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using c++11 with ndk
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ImportError: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
Cannot find Boost when installing Dlib
Using Dlib in classification is the 'warm start' option of dlib's dcd trainer only for 1-class classification?
How to identify stranger in dlib`s one vs one classifier
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Create a shared lib that depends on dlib using Cmake
how to install cmake in Google Cloud Platform
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How to build an executable with Cmake where all the dependence are contained in the project DIR?
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Build fail with dlib
How do I enable SSE2 from the command line
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C++ try statement won't work with "#include"
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Ellipse Fitting for pupil center
Facial Landmark Detection using Dlib
Which architecture does dlib's CNN face detector use?
Training Dlib's face detector using LFW
Applying K-Means to HOG-Descriptors
Dlib + OpenCV Draw Points Landsmark
how to detect upside down face?
Using Dlib in conv neural network How to read the data of Adience benchmark(data set for gender and age classification)?
D-lib object detector training
Using Dlib in deep learning Getting probability of detected face in dlib
dlib-19.1: Initialize dlib::matrix from image (e.g. dlib::cv_image) for DNN training
bad input shape () : Openface issue when training the classifier
Using Dlib in dlib python how to save/crop detected faces in dlib python
Dlib cropped images are blue
dlib cnn python, is there any way or wrapper for python to do cnn based object training
Installing dlib python module getting segfault
Python multi-version error _ZN5boost6python6detail11init_moduleER11PyModuleDefPFvvE
Dlib,python,face_detection with neural network
Using Dlib in face detection Dog face detection with dlib - need advice on improving recal
DLIB shape_predictor_68_face_landmarks.dat documentation?
Dlib face detection terrible performance on C++, good in python, why?
dlib train_object_detector immense amounts of RAM usage
Dlib deserialize face shape model using istream
How to convert 34 facial landmark points to 68 points?
FDDB evaluation code
How to detect cheeks using openCV?
Train file gives an error
Detect skin in video stream
How to increase speed of dnn_mmod_face_detection example
Dlib Shape Predictor
Using Dlib in face recognition How to get 3D coordinate Axes of head pose estimation in Dlib C++
Dlib "Error deserializing object of type short"
face_recognition encoding from string back to original encoding in python
Count the number of unknown people in a video with following conditions
Is there a way to smooth out face landmarks from face_recognition? Maybe via PIL? install for dlib: finished with status 'error'
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MemoryError: bad allocation when Pycharm shows barely any memory use
openface How to import person pictures and compare any picture later on
Why don't Face Clustering Algorithms use Distance matrices rather than clustering algorithms?
Unable to load a model using load_model()
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DLIB : Training Shape_predictor for 194 landmarks (helen dataset)
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Running dlib on Qt c++
Using Dlib in gpu dlib train neural network on cpu
Install dlib with cuda support ubuntu 18.04
Using Dlib in image In Dlib how do I save image with overlay?
Drawing fancy rectangle around face
Save jaw only as image with dlib facial landmark detection and the rest to be transparent
How to save resulted face landmark image in dlib?
Region of Interest Extraction using DLib
how to get the length of eyes and mouth using dlib
How to move cv2.line up and down in detected rectangle to simulate face scanning in python?
"attempting to reference a deleted function" on a function argument
Dlib face detection from low brightness image
Applying Affine transform on an image using dlib
Does the type of image matter when training an object detector?
how to load jpeg file using DLIB libarary?
Normalization of facial landmark points in image processing
Get a section of an image, and then the center of that square, without any external libraries?
How do I subtract two images from each other using python and opencv?
Temperature is black after thresholding
How to manipulate dlib landmark points
How to create cv::Mat from dlib::rectangle on dlib's array2d<rgb_pixel> image?
Why is dlib's load_rgb_image() method rotating some of my images?
Script for identifying landmarks and cropping mouth from images using OpenCV doesn't see faces
Face Landmark Detection algorithm, output image disappear C++, Dlib
Compiling issue in Dlib for face detection
C++ Dlib load_image_dataset issues
face_recognition and black&white images
Dlib add_overlay(): how to set thickness?
Unsupported image type error in dlib detector
dlib dnn_face_recognition_ex trained model not detecting person with training images
OpenCV, dlib - image type conversion failes in a function; works outside
Find the angle of rotation from the centre
Using Dlib in ios how to build DLIB for iOS
How to use dlib's shape_predictor in Objective-C?
dlib Displaying values on the screen
Using Dlib in javascript Dlib for javascript
Compile Dlib for webassembly
Using Dlib in kivy How to run dlib package in buildozer?
How to play the output of OpenCV to Kivy VideoPlayer or any other player?
Using Dlib in machine learning Dlib - How do I use the loss_mean_squared_multioutput training label type?
Machine learning code dlib with high dimensional labels
Bias nodes in Dlib MLP?
dlib fatal error with output_tensor
Using Dlib in macos Installing dlib with python bindings
Dlib C++ library with Qt on macOS Sierra
X11. Symbol not found: _CGLGetCurrentContext
macOS - Trouble installing dlib
Using Dlib in makefile Error including dlib library in c++ project
include DLIB and other header files in C++ project
Building dlib for android ndk
Include dlib in c++ project
Using Dlib in memory management Is it possible to load/read shape_predictor_68_face_landmarks.dat at compile time?
