welcome Dashboard. When I try to add the following Available Software Site:

I select all the items in order that they all will be installed,

Then this message is shown in the progress indicator:

Cannot perform operation. Computing alternate solutions, may take a while.

Sometimes I get this message even when trying to update something.

What does it mean? That I have some items already installed? That there's a problem contacting the site?


Means that plugins that you have are conflicting with the ones attempted to be installed. Once it computes the alternate paths, it pops up the next wizard page. you should be able to see what the conflicts are. In this particular case it might be something related to Groovy Eclipse. Try not selecting Groovy and Grails and see if that helps.


Although I love lombok, it gives too much problems while configuring sometimes, specially in Linux. When I was trying to install it, I was getting the following error:

I tried to set it up manually,as suggested here but that didn't work out either. Any suggestions?


  • I have update the same on the following link.

Lombok not generating getter and setter STS