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Using Dplyr in aggregate functions Summarizing count and conditional aggregate functions on the same factor
Dplyr - Error: column '' has unsupported type
Using count(), aggregate(), data.table () or dplyr() to summarise the data (mean, standard deviation)
dplyr: filter rows according to aggregated function result
SQL-like query in R or creating a loop?
How to use dplyr as alternative to aggregate
Aggregating via dplyr - mutating a single column from factor to numeric
Using Dplyr in aggregation Multiple aggregations (categorical and numeric) with dplyr in one chain
Need help speeding up a dplyr aggregation
Why is dplyr slower than plyr for data aggregation?
Efficient cross join with aggregation and filter
Aggregation of NAs results in 0s instead of NAs
Obtain Percentage of each value and add to next column (after aggregation)
Aggregation in R to calculate percentage of total by group?
count new values per date per group
Error in charToDate(x) : When perfrom aggregation by year in R
dplyr count observations per day
Loop through aggregation using dplyr
R How to get desired rows in aggregation using data.table and dplyr
R group_by multiple conditionnal aggregation functions dplyr
Aggregating over time and value difference
R dplyr perform different aggregation by group
Fast aggregation using dplyr - better way?
Weekly aggregation of dataframe by category
aggregation of data in R with assign of a dummy variable by condition
dplyr - including sum across groups data in aggregation
Spatial aggregation with a group by
Using Dplyr in algorithm The Fastest/Simplest Algorithm/Function to Determine Largest of Three Values
How to effectively determine the maximum difference between the variable value in each row and same variable subsequent row values in data.table in R
conditional labeling in rows
Removing one data element (value) at a time from variable and performing function in R
How to apply dtw algorithm on multiple time series in R?
Using Dplyr in amazon redshift Using dplyr to bind rows inside a database
Does dbplyr currently assume a redshift connection is actually a postgres connection?
R access redshift table under a schema with dplyr or RPostgreSQL
Filter table from redshift database using R dplyr
what is the theory of connecting R to Redshift using RPostgreSQL and dplyr
Using Dplyr in analysis Any workaround to clustering mixed data types and render 3D scatter plot in R?
how to filter top 10 percentile of a column in a data frame group by id using dplyr
How to cluster within clusters
Arrange by multiple conditions in R
How to analyse a data set both grouped by and ungrouped in one analysis using dplyr
R combine rows with similar values
frequency count of multiple variables in R
do, survivalanalysis and dplyr
R - Collapse Data by Grouped Row Observations
Suppress static code inspection in R (future package)
cohort analysis in R
How to find number of items which falls in a specific range in a column of a data frame in R
How to "Tidy" Quickbooks Journal Data for R Analysis
How to do contingency table analysis with tidy data in dplyr
Dplyr workflow reflecting Mean Square Error estimator in change point analysis
Grouping observations conditional on discrete attribute values
Using Dplyr in apache spark sql Changing column data type to factor with sparklyr
Sparklyr/Dplyr - How to apply a user defined function for each row of a sparkdata frame and create write the output of each row to new column?
number of unique values sparklyr
Can dplyr modify multiple columns of spark DF using a vector?
Get index of max of Spark Dataframe with Sparklyr
Count the number of characters of the first, second and third word in a string
Using Dplyr in attr Adding attributes in chaining way in dplyr package
Select columns based on multiple attribute conditions in dplyr 0.7.0
How to use a function or expression inside dplyr mutate on attributes of a t.test model created by formula call inside dplyr do?
Joining two dataframes - By Combinations keeping Attributes
Accessing (attributes of) a list of variables from a data frame based on a vector
When does dplyr's ungroup() function drop the 'vars' attribute?
How do I do arithmetic on attributes from two different tables in R?
Using pull() from dplyr after reading data with haven::read_sas keeps attributes. How to avoid?
Setting edge attributes conditionally in list-column graphs using R igraph and dplyr (purrr)
Converting timezone using dplyr syntax and attr function
What does replacing `vars` attribute by `groups` mean in R with dplyr?
