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So Solidus is a fork of Spree and Spree is no longer maintained. Am following the instructions on the Solidus's Github page ( to install it. And am stuck at this command bundle exec rails g spree:install this command raises the following error:

/Users/user1/.rbenv/versions/2.2.3/lib/ruby/gems/2.2.0/gems/handlebars_assets-0.19.1/lib/handlebars_assets.rb:20:in 'block in register_extensions': undefined method 'register_engine' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

Not sure if this might help but before trying to install Solidus I was working on a Spree project.

Also, here is my Gemfile:

  source ''
  # Solidus E-Commerce
  gem 'solidus'
  gem 'solidus_auth_devise'

  # Bundle edge Rails instead: gem 'rails', github: 'rails/rails'
  gem 'rails', '4.2.4'
  # Use sqlite3 as the database for Active Record
  gem 'sqlite3'
  # Use SCSS for stylesheets
  gem 'sass-rails', '~> 5.0'
  # Use Uglifier as compressor for JavaScript assets
  gem 'uglifier', '>= 1.3.0'
  # Use CoffeeScript for .coffee assets and views
  gem 'coffee-rails', '~> 4.1.0'
  # See for more supported runtimes
  # gem 'therubyracer', platforms: :ruby

  # Use jquery as the JavaScript library
  gem 'jquery-rails'
  # Turbolinks makes following links in your web application faster. Read more:
  gem 'turbolinks'
  # Build JSON APIs with ease. Read more:
  gem 'jbuilder', '~> 2.0'
  # bundle exec rake doc:rails generates the API under doc/api.
  gem 'sdoc', '~> 0.4.0', group: :doc

  # Use ActiveModel has_secure_password
  # gem 'bcrypt', '~> 3.1.7'

  # Use Unicorn as the app server
  # gem 'unicorn'

  # Use Capistrano for deployment
  # gem 'capistrano-rails', group: :development

  group :development, :test do
    # Call 'byebug' anywhere in the code to stop execution and get a debugger console
    gem 'byebug'

  group :development do
    # Access an IRB console on exception pages or by using <%= console %> in views
    gem 'web-console', '~> 2.0'

    # Spring speeds up development by keeping your application running in the background. Read more:
    gem 'spring'

Any help is really appreciated.



This is a known bug with handlebars-assets gem, which is resolved in master.

Adding the line :

gem 'handlebars_assets', github: 'leshill/handlebars_assets'

to your Gemfile will solve your problem until a new version contains the relevant fix.

Move the lines :

gem 'solidus'
gem 'solidus_auth_devise'

below gem 'rails', '4.2.4' because the former depends on the latter.


I use Rails 4 and Solidus 1.2 How does one format the price to have a currency symbol with a space before the number like "€ 99"?

Spree/Solidus use Ruby Money Gem to handle currencies and I see in that there is a config option

Spree::Money.default_formatting_rules[:symbol_before_without_space] = true 

but no Spree::Money.default_formatting_rules[:symbol_before_with_space] = true

In my initializer:

# config/initializers/spree.rb

  :priority        => 1,
  :iso_code        => "EUR",
  :iso_numeric     => "978",
  :name            => "Euro",
  :symbol          => "€",
  :subunit         => "Cent",
  :subunit_to_unit => 100,
  :separator       => ".",
  :delimiter       => ","

And I tried also to format within my localization files like in de.yml:

      format: "%u %n"

But the price format is still "104,90 €" instead of "€ 104,90".

I don't want to do String Interpolation to format the currency. Is there an config option that I'm missing?


ok, it's embarrassing but i just had to set

Spree::Money.default_formatting_rules[:symbol_before_without_space] = false

to get my desired format.


I am trying to add login/logout/sign up links to the front page of a solidus app. In the _login_bar_items partial I put this:

 <% if spree_current_user %>
     <%= link_to "Logout", destroy_spree_user_session_path, method: :delete %>
 <% else %>
     <%= link_to "Login", new_spree_user_session_path %>
     <%= link_to "Register", new_spree_user_registration_path %>
 <% end %>

And I get the error

No route matches [DELETE] "/user/spree_user/logout"

when I click on logout button. The paths are as displayed when I run rails routes.

