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Including Guava GWT in GWT app

Question: I'm trying to add guava to my GWT 2.6.1 application. I included guava-19.0.jar and guava-gwt-19.0.jar.

I added <inherits name="" /> and <inherits name="" /> to my "MyApp.gwt.xml" file. When I go to run the app via Super Dev mode, I get this error, and I'm not sure what to do.

Compile with -strict or with -logLevel set to TRACE or DEBUG to see all errors.
   [ERROR] Errors in 'jar:file:/C:/Projects/my_proj/code/my_gwt_app/main_app/libs/guava/guava-gwt-19.0.jar!/com/google/common/collect/super/com/google/common/collect/'
      [ERROR] Line 20: The import cannot be resolved
      [ERROR] Line 31: Weak cannot be resolved to a type
[ERROR] Compiler returned false

I have a single class that is using guava, and has the following imports:


I'm not following what the "super" folder/package reference is to. I see a "" package, but i'm not sure how to refer to it in my gwt.xml file.

Answer: Look at the POM of guava-gwt, and you will see that it has its own dependencies, including j2objc.