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Using Knitr in animation Animated rgl graphs with knitr
Speed up interval in knitr
Using LaTeX animate package in RMarkdown
r - saveHTML - animation in a ioslides presentation
Using Knitr in bibliography How do I provide only the year in a citation in R markdown?
How can I specify the default bibliography LaTeX/BibTeX citation styles "plain" or "unsrt" in an R Markdown document?
citing references in a rmd file & error in pandoc-citeproc.exe
Bibliography in knitr child documents
How can I use a URL for the bibliography YAML element in an RMarkdown document?
What choices can we set for the biblio-style parameter in the yaml header in rmarkdown?
How can I force R markdown / LaTeX to display 'note' field in bibliography (display additional information)?
Using `list.files()` for bibliography field in Rmd YAML
Rmarkdown does not have bibliography style effect
TinyTex and Vitae failing to produce a bibliography output in template examples
Use a style template and bibliography when knitting with knit() and pandoc()
How to include references and bibliography list using bookdown word_document_2?
Using Knitr in bibtex knitcitations gives pandoc-citeproc error
Include the text of a `bibentry` in the (R)markdown text body output
Using Knitr in blogdown Toggle chunk output using "details" HTML tag
.Rmarkdown to .markdown: Use {{< figure >}} shortcode instead of <img> HTML
YAML current date in blogdown
What is the index.Rmd file in the base directory intended for?
How does on get blogdown to produce charts?
kable produces malformed reference links within lapply function in blogdown
Using Knitr in caching How to elegantly + robustly cache external script in knitr rmd document?
Is there a way to generate a cached version of an rmarkdown document and then generate multiple outputs directly from the cache?
How to set cache directory in knitr
Why doesn't `knitr`, when called from the console, use the same cache as when called from the IDE?
Caching in knitr
How do I use caching in knitr?
Using Knitr in caption How to hold figure position with figure caption in pdf output of knitr?
Figures captions and labels in knitr
Short caption in knitr::kable()
How to make a figure caption in Rmarkdown?
Remove/hide figure caption below knitted markdown->pandoc plot
*Some* figure captions from RMarkdown not showing
Evaluate inline r code in rmarkdown figure caption
knitr: can I cite an article in a figure caption using the fig.cap chunk option?
Changing the font size of figure captions in RMarkdown HTML output
Caption font color with kable
Figure captions with multiple plots in one chunk
reference a previously defined object in a `knitr` Rnw chunk figure caption
Put table captions on top when knitting Word .doc with R markdown
Short caption fig.scap in knitr not working?
How Do I Get Back to a Simple Markdown Format for Image Captions Using RStudio (knitr?)?
Figure caption for LaTeX diagram in R markdown using knitr
Using Knitr in data.table Generate dynamic R-Markdown blocks with data.table objects
Weird print showing up in knitr PDF
Create table of means and (standard deviations) for multiple variables, by groups, formatted for publication
Scoping issue with dcast and knitr
Using Knitr in devtools Can't use Rcpp engine in R Markdown
Using Knitr in docx Why does the plot size differ between docx and html in rmarkdown::render?
Is it possible to increase resolution of image inserted to Word document from RMarkdown's TikZ?
Why inclusion of external Rmd-file with latex equation environment leads to different DOCX output while using rmarkdown and bookdown?
How to get rmarkdown and knitr to use em-dash with .docx files?
Parse text as-is in knitr for rmarkdown to docx?
Align environment in R Markdown which works for both docx and pdf output?
Writing greek letters in rmarkdown to docx (newcommand for docx)
Using Knitr in emacs How to create a pdf from a Rmd file using Emacs, ESS, pandoc-mode and polymode?
Automating org -> Rnw -> tex -> pdf
Adding XeTeX to ess-swv-PDF
Emacs polymode gives error when opening file
Using Knitr in ess How to read knitr/Rmd cache in interactive session?
Suppress convergence message in nnet multinom function in R
LaTeX math expression in knitr kable (Sweave)
Enabling vignette compression for R CMD build in RStudio
How do I access the data from a file passed as parameters in a RMarkdown document?
Change color of error messages in RMarkdown code output (HTML, PDF)
Accessing YAML parameters as macros within external LaTeX files
Suppress automatic table name and number in an .Rmd file using xtable or knitr::kable
Suppress running messages from RStan in Rmarkdown HTML output
how to access yaml metadata from knitr
How to suppress all messages in knitr/ Rmarkdown?
Remove progress bar from knitr output
Collapse error message into a single block when the error message is modified to print in red
Reporting regression tables using rmarkdown in Word format
print the data.table package's .onAttach messages with knitr
Using Knitr in figure knitr/rmarkdown/Latex: How to cross-reference figures and tables?
Knitr ignoring fig.pos?
knitr: include figures in report *and* output figures to separate files
How to add multiple figures across multiple pages in a chunk using knitr and RMarkdown?
r knitr chunk options for figure height / width are not working
In knitr, how to set figure width with \textwidth from Latex
R Markdown: How do I make text float around figures?
knitr: how to use child .Rnw docs with (relative) figure paths?