DLIB: train_shape_predictor_ex.exe for 194 landmarks with halen dataset gives runtime error: bad allocation
Using Dlib in minimization Minimize matrix in Equation using OpenCV
How to use find_min_single_variable of DLIB in C++
Using Dlib in neural network How can I use dlib for a neural network regression?
How to resize dlib neural network hidden layers at runtime?
dlib mlp::kernel_1a_c member initialization inside a class
Extract image from Dlib CNN
Using Dlib in numpy Minimal Example for dlib SVM using Python/Numpy
Create an text file with numpy array of facial lanmark detection.?
Using Dlib in object detection Traning Dlib object detector with >450K instances
RuntimeError: The full_object_detection must use the iBUG 300W 68 point face landmark style
How to add overlay with a desired number of points?
How to save DLIB object detection chips properly?
DLIB C++ object detection example training really slow
Using Dlib in opencv3.0 OpenCV, Dlib - Mat object outputed as black image
save image with face landmarks using dlib in python?
Using Dlib in optimization Dlib. How solve the optimization constraints to be on real time ? Idea of landmarks convergence?
HOG optimization with using SIMD
member function pointer using dlib was not declared in this scope
Using Dlib in parameter passing dlib - face detector error: cannot convert std::vector<dlib::rectangle> to int
Using Dlib in parameters Passing Extra Data Into a Function
Why does dlib's neural net xml export contain different parameters for layers than specified by the trainer?
Passing member functions as arguments to optimizer (passing member functions to a function)
Using Dlib in pip unable to install dlib on python 3
How to install a python package without changing path environment variable?
installing python modules ImportError (dlib, imutils) raspberry pi
Error in installing dlib refering to cmake
getting Error in installing Dlib using pip
Using Dlib in qt dlib with QT MinGW slow even in Release mode
Qt with Dlib and CUDA
Using Dlib in ros CMake: Override libraries added by target_link_libraries
include dlib in ros cmake files
typedef char in a macro
How to connect Dlib to a package ? Error “Could not find the required component ‘libdlib’ “
dlib: extract_histogram_descriptors inside extract_highdim_face_lbp_descriptors returns vector with zeros
Using Dlib in serialization Cannot Serialize Learned Function in Dlib
Serializing Face Features for recognition in DLIB
Using Dlib in svm Object Detection with Dlib Library
When is Dlib's svm_c_linear_trainer better than svm_c_linear_dcd_trainer?
Using Dlib in swift Xcode building while device is connected but not archiving
Adding Dlib to my Xcode project but no .h files are found
Using Dlib in tensorflow Do we have a way to implement face detection and recognition offline on browser?
Dlib don't using GPU when I using tensorflow_gpu
Using Dlib in tracking How do you transform 2D facial landmarks into 3D world coordinates?
how to track objects within the ROI using dlib?
Find entry exit on intersect
How to restart dlib's correlation tracker
Using Dlib in training data How to use multiple object detector of Dlib?
Dlib training for kids database
DLib : train_shape_predictor_ex.cpp
Using Dlib in ubuntu How to crop the image on opencv and dlib on ubuntu
Error in dlib installation AWS EC2 instance Ubuntu 16.04
Ubuntu Python: unable to pip install dlib - Failed building wheel for dlib and machine is almost stuck
Installing Dlib 19.4
unable to find package when apt install
Using Dlib in vector how to convert a matrix in dlib to a std::vector
dlib matrix<float,0,1> set element
DLIB C++ how to make an std::vector of dlib::matrix
Dlib: How to initialize an mmod_rect with its ignore flag set to 1?
Vector.push_back(pair<int,int>(x1,x2 )); does not work
Using Dlib in visual studio 2015 How to compile dlib 19.2 in visual studio 2015 without using cmake
Getting the error "expression did not evaluate to a constant" in VS 2015 after using dlib-19.1
how to use "shape_predictor_68_face_landmarks.dat" in landmark extraction in opencv C++ using Dlib
Error Building Dlib Visual Studio 2015
Using Dlib in visual studio Use dlib in Visual studio 2012
How to setup Dlib with Visual Studio 2013 without CMake?
dlib : Unable to open face_landmark_detection_ex for reading?
How to setup Dlib with Visual Studio 2013 without CMake? i
Using Dlib in webcam Dlib webcam capture with face detection and shape prediction is slow
What's wrong with this webcam face detection?
How to create a quick python GUI for controlling webcam input to be used for the purpose of facial detection?
Python dlib - Read image instead of webcam
Using Dlib in windows Installing dlib with python 3.8 windows 10 error
Error while installing dlib for python3 on Windows 10
dlib on Qt Windows. The program has unexpectedly finished
Installation of dlib with pip fails on Windows 10
How to fix error while installing dlib on python 3.7.3 64 bit windows 10
dlib and windows function conflict
Error when installing dlib on Python 3.5 using Windows 10
Cmake Error During Installation of dlib on Windows?
Why my program does not take more than 2 GB RAM on 64 GB RAM System?
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'cv2' in Spyder IDE, even after I have successfully installed opencv library using anaconda in my windows pc
Using Dlib in x11 Trouble installing Dlib for python on Mac OSX 10.10
Using Dlib in xcode How to install libX11-dev on mac os x sierra
How to use dlib in Xcode C++ console application
Using Dlib in yocto yocto recipe for an application that uses dlib and opencv
dlib library with yocto
compile Dlib library with Yocto