Why does this dataframe variable take an attribute not explicity assigned to it? (dplyr-R)
How do i summarize values attributed to several variables in a data set?
How to divide a dataset into partitions and store different attributs of a specific function?
How to group_by values and get the count for multiple attributes in dataframe using R
How to split columns with 3 data attributes in-name into several columns, then collapse across different levels of aggregation?
R keep data frame attributes after join
Access variable attributes inside dplyr user defined function
Tracking an attribute with lag in R
Using Dplyr in calculated columns How to add calculated columns to nested data frames (list columns) using purrr
Calculate & add column length_of_time from date column in R
How to create multiple calculated columns on the value of one colum which refers to other columns in R?
How do I create a third column based on Character Values of other columns, excluding NA and values?
R - Calculating a Running Total of Team Size by Location for each Month
How to create a third column called "Weight" based on value of other column? When the column value is NA, a 0 weight would be assigned
Using Dplyr in categorical data R: how to get dummy variables only for top levels of a categorical variable?
Program to obtain frequency matrix of categorical data
Mode computation on counted categorical variables
Summary table of numeric and categorical data in R
factor conversion using dynamic names
I would like to have my data to be percent yes/no as one bar per person using ggplot and dplyr
make a new column for each row that meets a criteria R
summarizing categorical data in a data frame by pasting ratio numbers
Using Dplyr in coalesce dplyr: mutate_at + coalesce: dynamic names of columns
Use select_helpers with dplyr::coalesce
How to functionally spread and coalesce data
R: coalescing a large data frame
Using variable name in mutate and coalesce
Pass a string as variable name in dplyr::coalesce
How do I use coalesce rowise?
Conditional Mutate Based on Results of Coalesce in dplyr
Is there a way to combine a start and endtime column to a single datetime column within R (with grouped data)
Why does coalesce() in R return extra values for me?
R: how to "coalesce ()" a whole data table
Indicate rows coalesce has updated
Using Dplyr in collapse Collapse all columns by an ID column
Collapse some categorical variables in tidyverse
r collapsing data from multiple columns into one
r dplyr group_by values collapse and paste
R: Collapse duplicated values in a column while keeping the order
R, dplyr: Collapse character variable elements by group if there is only one unique non-NA element per group
How to collapse rows with same identifier and retain non-empty column values?
Collapse rows from 0 to 0
Collapse, order and drop factors efficiently in dplyr
how to use nest() in tidyr to collapse several rows
Collapse multiple columns into single row with maximum value from each column?
Collapse data by ID in data frame in R
dplyr collapse by rank of variable but ignore NA
Collapse all cells in each column to one cell and ignore NA
Collapse multiple level factors within dataframe
dplyr summarise (collapse) dataset by different functions for multiple columns
Collapse Cells until a condition is met
R: Collapse values in data.frame into a vector similar to paste(collapse=',')
Using Dplyr in compare Comparing between groups in grouped dataframe
Compare rows in groups in the same data frame
R: Compare each value with set of previous values in column
Compare groups with each other
Indexing in Pandas compared to dplyr
dplyr - compare grouped variables to a subset of grouped variables
Mutate column showing increasing/decreasing value compared to previous period
compare communities from graphs with different number of vertices
Compare multiple columns in 2 different dataframes in R
Using dplyr to compare models
Compare two data.frames with different columns to find the rows in data.frame 1 missing in other
In R, how do you compare two columns with a regex, row-by row?
Efficient way to compare all columns in data table R
Compare element by element from two data frames
How can I add a column with the mutate function from dplyr in this data frame to calculate the difference in weight compared to day 0?
Comparing two columns in a dataframe using R or Excel
Unexpected behaviour with grep and dplyr tbl compared to data.frame
Using Dplyr in complete Fill missing values in data.frame using dplyr complete within groups
Complete column with group_by and complete
Using tidyr::complete with group_by
Python equivalent for tidyr::complete in R that allows specifying additional values
tidyr complete cases nesting misunderstanding
Complete() function from dplyr / tidyverse does not work with Shiny interactive variables
R dplyr: summarise complete cases by group for all variables
How to apply function complete() depending on a condition being fulfilled?
