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NSURLSession with background session configuration is not returning an error when there is no connection
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What is the correct way to use backgroundCompletionHandler in Alamofire?
Resume download after killing or putting on background the application
Alamofire Background Service, Global Manager? Global Authorisation Header?
Unable to make request with Alamofire upon receiving silent push while in background
Download fails when on first use or app goes in background
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Wait for background request to finish in Alamofire and array is loaded before continuing swift
Alamofire progress callback stops working after returning from background
Using Alamofire in basic authentication Basic Authentication with Alamofire
iOS - Alamofire v2 Basic Auth not working
how to upload an Image using alamofire with basic authentication?
Basic auth with Alamofire does not work
Error request Alamofire + Basic Auth
Printing a string results in (Function) in console. Why?
Using Alamofire in cocoa Alamofire Xcode 8 Swift 3 results in 786 compile errors
Alamofire No Such Module (CocoaPods)
Always get build error : No such module 'Alamofire'
"No such module 'Alamofire'" Xcode won't recognize Alamofire framework
Using Google Places API with Alamofire 4.0 and iOS 10 and Swift 3
Can't import Alamofire
Alamofire 3.0 ReactiveCocoa Conversion
Xcode 7 Cannot load underlying module for AlamoFire 3.x (CocoaPods)
Xcode 9 fails to build Swift 4 project with pod
Unable to use Alamofire on CocoaTouch Framework
Alamofire Swift 2 - cannot submit for beta testing (Xcode 7 GM)
Alamofire error after adding via Cocoapods
Why "Verify your bundle identifier 'org.cocoapods.Alamofire' is correct."?
Using Alamofire in concurrency NSURLSession concurrent requests with Alamofire
Alamofire request not running completion block inside NSOperation
First TableView cells are not dequeuing properly
Alamofire never calls encodingCompletion for upload with MultipartFormData when main thread is waiting for it to run
How to make sure that an Alamofire request runs?
Using Alamofire in django Django oauth2 token request fails on Swift Alamofire
Upload a photo to Django in Swift 3 using Alamofire 4?
Curl -d to Alamofire
Is an alamofire request to a HTTPS domain any different from that to HTTP?
Return token string from alamofire
Using Alamofire in download Download File Using Alamofire 4.0 (Swift 3) method: Where is the file and did it save successfully?
Alamofire download issue
How do I download a file in Alamofire 4 and save to the Documents directory?
Alamofire download progress totalBytesExpectedToRead always -1
Whole Session download progress Alamofire
Alamofire: How to download files sequentially
Image downloading with progress using AlamofireImage?
error when using Alamofire to download an image
Set Image in visible UITableviewCell after async download
JWT Authentication with Alamofire download function
Alamofire download from JSON API
keep track of already downloaded files with `alamofire`
UITableView is not smoothly when using downloading images
Function doesnt wait download Picture with Alamofire in Swift
Using Alamofire in enums Creating a Alamofire Response for a test
Declare enum Router Alamofire swift 2.0
Swift enum evaluation
How does "let JSON" work in Alamofire/Swift
Using Enum features to create a Network Abstraction API
Using Alamofire in error handling Error handling in Alamofire
swift error "Domain=NSCocoaErrorDomain Code=3840 "Invalid value around character 1."
Error Handling with Alamofire in Swift 2
Error handling for cancelled request
Swift Error handling best practices
Error handling in swift 3 using objectMapper and alamofire
What other member should I use besides `isSuccess` when making a get request with Alamofire?
flattenMap and error handling in ReactiveCocoa with swift
Error handling parsing JSON in Swift
RxSwift+Alamofire custom mapper error handling
Using Alamofire in express Swift: Getting "ambiguous expression" when try to pass tuple to callback function
Type of expression is ambiguous without more context in Alamofire.upload swift 3
Uploading files with Alamofire and Multer
Expression type 'DataRequest' is ambiguous without more context Swift
Alamofire : Type of expression is ambiguous in .GET
Alamofire type of expression is ambiguous without more context
Swift - closure expression syntax
Request body in express is undefined?
connection between nodejs api and swift app
How to express Result<Value, Error: Errortype> in a method signature
How to access localhost from device
Expression type 'DataRequest' is ambiguous without more context Swift 3
Expression type '()' is ambiguous without more context
Alamofire with localhost connection problems
Using Alamofire in firebase Adding Firebase IdToken with Completion Handler to Every AlamoFire Request
Retrieve JSON from Firebase with Alamofire
Place Photo from URL as a Navigation Bar Button Item
Weird behavior occurs when sending a dictionary object that contains arrays of dictionary objects with Alamofire in Swift?
