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Android studio 3.0 : error occur while compiling app
Using Butter Knife in android studio Use Lambda expressions and Butterknife
Cannot resolve symbol 'ButterKnife'
Using Butter Knife in androidx The given artifact contains a string literal with a package reference '' that cannot be safely rewritten. for androidx
Why is butterknife 9.0.0-SNAPSHOT not resolving?
Using Butter Knife in dagger Android Dagger2 and Butterknife conflict
How do I set up Buck with Dagger & Butterknife?
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Butterknife On Kotlin Not Working For Binding Colours And Drawables AndroidX
Using Butter Knife in mvp Saripaar Validation library throws No rules found error
Using Butter Knife in realm Why does REALM-IO break ButterKnife in Android Application
realm and butterknife use together then butterknife not work
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Butterknife and TextViews
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java.lang.IllegalStateException: Required view 'caption' with ID 2131230791 for field 'caption' was not found
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How to use Butterknife to get a reference to the fragment xml
Manifest merger failed, when adding the butterknife library
Why are the XML ID name conventions different from the Java one's?