Removing incomplete cases from output of tidyr - gather() - r
Calculate fraction of complete/not missing values of variables in a data frame for output in a long format
complete missing time series by hour
Use complete to create floating window of dates
Conditional tidyr::complete() up to variable maximum
Adding data to a data.frame to complete a sequence
why is my dplyr statement creating extra rows?
Collecting success and total from incomplete binary groups in dplyr
Using Dplyr in concatenation Concatenating two text columns in dplyr
R: efficient dataframe split-apply(concatenate)
condititonal concatenation of vector depending upon NA position in other vector
Concatenating words without quotes in R for groupby in dplyr
Generating unique ids and group ids using dplyr and concatenation
Concatenate strings by group with dplyr for multiple columns
How can I create a single variable and add new rows within the column with new rnorm values?
Using Dplyr in confidence interval R: using 'funs' within a `summarise_each` to generate a confidence interval:
confidence intervals for a tibble in wide format
Using dplyr to calculate quantile from multiple columns
Unnesting a dataframe within a dataframe
Calculating upper and lower confidence intervals by group in dplyr summarise()
rolling regression with confidence interval (tidyverse)
How to obtain length of column using dplyr when coding for confidence interval in R
Using Dplyr in contains select columns based on multiple strings with dplyr contains()
dplyr rename error: contains unknown variables
mutate with case_when and contains
mutate variable if column name contains a string
dplyr + "meta"-columns: when a column contains names of other columns to use instead of the data
Subsetting if contains multiple variables in a certain order
mutate_at does not create variable suffixes in some cases?
Need to delete cells which contains "0" and retaining other cells in R
How to detect if a string contains a regex pattern using dplyr pipe mutate
Separate string that contains "_"
Using contains() inside a mutate function
Difference between contains() and matches() for select() in dplyr
Creating data.frames where one column contains matrices
Checking if string contains all elements from vector? (R, dataframes, dplyr)
join two dataframes so that a column contains multiple values
Filter a column if another column contains specific set of values using dplyr in R
aggregate a column that contains numbers and strings
How to rename a string within a column that contains a backslash in R
Using Dplyr in counter Separating column using separate (tidyr) via dplyr on a first encountered digit
Create sequential counter that restarts on a condition within panel data groups
check whether steps in a counter variable are missing
R: Up-counter with conditions
Creating a counter variable in R grouped by ID that conditionally resets
Create cumulative counter variable per-user, with multiple conditions
Subset dataframe after first encounter of a specific string
add counter column by arranging two variables (dplyr)
Melt or Replicate rows in a data table a certain number of times and include counter in R
create a counter based on condition in row value
Using Dplyr in crosstab Calculating columns with row percentage after obtaining sums by group in dplyr
R - dplyr crosstable of melted paired data
Simplest way to cross table a sting based on its sign
Creating a "crosstabs" style output
Dplyr computation when cross tables have more than two groups
Reshaping and combing columns with similar values in R
I want a cross tab to find the response rate between two variables
Using Dplyr in data structures working with list columns in r (data.table/dplyr)
R: change data frame structure using values from one variable as new variable
R: append column in a dataframe with frequency count based on two columns
R tidyverse : Dataset structure format and error when converting from character to numeric
Variables in one col; values in another->goal: add columns for variables
Use case_when function of dplyr with connection between two datasets
Using Dplyr in data wrangling Data wrangling with R
Data wrangling in R with dplyr
R: conditionally combine text from adjacent rows while retaining associated information
How can we data wrangling to obtain shown ratio/proportion chart shown
Conditional if statement based on row values in r
Data Wrangling Using Dplyr
Data wrangling - data spread over three rows - dplyr
Combine Data Wrangling workflow into a single function
How to map the mean imputation results from a training set to a test set?
R dplyr data wrangling/ reconstructing challenge
dplyr table reconstructing/data wrangling
Splitting one column into two columns using data wrangling with R
Calculating number of observations per group in R
Using Dplyr in debugging Debugging in plyr or dplyr - seeing which group
debugging: function to create multiple lags for multiple columns (dplyr)
Debugging a group_by/summarise/do code in R
Using a function within a function coded in dplyr
Using Dplyr in distinct values R: How do I choose which row dplyr::distinct() keeps based on a value in another variable?
