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I am trying to generate a Spree Commerce taxonomy programmatically within a Ruby script (a la seeds.rb). In the customer-facing product pages the Taxons appear, but they do not work from the Admin pages.

  • The "tree" view of the Taxonomy shows the root node, but no children
  • On the product edit page, I cannot add any of my Taxons

Here's an example:

taxonomy_stones = Spree::Taxonomy.where(:name => 'Gemstone Type').first_or_create
tax_stones = Spree::Taxon.where(name: "Gemstone", parent: nil, taxonomy: taxonomy_stones).first_or_create
tax_diamond = Spree::Taxon.where(name: "Diamond", parent: tax_stones, taxonomy: taxonomy_stones).first_or_create
  tax_fancy_yellow = Spree::Taxon.where(name: "Fancy Yellow Diamond", parent: tax_diamond, taxonomy: taxonomy_stones).first_or_create
  tax_fancy_pink = Spree::Taxon.where(name: "Fancy Pink Diamond", parent: tax_diamond, taxonomy: taxonomy_stones).first_or_create

When I run this, entries appear in the database for my Taxonomy and Taxons. I am able to programmatically associate Products to the Taxons:

product_BL212.taxons << tax_diamond

I'm guessing that my Taxon-creation code is incomplete or incorrect in some way, but I am not sure how. Can anyone who is more familiar with Spree's internals provide an example of doing this correctly?

Further Observations

I used the Admin UI to create sample Taxonomies and have compared the database entries to my generated ones. The name and permalink fields in spree_taxons are blank for my generated Taxons, but not the Spree-created ones. When I manually populated some of the values for the root node and two sample children, the taxonomy/taxons still don't work correctly in Admin.

Is it important to have these values populated in spree_taxons when spree_taxons_translations has the needed information? If so, how do I get Spree to populate the values for these fields correctly?


Calling Spree::Taxon.rebuild! after adding the Taxons resolves the issue.


According to documentation [] I am supposed to see a taxonomies menu under the admin lateral menu, however I am not seeing anything.

Should I do something to enable it?


It is in the "Products" section:


We are developing eCommerce website using Spree, the categories link getting like /t/brand/ruby.

But we have to remove /t on taxon.

Thanks Thiyagarajan Veluchamy


I am able to do.

  1. add following code into routes.rb

    get '*id', :to => 'spree/taxons#show', :as => :categories
  2. add following code into app/helpers/spree/base_helper_decorator.rb

    Spree::BaseHelper.module_eval do
      def seo_url(taxon)
        # return spree.nested_taxons_path(taxon.permalink)
        return main_app.categories_path(taxon.permalink)

Now you can see, without /t


How to get all taxons that are children of a certain taxonomy.

I retrieve the taxonomy like this:



A Spree::Taxonomy has_many :taxons so you should be able to do:



I have a spree store in production and every time I add a taxon to the taxon tree, it only shows up in the frontend after I run bundle exec rake tmp:clear.

While I would like to maintain the caching in Spree, this shouldn't be the normal behaviour.

I searched in Google but couldn't find any relevant information on the matter. Searched through Spree preferences and couldn't find any useful information as well.

Summing up, what I would like to know is how can I display the new taxons immediately in the frontend without having to clear the the application cache in the console?


After going through the error with @gmacdougall found out it was a bug in Spree that was causing this problem.

If you're having the same problem you can follow the resolution here: