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I cannot figure out how to instantiate an Option(T) type in pycapnp.

I have tried to instantiate a new message and then set the value of 'some', but it loses type information in doing so.

struct Option(T) {
  union {
    none @0 :Void;
    some @1 :T;

struct Something {
  a @0 :Int16;
o = Option.new_message()
o.some = Something.new_message(a=5)
o.some.a // throws error

I would expect the option to become typed by virtue of the added struct, but it loses all type information and I cannot access the members of the object placed in the 'some' union value.


Cap'n Proto generics aren't really designed to work that way. They are designed for static type checking (with statically-typed languages in mind, i.e. not Python). An instance of a generic type cannot "become typed" after the fact -- the type must be known statically / at construction.

If a type parameter isn't specified, then it is assumed to be AnyPointer. I believe that means you need to access some like this:


I think that in Python there is no way to construct a generic type with type parameter specified at runtime. The only way you can really use generics is when the containing type specifies type parameters, like:

struct ContainingType {
  option @0 :Option(Something);

If you then construct a ContainingType and then access its option field, you'll get an Option object that knows that the type of some is Something, not AnyPointer.