Assign unique ID to distinct values within Group with dplyr
R: calculate number of distinct categories in the specified time frame
Count distinct values that are not the same as the current row's values
creating distinct values column till certain time
Selecting distinct rows in dplyr
Accumulate number of distinct values in a column grouped by another variable in R
Looping over variables to find distinct values by group in R
R tibble: Group by column A, keep only distinct values in column B and C and sum values in column C
Using dplyr to summarise a running total of distinct factors
dplyr: Return number of distinct values from of all columns of a filtered dataframe
filter column by count of distinct values
Using Dplyr in dt How can I maintain consistent box width in a boxplot where factor*group combination has no observations?
dplyr, data.table and setDT interaction issue
How to extract height and width from dimensions string in R using stringr?
How to tidy a fixed width file with headers every n (varies) rows?
Output of the dplyr summarize() fundtion
Nested condtionals in dplyr ifelse statement
Error in setDT(dat): while creating a function
dplyr/dt summarise if columns are not blank/NA and paste?
Deleting duplicated rows in sparklyr
How to write dataframe to file so that regardless of length of column values, the values are adjacent without spaces
Merge two data frames by a max number condition in r
Using Dplyr in dtplyr Translating dplyr to data.table
Select after a join with conflicting columns with dtplyr
Using dplyr::tbl inside function
Updating column values based on previous values (once treated always treated)
Incorrect translation of group-filter-select with dtplyr
Using Dplyr in ends with How to use both starts_with and ends_with at the same time in one select statement?
r dplyr ends_with multiple string matches
Selecting columns using ends_with helper and a vector of string names
Is there a way to dplyr (tidyverse) map my dataset, find columns ending with the same suffix then keep just one?
dplyr::starts_with and ends_with not subsetting based on arguments
Select columns dynamically in R with ends_with
Using negated ends_with together with starts_with when selecting in dplyr
function will not work with dplyr's select wrappers (contains, ends_with)
How to know the summary of the distance with ends_with selection
Dplyr select ends_with
Calculating reinvestment of dividends with a cumulative approach
problems with counting vowels, checking starts with or ends with a vowel in words
r dplyr combining mutate_at, vars(ends_with), ifelse, !
Filter rows where column value ends with a set of patterns
Using Dplyr in error handling Error: Data source must be a dictionary (dplyr)
tryCatch() or exists() in R pipe chain error handling
`The standard deviation is zero` error with cor function calling in group_by
How to add a column of fitted values to a data frame by group?
Comparing models with dplyr and broom::glance: How to continue if error is produced?
Using Dplyr in factors Count cumulative unique factors separated by semicolon Grouped by Name
Strange recycling of factors in dplyr::mutate - bug or feature?
Calculate group mean with the same grouping factors several times
Conditional filter of grouped factors - dplyr
dplyr and tidyr - calculating a lot of linear models at once with factors
calculate ratio of two factors for each visit using dplyr
Get counts of categorical factors across multiple variables/columns in R
Add missing rows within combinations of factors
Selecting factors based upon distance between two rows in a column
Loop to convert factors to numeric
reordering factors in a grouped variable so it can be graphed in order with ggplot2
Creating factor-level indicator variables in R using spread or cast
Iterative subtraction based on factors in a data frame using R
Using Dplyr in finance Subtracting column data in all pair permutations R
Create an Index of Cumulative Returns from Monthly Stock Returns
profit drawdown of each column in data.frame
R: Calculate decile ranks by group
Rolling correlation with 'grouped by' - Error: incorrect number of dimensions
Using Dplyr in formattable How to create a table that calculates percent change between values in two separate tables in R?
Aggregating cells in dataframe into a sequence
how to reverse only one bar in one cell if the value is negative with KableExtra/Formattable/dplyr
How to change output for N/A on tables using formattable package in R
How to change font color for entire table values based on condition in R?