I also tried if current_user but that didn't work either.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Edit: Rails Routes output:

  Prefix Verb URI Pattern                                                                                    Controller#Action
                spree      /                                                                                        Spree::Core::Engine
   rails_service_blob GET  /rails/active_storage/blobs/:signed_id/*filename(.:format)                               active_storage/blobs#show
  rails_blob_representation GET  /rails/active_storage/representations/:signed_blob_id/:variation_key/*filename(.:format)             active_storage/representations#show
   rails_disk_service GET  /rails/active_storage/disk/:encoded_key/*filename(.:format)                              active_storage/disk#show
  update_rails_disk_service PUT  /rails/active_storage/disk/:encoded_token(.:format)                                                              active_storage/disk#update
       rails_direct_uploads POST /rails/active_storage/direct_uploads(.:format)                                           active_storage/direct_uploads#create

  Routes for Spree::Core::Engine:
                                 new_spree_user_session GET    /user/spree_user/sign_in(.:format)                                                                       spree/user_sessions#new
                                     spree_user_session POST   /user/spree_user/sign_in(.:format)                                                                 spree/user_sessions#create
                             destroy_spree_user_session GET    /user/spree_user/logout(.:format)                                                                  spree/user_sessions#destroy
                                new_spree_user_password GET    /user/spree_user/password/new(.:format)                                                            spree/user_passwords#new
                               edit_spree_user_password GET    /user/spree_user/password/edit(.:format)                                                           spree/user_passwords#edit
                                    spree_user_password PATCH  /user/spree_user/password(.:format)                                                                spree/user_passwords#update
                                                        PUT    /user/spree_user/password(.:format)                                                                spree/user_passwords#update
                                                        POST   /user/spree_user/password(.:format)                                                                spree/user_passwords#create
                         cancel_spree_user_registration GET    /user/spree_user/cancel(.:format)                                                                  spree/user_registrations#cancel
                            new_spree_user_registration GET    /user/spree_user/sign_up(.:format)                                                                 spree/user_registrations#new
                           edit_spree_user_registration GET    /user/spree_user/edit(.:format)                                                                    spree/user_registrations#edit
                                spree_user_registration PATCH  /user/spree_user(.:format)                                                                         spree/user_registrations#update
                                                        PUT    /user/spree_user(.:format)                                                                         spree/user_registrations#update
                                                        DELETE /user/spree_user(.:format)                                                                         spree/user_registrations#destroy
                                                        POST   /user/spree_user(.:format)                                                                         spree/user_registrations#create
                            new_spree_user_confirmation GET    /user/spree_user/confirmation/new(.:format)                                                        spree/user_confirmations#new
                                spree_user_confirmation GET    /user/spree_user/confirmation(.:format)                                                            spree/user_confirmations#show
                                                        POST   /user/spree_user/confirmation(.:format)                                                            spree/user_confirmations#create
                                              edit_user GET    /users/:id/edit(.:format)                                                                          spree/users#edit
                                                   user PATCH  /users/:id(.:format)                                                                               spree/users#update
                                                        PUT    /users/:id(.:format)                                                                               spree/users#update
                                                  login GET    /login(.:format)                                                                                   spree/user_sessions#new
                                     create_new_session POST   /login(.:format)                                                                                   spree/user_sessions#create
                                                 logout GET    /logout(.:format)                                                                                  spree/user_sessions#destroy
                                                 signup GET    /signup(.:format)                                                                                  spree/user_registrations#new
                                           registration POST   /signup(.:format)                                                                                  spree/user_registrations#create
                                       recover_password GET    /password/recover(.:format)                                                                        spree/user_passwords#new
                                         reset_password POST   /password/recover(.:format)                                                                        spree/user_passwords#create
                                          edit_password GET    /password/change(.:format)                                                                         spree/user_passwords#edit
                                        update_password PUT    /password/change(.:format)                                                                         spree/user_passwords#update
                                           confirmation GET    /confirm(.:format)                                                                                 spree/user_confirmations#show
                                  checkout_registration GET    /checkout/registration(.:format)                                                                   spree/checkout#registration
                           update_checkout_registration PUT    /checkout/registration(.:format)                                                                   spree/checkout#update_registration
                                            new_account GET    /account/new(.:format)                                                                             spree/users#new
                                           edit_account GET    /account/edit(.:format)                                                                            spree/users#edit
                                                account GET    /account(.:format)                                                                                 spree/users#show
                                                        PATCH  /account(.:format)                                                                                 spree/users#update
                                                        PUT    /account(.:format)                                                                                 spree/users#update