Knitr: figure legend too big
knitr: cannot create a figure with utf-8 character
Knitr & Beamer with Overlays in Figure
Adding space around figures in RMarkdown
subfigures stacked vertically with knitr
How to refer a figure as a table?
Using Knitr in flexdashboard R- knitr:kable - How to display table without column names?
Scroll long pivot table (package rpivottable and knitr)
Multi-page Flex Dashboard plots with incorrect zoom levels
R - knitr:kable - removing individual headers and adding single header on multiple columns
rmarkdown flexdashboard images folder deletes itself
Using Knitr in fonts Embedding fonts in ggplot2 charts in rmarkdown documents
R knitr - kable table html formatting for small text
knitr, cairo and ggplot2: font family 'Source Code Pro' not found in PostScript fontdatabase
Changing fontsize of a single line in rmarkdown without altering global fontsize
Knitr + Beamer to PDF: Incorrect Font Symbols
How do you change the font size in RMarkdown for Knitr
What are the default knitr fonts (an explanatory image was added) in R?
Using Knitr in gganimate How to create animation in html output using R Markdown
Issue knitting to a pdf document using gganimate (animation not included)
knitr with gganimate, cannot find ffmpeg command
Using Knitr in github GitHub displays all code chunks from README.rmd (despite include=FALSE)
Blogging with jekyll, rmarkdown and github: how to display images
How to generate a GitHub flavoured markdown file using knitr?
gh-pages cannot build .rmd file due to UTF-8 encoding error
emo::ji won't render in knitted documents
How one can make github linguist take *.Rnw files into account of repository language statistics?
Unable to view plots on .md file in GitHub
Using Knitr in gridextra Consistent figures size with gridExtra in Rmarkdown knitr-HTML
Resize videobox for animation in slidy presentation (RMarkdown)
How can I top align these tables in gtable using grid.arrange?
Overlapping tables from grid.arrange in gridExtra
Using Knitr in htmlwidgets Dynamically loop through htmlwidgets and add knitr formatting for RMarkdown
Passing fig.width into a taglist
Using Knitr in ioslides How to make scrollable slides in an ioslides presentation with rmarkdown
RMarkdown ioslides presentation in HD
How to add logo to each slide in ioslides in RStudio
How to insert footnotes in ioslides presentations using RMarkdown
References page truncated in RMarkdown ioslides presentation
R markdown ioslides incremental mode for code chunks
Font size in ioslides markdown presentation title page
Resize stargarzer table when type=HTML for ioslides in RStudio
Full size shiny app in an ioslides markdown presentation slide
Using datacamp light exercises in an ioslides presentation using the tutorial package
Missing kableExtra formating in rmarkdown ioslides
R Markdown knit fails when path includes "~" for html/pdf document but works for ioslides
add logo only on first (main) slide in ioslides RStudio
Error using dyn.load in ioslides_presentation w/ runtime: shiny
Using Knitr in javascript have internal links into code looking blocks
add javascript code in knitr
rmarkdown: toggling code blocks in the browser
Sparklines in R using HTML Widgets
How can we read an R variable from JS chunk?
toggle show/hide code in RMarkdown
Toggle logscale option for dygraph in rmarkdown
Using Knitr in jekyll R - servr::jekyll() build error
knitr / jekyll / servr::jekyll images are enormous or not good resolution
Enable rmarkdown / pandoc-citeproc citations in Jekyll blog via servr
servr::jekyll does not render knitr-jekyll MWE correctly inside RStudio
Using Knitr in leaflet How to arrange HTML Widgets inside of a RMarkdown Document (PDF, HTML)
render leaflet plots as raster in R?
Leaflet Layer Tiles not switchable when .html (= .Rmd output) is opened with browser
Synchronizing two leaflet maps in R / Rmarkdown
How to render leaflet-maps in loops in RMDs with knitr
Combine leaflet and markdown in loop
Using Knitr in lyx Difference between ERT and LyX' custom knitr insets
Setting up a shortcut for knitr chunk in Lyx
LyX 2.1.1 fails to compile knitr-manual.lyx
Error when R starts up after using Sys.setlocale()
How to generate pdf from lyx files containing knitr chunks when knitr is deactivated ?
Using Knitr in package install.packages fails in knitr document: "trying to use CRAN without setting a mirror"
Vignette creation on package build fails with the error "Failed to locate the ‘weave’ output file"
How to include RMarkdown file in r package?
Which is the correct folder to store images used in vignettes for R packages ?
knitr .Rmd vignettes do not appear with vignette()
Linking R package vignettes
Referencing a 'hand-made' table using bookdown package
How do I 'prebuild' a vignette index for an R package?
Non-standard file/directory found at top level: 'README.Rmd' persists even after implementing suggested solutions
Enforce PDF package vignette with knitr
knitr called from RStudio does not preserve the order in which packages are loaded
Error in loadNamespace(name) : there is no package called 'evaluate'
Build .md vignette using devtools
How can I import python packages using knit r?