Using Dplyr in geospatial R: Calculating distance in miles from one point to another
Geosphere/dplyr: create matrix of distance between coordinates
Joing dataframe and spatial polygon dataframe in R
How to calculate mean spatial location by group
Test equality of/filter geometries in sf?
Using 'mutate' with passed in parameter name to create new column
Using Dplyr in grouped table Arrange a grouped_df by group variable not working
Rename column in grouped tibble by row value (dplyr)
Grouped table of means by variable in shiny
R Grouped Data Frame: Function relates single value to the other values of the group
Create multi-row summaries with dplyr, for example grouped table()
Grouped data in dplyr
Using Dplyr in heatmap Sort Heatmap with dplyr
bicolor heatmap with factor levels
ggplot: how to plot heatmap regardless of the number of variables
R dplyr heatmap dealing with missing values
ggplot - How to create a heatmap that calculates and displays ratios?
Arrange rows in heatmap (ggplot geom_tile)
ggplot2 heatmap not arranging values from high to low
Select columns for reactive heatmap
Using Dplyr in hmisc summarise wtd.quantile by group
Replicating a plyr solution generating quantiles with Hmisc in dplyr
Using Dplyr in imputation How to perform imputations on a variable given the number of occurrences of values for the same variable?
impute missing values using binomial distribution in R
Conditional imputation with LOCF
impute missing value by condition with dplyr
R: data imputation divided by gender
per group assign to every start time the latest end time and transport mode that belongs to the highest ID in R
Multiple imputation separated by gpoup
Using Dplyr in intersection How to identify and tally intersection items in R
intersection of dplyr select helpers
set intersection from list containing data frames
How to renumber result of intersection/group_indices in R?
dplyr::group_by() with multiple variables but NOT intersection
find intersection among days
R, dplyr: Collect unique values for a column, mutate a label based on set intersection
How can I add intersection points on gganimate?
Intersection of row names in dataframe (subset the data)?
Get intersection in data.frame of some variables without omitting others
R- unique and common items across each of three vectors (or data frame columns) for venn diagram
Finding strings shared between two dataframe columns
Conditional Intersections in R
Using Dplyr in kableextra Column alignment with kableExtra using group_rows
Why is my kable table producing this "no applicable method" error?
Shade table with extraKable in RMarkdown for pdf using dplyr mutate?
KableExtra table works with knit button but does not work when rendered from a separate file
Using Dplyr in longitudinal Handling of longitudinal (repeated measurements) data in dplyr?
Adding first row by group for longitudinal data frame?
Calculate largest value for multiple overlapping events in a specific range
Addition of a new column to longitudinal data in R, based on matching, time, response and grouping information.
Conditional subset based on one occurrence
counting occurrence between observations
Summarising longitudinal data with dplyr
Cross tabs/frequency tables with long-form longitudinal data in R
Using Dplyr in mapping How to add a column using the mapping vector after purrr::map_df
Value mapping by condition in R
mapping based on nearest date
Handling NAs when mapping several dataframe columns into their percentile values in R
Replace values in some rows based on other dataframe mapping
Using Dplyr in median Calculate median for multiple columns by group based on subsets defined by other columns
Calculate medians of rows in a grouped dataframe
dplyr 'object not found' median only
How to subtract a median using complex condition in R
Calculate median value over the past X months, for each row and ID in R
How to find median within 3-day time interval using dplyr?