                                                        DELETE /account(.:format)                                                                                 spree/users#destroy
                                                        POST   /account(.:format)                                                                                 spree/users#create
                                     admin_unauthorized GET    /admin/authorization_failure(.:format)                                                             spree/admin/user_sessions#authorization_failure
                                            admin_login GET    /admin/login(.:format)                                                                             spree/admin/user_sessions#new
                               admin_create_new_session POST   /admin/login(.:format)                                                                             spree/admin/user_sessions#create
                                           admin_logout GET    /admin/logout(.:format)                                                                            spree/admin/user_sessions#destroy
                                 admin_recover_password GET    /admin/password/recover(.:format)                                                                  spree/admin/user_passwords#new
                                   admin_reset_password POST   /admin/password/recover(.:format)                                                                  spree/admin/user_passwords#create
                                    admin_edit_password GET    /admin/password/change(.:format)                                                                   spree/admin/user_passwords#edit
                                  admin_update_password PUT    /admin/password/change(.:format)                                                                   spree/admin/user_passwords#update
                                                   root GET    /                                                                                                  spree/home#index
                                               products GET    /products(.:format)                                                                                spree/products#index
                                                product GET    /products/:id(.:format)                                                                            spree/products#show
                                             locale_set GET    /locale/set(.:format)                                                                              spree/locale#set
                                          select_locale POST   /locale/set(.:format)                                                                              spree/locale#set
                                        update_checkout PATCH  /checkout/update/:state(.:format)                                                                  spree/checkout#update
                                         checkout_state GET    /checkout/:state(.:format)                                                                         spree/checkout#edit
                                               checkout GET    /checkout(.:format)                                                                                spree/checkout#edit
                                        orders_populate GET    /orders/populate(.:format)                                                                         spree/orders#populate_redirect
                                            token_order GET    /orders/:id/token/:token(.:format)                                                                 spree/orders#show
                                        populate_orders POST   /orders/populate(.:format)                                                                         spree/orders#populate
                                             edit_order GET    /orders/:id/edit(.:format)                                                                         spree/orders#edit
                                                  order GET    /orders/:id(.:format)                                                                              spree/orders#show
                                                        PATCH  /orders/:id(.:format)                                                                              spree/orders#update
                                                        PUT    /orders/:id(.:format)                                                                              spree/orders#update
                                                   cart GET    /cart(.:format)                                                                                    spree/orders#edit
                                            update_cart PATCH  /cart(.:format)                                                                                    spree/orders#update
                                             empty_cart PUT    /cart/empty(.:format)                                                                              spree/orders#empty
                                          nested_taxons GET    /t/*id(.:format)                                                                                   spree/taxons#show
                                           unauthorized GET    /unauthorized(.:format)                                                                            spree/home#unauthorized
                                                    cvv GET    /content/cvv(.:format)                                                                             spree/content#cvv
                                              cart_link GET    /cart_link(.:format)                                                                               spree/store#cart_link
                                     admin_search_users GET    /admin/search/users(.:format)                                                                      spree/admin/search#users
                                  admin_search_products GET    /admin/search/products(.:format)                                                                   spree/admin/search#products
                                       admin_set_locale PUT    /admin/locale/set(.:format)                                                                        spree/admin/locale#set {:format=>:json}
                                  home_admin_dashboards GET    /admin/dashboards/home(.:format)                                                                   spree/admin/dashboards#home
                        admin_promotion_promotion_rules GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_rules(.:format)                                          spree/admin/promotion_rules#index
                                                        POST   /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_rules(.:format)                                          spree/admin/promotion_rules#create
                     new_admin_promotion_promotion_rule GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_rules/new(.:format)                                      spree/admin/promotion_rules#new
                    edit_admin_promotion_promotion_rule GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_rules/:id/edit(.:format)                                 spree/admin/promotion_rules#edit
                         admin_promotion_promotion_rule GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_rules/:id(.:format)                                      spree/admin/promotion_rules#show
                                                        PATCH  /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_rules/:id(.:format)                                      spree/admin/promotion_rules#update
                                                        PUT    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_rules/:id(.:format)                                      spree/admin/promotion_rules#update
                                                        DELETE /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_rules/:id(.:format)                                      spree/admin/promotion_rules#destroy