Unwanted white space with knitr+booktabs package
Using Knitr in papaja papaja: controlling text spacing when placing floats H
Knitting pdf document with papaja in R
papaja and text references knitting to word
Using Knitr in pdf generation Difference between "Compile PDF" and knit2pdf
How to knit a greek symbol in R-studio to generate a pdf
Add a 'DRAFT' watermark on pdf result of R markdown
Image size control in Rmarkdown pdf generation with latex
How do I programmatically automate .rmd file to PDF using knitr?
Using Knitr in plotly Interactive `ggplotly` graph is not plotted from inside `for` loop in `Rmd` file in R
multiple (R) plotly figures generated in a rmarkdown (knitr chunk) document
Plotly charts in a for loop
Change output width of plotly chart size in R Markdown PDF output
RMarkdown: bookdown with plotly
Can't generate plotly interactive plots in Rmarkdown report
Using Knitr in png How to insert plain picture (jpeg / png) from chunk with knitr
How to hide figures in knitr, but create them as png?
How to use Cairo PNGs in R Markdown
Getting ggvis::export_png() working
dev='png' is not working for pdf output in knitr
knitr: Saving graphs in both pdf and png format but using pdf files in the final document
Setting knitr to output separate images
Rmarkdown can't find a .png image while trying to compile on pdf using papaja
With knitr and LateX, how to avoid path above .png; and how to place two plots side-by-side in table
How do I force knitr to delete support directory (.png files) after HTML is knitted
Using Knitr in printing R code chunk printing extra line in Markdown
knitr's kable is printing 2.29e-30 as "0"
Executing external source in knitr and printing the external code chunk
Different language (esp. Rcpp) not printing output when knitting an Rmarkdown chunk
How to prevent knitr from printing ## and matrix indices/row numbers?
Printing ggplots out of list does not work in knitr with rmarkdown
Control digit printing for inline knitr
Removing Comments from Printing in Knitr Output
Producing ggplots from a loop (and generating the files) without printing any visible output in RMarkdown
knitr printing list of graphs in .Rnw
knitr: not print leading zeros
Rmarkdown - printing a list of objects without showing those pesky [[indices]]
Inconsistent options when printing tables with xtable - ftable - knitr
Method to print long R dataframes with row labels as table
Huge file to print when using many plots
Controlling output while printing data.table with xtable
Using Knitr in reproducible research Use rmarkdown/knitr to hold all code until the end
knitr - Python engine cache option not working
extract R code from template using knit_expand()
knitr templating - Dynamic chunks issue
Using Knitr in reticulate Reticulate - Running python chunks in Rmarkdown
How to make a python variable persist between chunks in a markdown notebook?
Cannot import geopandas using reticulate in RStudio when knitting with knitr
Is "library(reticulate)" needed in knitr setup chunk
Using Knitr in rgl Including a 3D interactive figure in html and static in word/pdf using knitr and rgl
Side-by-side rgl plots with R Markdown
Include rgl interactive plot in .Rnw (pdf output)
knitr and rgl: inconsistent size?
Using Knitr in syntax highlighting How to syntax highlight inline R code in R Markdown?
Highlighting bash code with knitr / rmarkdown
Python syntax highlighting in LaTeX in Rstudio with knitR
Text (not syntax) highlighting in Rmarkdown/Papaja
knitr syntax highlighting in .Rnw files (LaTeX)
syntax highlighting while rendering SQL using knitr
How to use variable R code in a Knitr chunk?
Using Knitr in tex Code chunk font size in Rmarkdown with knitr and latex
wrap long text in kable table column
"Erroneous nesting of equation structures" in using "\begin{align}" in a multi-line equation in rmarkdown to knit+pandoc pdf
Conditionally display a block of text in R Markdown
Get rid of \addlinespace in kable
how to create a loop that includes both a code chunk and text with knitr in R
Unable to compile PDF in R Studio (LaTeX Error: File `lmodern.sty' not found.)
Align multiple tables side by side
how to tell if code is executed within a knitr/rmarkdown context?
Rmd/Kntir: Markdown citations in LaTeX environments
Conditionally display block of markdown text using knitr
Putting line number for R code with knitr
Bookdown: Fix extra space before Chinese string inside R code chunk
Watermark in rmarkdown
How to center LaTeX xtable output in full text width
Using Knitr in tikzdevice Using tikzDevice in lyx doesn't work
ggplot2: Degree Celsius Symbol in labeller with dev="tikz" option in knitr
Beamer: use the document main font in plots when using tikzDevice
How can I knit a .Rnw-file into latex, with plots as tikzpicture environments? (error: formal argument matched by multiple actual arguments)
tikzDevice error with knitr
Using Knitr in vignette How to build a pdf vignette in R and RStudio
non-evaluated vignettes with knitr::rmarkdown_notangle
R CMD build fails to ignore vignette referenced in .Rbuildignore
Travis-CI: Knitr Not Found in loadVignetteBuilder
How do I make plots appear in a knitr vignette using
Leftovers from knitr
vignette build fail: knitr unable to interprete Rmarkdown
Missing `parse` information inside vignette build
Using Knitr in xelatex titling.sty error in rmarkdown
Changing the latex_engine gets an error when trying to align images on kable
Drop shadow in knitr
alternate row color with knitr:kable in R Markdown