Calculate a new median for each row by id
how to calculate the median for groups separately in R
Get median of group means without breaking piped workflow (or joining back temporary tibble)
R - Error computing interpolated mean by group
multiply values on median by group in R
Using Dplyr in modelr Iterating though slightly different models in purrr
Using modelrs bootstrap in R for medians
Add predictions for models by group
Group data by rep, fit model, and integrate curve
Access the estimate inside a model object in R
Using Dplyr in nls simplifying R code using dplyr (or other) to rowSums while ignoring NA, unlss all is NA
R: Summarize inside an nlsLM() statement
Fitting multiple nls functions with dplyr
Predict() in wider range
Failing to do fitting with non linear fitting methods (nlsLM, nlxb and wrapnls)
NLS Function By Group
Error: Results are not data frames at positions:
Using Dplyr in normalization Scaling by group in R using dplyr: grouping and non-grouping seem to generate the same result
Using Dplyr in normalize group by and scale/normalize a column in r
Normalize by Group
Create a new column that normalizes by groups using dplyr
scale() not compatible with grouped tbl_df
Normalize all rows with first element within group
Scaling data subsetwise using R
Normalization in R 0 to 5
R Function normalize data frame variable
R calculating yearly or normalized growth rates for different interval lengths
Normalize By Group for All Columns
Normalize specified columns in dplyr by value in first row
Normalize multiple values using values of one factor in R
Use summarized value to normalize in Tidyverse pipeline
Normalizing by Group In R
How to normalize to the previous value in a sequence
Using Dplyr in operators Chain arithmetic operators in dplyr with %>% pipe
Using %>% operator from dplyr without loading dplyr in R
R - Running a t-test from piping operators
OR operator in filter()?
Function operators and function wrapping in R
r - use basic math operators between columns in dplyr
Condition in ifelse: Value in multiple columns/variables
Using logical operators with %in% and subset
Can I create a new numerical variable using dplyr and <= and >= operators to subset values from an existing vector?
No need to import `!!!` operators into the package DESCRIPTION?
Match Operator behaving strangely
How does R dplyr decide precedence between comparison and "or" operators?
Using logic operator in mutate dplyr
flitering with dplyr's filter() – using relational operators
filter a data frame and applying a cutoff on multiple columns in r
Using Dplyr in overlap Finding Overlaps between interval sets / Efficient Overlap Joins
Efficient way to drop rows with overlapping times
Counting unique days with overlap and gaps in date ranges
Calculating active days/months from overlapping dates
dplyr: summarize by multiple overlapping group structures and join
How to remove ranges that are overlapping from duplicated values and keep associated values?
How to summarize data based on overlapping rows in R
How to count overlaps among the members of dplyr::group_by
Using Dplyr in parameter passing Pass a vector of variable names to arrange() in dplyr
How to pass column name as parameter to function in dplyr?
Function parameter; passing variable name without quotes
passing column reference to group_by in an R function
In R pass a column of dataframe into a function and manipulate it
Using Dplyr in pattern matching Remove multiple matching columns from multiple character string
Melting columns by pattern matching
Extracting rows around patterns in R
Mutate rows based on maching to user defined strings that works universally
Select column matching pattern then keep only rows that match other vector values
dplyr lookup table / pattern matching
Splitting a character column by pattern matching
mutate new column that matches to defined strings
Pattern matching and mutate with `&` and ifelse
How to make pattern matching for multiple dataframes with reference column ID in R?
Using Dplyr in percentile Using dplyr window functions to calculate percentiles
Use dplyr::percent_rank() to compute percentile ranks within group
Use dplyr to truncate top and bottom percentiles of a numeric variable
Finding observation percentile realtive to a distribution with purrr - R
how to get percentiles using mutate_at?
How to get the intervals for ntile()
Use ntile() with group_by() with dplyr
Counting number of values great than a percentile value across multiple factor levels
How to calculate percentile [0,1) in R such that values lies below the percentile
How to find percentile and then group in R
Using Dplyr in permutation Multiple groups tests via permutation
Stratified permutation with bootstrap
Retrieve all possible combinations of n items, of a given size k and apply function sum on another column
Permutation of euclidean distances between 13 row indexes in R
tidyverse: all permutations of categories
cyclic permutation or numpy.roll() type function to dplyr group
How do I apply conditions on a particular group element and find permutations from another group in the same table?
How to perform interaction of two columns of a DF without permutations in R?
Using Dplyr in pivot table Another way to do pivot table in R
calculate means for combinations of 2 columns with dplyr
Excel Pivot-table like functionality with R (plyr, ddplyr?)
Making Pivot table with Multiple Columns and Aggregating by Unique Occurences
R - adding a count table in a dataframe
How can I sum values by columns and rows like pivot table in Excel?