                      admin_promotion_promotion_actions GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_actions(.:format)                                        spree/admin/promotion_actions#index
                                                        POST   /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_actions(.:format)                                        spree/admin/promotion_actions#create
                   new_admin_promotion_promotion_action GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_actions/new(.:format)                                    spree/admin/promotion_actions#new
                  edit_admin_promotion_promotion_action GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_actions/:id/edit(.:format)                               spree/admin/promotion_actions#edit
                       admin_promotion_promotion_action GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_actions/:id(.:format)                                    spree/admin/promotion_actions#show
                                                        PATCH  /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_actions/:id(.:format)                                    spree/admin/promotion_actions#update
                                                        PUT    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_actions/:id(.:format)                                    spree/admin/promotion_actions#update
                                                        DELETE /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_actions/:id(.:format)                                    spree/admin/promotion_actions#destroy
                        admin_promotion_promotion_codes GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_codes(.:format)                                          spree/admin/promotion_codes#index
          admin_promotion_promotion_code_batch_download GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_code_batches/:promotion_code_batch_id/download(.:format) spree/admin/promotion_code_batches#download {:format=>"csv"}
                 admin_promotion_promotion_code_batches GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_code_batches(.:format)                                   spree/admin/promotion_code_batches#index
                                                        POST   /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_code_batches(.:format)                                   spree/admin/promotion_code_batches#create
               new_admin_promotion_promotion_code_batch GET    /admin/promotions/:promotion_id/promotion_code_batches/new(.:format)                               spree/admin/promotion_code_batches#new
                                       admin_promotions GET    /admin/promotions(.:format)                                                                        spree/admin/promotions#index
                                                        POST   /admin/promotions(.:format)                                                                        spree/admin/promotions#create
                                    new_admin_promotion GET    /admin/promotions/new(.:format)                                                                    spree/admin/promotions#new
                                   edit_admin_promotion GET    /admin/promotions/:id/edit(.:format)                                                               spree/admin/promotions#edit
                                        admin_promotion GET    /admin/promotions/:id(.:format)                                                                    spree/admin/promotions#show
                                                        PATCH  /admin/promotions/:id(.:format)                                                                    spree/admin/promotions#update
                                                        PUT    /admin/promotions/:id(.:format)                                                                    spree/admin/promotions#update
                                                        DELETE /admin/promotions/:id(.:format)                                                                    spree/admin/promotions#destroy
                             admin_promotion_categories GET    /admin/promotion_categories(.:format)                                                              spree/admin/promotion_categories#index
                                                        POST   /admin/promotion_categories(.:format)                                                              spree/admin/promotion_categories#create
                           new_admin_promotion_category GET    /admin/promotion_categories/new(.:format)                                                          spree/admin/promotion_categories#new
                          edit_admin_promotion_category GET    /admin/promotion_categories/:id/edit(.:format)                                                     spree/admin/promotion_categories#edit
                               admin_promotion_category PATCH  /admin/promotion_categories/:id(.:format)                                                          spree/admin/promotion_categories#update
                                                        PUT    /admin/promotion_categories/:id(.:format)                                                          spree/admin/promotion_categories#update
                                                        DELETE /admin/promotion_categories/:id(.:format)                                                          spree/admin/promotion_categories#destroy
                                            admin_zones GET    /admin/zones(.:format)                                                                             spree/admin/zones#index
                                                        POST   /admin/zones(.:format)                                                                             spree/admin/zones#create
                                         new_admin_zone GET    /admin/zones/new(.:format)                                                                         spree/admin/zones#new
                                        edit_admin_zone GET    /admin/zones/:id/edit(.:format)                                                                    spree/admin/zones#edit
                                             admin_zone GET    /admin/zones/:id(.:format)                                                                         spree/admin/zones#show
                                                        PATCH  /admin/zones/:id(.:format)                                                                         spree/admin/zones#update
                                                        PUT    /admin/zones/:id(.:format)                                                                         spree/admin/zones#update
                                                        DELETE /admin/zones/:id(.:format)                                                                         spree/admin/zones#destroy
                                   admin_tax_categories GET    /admin/tax_categories(.:format)                                                                    spree/admin/tax_categories#index
                                                        POST   /admin/tax_categories(.:format)                                                                    spree/admin/tax_categories#create
                                 new_admin_tax_category GET    /admin/tax_categories/new(.:format)                                                                spree/admin/tax_categories#new
                                edit_admin_tax_category GET    /admin/tax_categories/:id/edit(.:format)                                                           spree/admin/tax_categories#edit
                                     admin_tax_category GET    /admin/tax_categories/:id(.:format)                                                                spree/admin/tax_categories#show
                                                        PATCH  /admin/tax_categories/:id(.:format)                                                                spree/admin/tax_categories#update
                                                        PUT    /admin/tax_categories/:id(.:format)                                                                spree/admin/tax_categories#update


Try with

<%= link_to "Logout", destroy_spree_user_session_path %>

because your "/user/spree_user/logout" is not defined as DELETE request but as GET request route.


I have an integration/feature spec in my Spree Rails app that already VCR records the final payment request. However, I can notice still the external call to Braintree to calculate the client token.

I looked in the docs and I did not see a test object that I could use when it generates the token.

Is it possible to either have a test object that will provide a test Braintree client token? Or is it just better to VCR record that initial request?


I found that when it came to integration tests, using VCR does record and prevent the external call to braintree.

I do with the gem did somehow logs that the request was never actually made externally when using VCR.


I'm trying to change the homepage product listing. So i'm trying to override the file in this path: => 'spree/shared/products',
                 :replace_contents => "li#product_",
                 :name => "product_new",
                 :text => "text")

However this code makes absolutely 0 change on the homepage.

The file in which this override is in is called product_override.rb and is in app/overrides

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


I have tested this code with a fresh install of Solidus and it worked. Note that I have added an underscore before "products" in :virtual_path => 'spree/shared/_products'. Also, I changed the selector to "li". => 'spree/shared/_products',
             :insert_after => "li",
             :name => "product_new",
             :text => "Override is working")


I'm using Solidus/Spree.

Normally when you use variables from the controller, you use instance variables that start with an @.

In my views, I have seen the use of current_spree_user which is not an instance variable, but it does work. I don't see this local variable 'current_spree_user' being assigned somewhere in my view.

Anybody knows how it is possible that current_spree_user is an valid variable within a view?


It's not an controller instance variable, but controller helper method :


I have built a module in Solidus and ruby on rails and now I try to create tests.

I am trying to create some integration tests and I have this error:

E Error: PrescriptionPhotosTest#test_/prescription_photos_post_endpoint_throws_an_error_when_wrong_params: ArgumentError: Missing host to link to! Please provide the :host parameter, set default_url_options[:host], or set :only_path to true test/integration/prescription_photos_test.rb:6:in `block in '

I read this this and this, but it doesn't make any difference.

My code is returning this error on this line:

@user = FactoryGirl.create(:user)

Here is the code from my files.


require 'test_helper'

class PrescriptionPhotosTest < ActionDispatch::IntegrationTest
  setup do
    Spree::Auth::Config[:confirmable] = false
    @user = FactoryGirl.create(:user)

  def authenticated_header
    token = { sub: }).token
        'Authorization': "Bearer #{token}"

  test '/prescription_photos post endpoint throws an error when wrong params' do
     post '/api/prescription_photos', headers: authenticated_header, params: {
       something: {
           is: 'wrong'

    json = JSON.parse(body)

     assert_response 422
     assert json.has_key? 'exception'
     assert_equal 'param is missing or the value is empty: prescription', json['exception']


FactoryGirl.define do
  factory :user, class: Spree::User do
    email ''
    password 'test123'
    password_confirmation 'test123'


ENV['RAILS_ENV'] ||= 'test'
require File.expand_path('../../config/environment', __FILE__)
require 'rails/test_help'

class ActiveSupport::TestCase
  # Setup all fixtures in test/fixtures/*.yml for all tests in alphabetical order.
  fixtures :all
  # Add more helper methods to be used by all tests here...


Rails.application.configure do
  # Settings specified here will take precedence over those in config/application.rb.
  config.action_controller.default_url_options = { host: 'localhost', port: 3000 }

  # The test environment is used exclusively to run your application's
  # test suite. You never need to work with it otherwise. Remember that
  # your test database is "scratch space" for the test suite and is wiped
  # and recreated between test runs. Don't rely on the data there!
  config.cache_classes = true

  # Do not eager load code on boot. This avoids loading your whole application
  # just for the purpose of running a single test. If you are using a tool that
  # preloads Rails for running tests, you may have to set it to true.
  config.eager_load = false

  # Configure public file server for tests with Cache-Control for performance.
  config.public_file_server.enabled = true
  config.public_file_server.headers = {
    'Cache-Control' => 'public, max-age=3600'

  # Show full error reports and disable caching.
  config.consider_all_requests_local       = true
  config.action_controller.perform_caching = false

  # Raise exceptions instead of rendering exception templates.
  config.action_dispatch.show_exceptions = false

  # Disable request forgery protection in test environment.
  config.action_controller.allow_forgery_protection = false
  config.action_mailer.perform_caching = false

  # Add the host parameter
  config.action_mailer.default_url_options = { host: 'localhost' }

  # Tell Action Mailer not to deliver emails to the real world.
  # The :test delivery method accumulates sent emails in the
  # ActionMailer::Base.deliveries array.
  config.action_mailer.delivery_method = :test

  # Print deprecation notices to the stderr.
  config.active_support.deprecation = :stderr

  # Raises error for missing translations
  # config.action_view.raise_on_missing_translations = true

After running rake test:integration I got the error mentioned above.

I did a lot of googleing and I tried to fix this problem in the past 2 days, but I had no luck.


Spree::Auth::Config[:confirmable] = false

This line of code from prescription_photos_rest.rb was overwritten buy a env value.