Creating "Pivot Table" in R Populated with Factor Value for Each Row
R Pivot table with columns converted to only rows
Using Dplyr in pivot Pivot rows into columns with values of counts for each measurement R
pivot column into row titles in R?
Pivot_wider / spread instead of value_from or values just 1?
Pivot by group for unequal data size
Pivoting in r with dplyr
Calculate summary statistics of measurements and pivot them to columns in R
pivot_wider with duplicates
Pivoting a data frame and pasting characters
pivot_loger the ouput of summarize_each with mean and sd functions
When using a pivot function can I return a sum of values that were spread?
SQL - spread previous values from one column into multiple new columns
Spread in SparklyR / pivot in Spark
How to get column values (value.var in dcast) after pivoting using sdf_pivot() function
Using Dplyr in posixlt Problems with dplyr and POSIXlt data
dplyr group_by throw error on variable not in the function
dplyr - mutate_each - colswise coercion to POSIXlt fails
Using Dplyr in r caret Dplyr - Mutate subscript out of bounds
Boxcox transformation on multiple variables with mutate_at
how to pass a tibble to caret::confusionmatrix()?
Monitor progress/Print to console from purrr::invoke_map()
Using Dplyr in r haven How can I check the type of a column if it is an unusual type?
Using Dplyr in r plotly Using ggplotly rangeslider for interactive relative performance (stock returns)
Plot Plotly Values in Ascending Order in R
Interactive ggplot2 heat map
How to reorder plotly bar plot xaxis in correct months order per year in R?
Loop | Plotly menu
Using Dplyr in reactive How to make a dataset reactive in Shiny?
Use dplyr conditional filter in reactive function in Shiny
R Shiny dplyr reactive filters
Trouble using inputted variable with dplyr in Shiny with a reactive dataset
How can I filter from a reactive dataset using dplyr?
R Shiny - How to create a barplot that reacts according to the time unit (Week, Month, Year) and aggregates data by time unit
Shiny: Create reactive filter using different variables.
Shiny - Using Date range from sliderInput in a reactive dplyr expression used for a ggplot
dplry in reactive function for shiny app using rmarkdown
How to use reactive values in substr?
Shiny + ggplot2: reactive value plotted as factor
Passing output of reactive function to another reactive function (Shiny)
Pass data from one reactive part to other in shiny
R Shiny - How to create a reactive barplot with functions dateRangeInput and selectInput
Flexdashboard: Make a reactive dataframe based on drop down inputs
How to group_by() and summarise() data reactively with shiny?
How to reactively define first column with dplyr in Shiny
Trying to create a reactive graph that will take in multiple different inputs in shiny
Using Dplyr in rolling computation rolling regression by group in the tidyverse?
Rolling weighted mean across two factor levels or time points
Using Dplyr in rolling sum R dplyr rolling sum
Fastest way for doing 21 day rolling sum for an ActivityType
Rolling sums for groups with uneven time gaps
Rolling Sum for number of questions solved for past 7 days by every user
Rolling sum in dplyr
Regular rolling sum and mean
Rolling sum reset based on conditions using dplyr
Insert rows with NAs conditional on rolling sum
How do I calculate a rolling sum with variable levels of depletion in R?
Rolling sum in specified range
Calculate a Rolling Sum of Count in R
R: Rolling sum on a non standard window
Conduct rolling sum and then assigning unique group names in R
Rolling Sum Dplyr
Using Dplyr in rounding Rounding the numeric values in a dplyr tbl_df upon printing
Piping a scalar to round function in r
Applying mutate to multiple columns and rows in dplyr
How can I get the k rows surrounding each row meeting a given condition in each direction of an R data frame?
Rounding all numeric columns but one in table
Rounding error when grouping by multiple categories
Proportional adjustment method in R
r - rounding in summarise()
Automatic rounding in dplyr::summarise() function
Using Dplyr in row number filtering data.frame based on row_number()
dplyr: Generate row number/row position in group_by
Finding Row number of Consecutive decreasing values in data
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