Using Alamofire in function Swift 3 - How can i define callback function as parameter
ResponseSerializer 'cannot call value of non-function type 'NSHTTPURLResponse?'' with Swift 3
iOS - Cannot call value of non-function type 'NSProgress'
How to change a variable from a nested function?
Returning a value from a function with Alamofire and SwiftyJson
Cannot call value of non-function type 'HTTPURLResponse?' - Alamofire 4.0
Alamofire 4 Invalid conversion from throwing function of type '(_) throws -> ()' to non-throwing function type '(DataResponse<Any>) -> Void'
Adding a callback to a class function in swift
Why does Unexpected non-void return value in void function happen?
How to have only 1 completion handler for 2 Alamofire request in the same function
error calling functions in swift with a JSON response
Array filled and displayed in function but no displayed in tableview swift
Swift function generic parameter
Decoding an Error Response using Alamofire 5 and the responseDecodable function
Unexpected non-void return value in void function, return multiple values
Using Alamofire in generics Alamofire Promise make generic request method
Could not cast value of type T.Type to T
iOS swift Alamofire parsing, creating generic class to parse json data
AlamofireObjectMapper Generic parameter 'T' could not be inferred
How can I write a generic wrapper for alamofire request in swift?
Using Alamofire in git Carthage: No available version for github satisfies the requirement (two frameworks import Alamofire with different versions)
Importing Alamofire 3.4 - No such module 'Alamofire'
Using Alamofire in google maps Alamofire with google geocoding api
Google maps directions
Why multiple markers don't show on google map
Invalid url google map direction api with way points using swift and alamofire
Converting Swift ios Networking to use Alamofire
Using Alamofire in html Google Search with Alamofire Fails (iOS, Swift, JSON, HTML)
Alamofire Swift get html source
Creating generic fetcher using Alamofire JSOn and HTML
Swift - Parsing a Web Page
Get Hidden Field of HTML using Kanna, Swift, and AlamoFire
Using Alamofire in http post Cancel a request Alamofire
iOS http POST using Alamofire
HTTP post sent twice using both JustHTTP and Alamofire
Alamofire HTTP post request in Swift
how to send image in byteArray with parameters in JSON format iOS swift4
Alamofire file upload getting error "JSON text did not start with array or object and option to allow fragments not set"
Unable to load HTTP POST response data in array in AppDelegate application method. How to solve this issue?
Alamofire response not matching request
How to make network request faster in Swift
What's the best way to make a HTTP post with custom JSON BODY
Automatically Update Cookies From HTTP Post Request With Multiple Redirects In Swift
How to make this HTTP Post request using alamofire?
Using Alamofire in httpresponse Any way to get the response body during HTTP errors?
Cannot download attachment in response from server
how to extract inner response values and pass it to UserModel
how to make login async function wrapper around Alamofire.authenticate method in swift?
Using Alamofire in https How to use ssl certificate with Swift Alamofire?
OHHTTPStubs not stubbing host?
Using a client certificate with Alamofire 2.0
Getting Alamofire and OHHTTPStubsWorking together
How Can I Access Local Https with invalid certificate With Alamofire?
https request with alamofire fails
Is it possible to modify the server to re-validate an expired certificates stored in the client?
How To Make Authenticated HTTPS Post In Swift?
Alamofire https request only works if NSExceptionAllowsInsecureHTTPLoads is set to true
HTTPS requests implemented with Certificate pinning in Swift using AlamoFire fails
Alamofire/Moya SSL request fails with ATS failed system trust. System Trust failed for X
Using Alamofire in instagram [Swift, Alamofire]: responseValidationFailed with error code 400
Set like with Instagram api
ios Instagram api POST Relationship Endpoints using Alamofire - Error
Alamofire Swift Json
Instagram on iOS8
Using Alamofire in ios10 How to check if a class model created using alamofire is nil in swift?
Fetch data from OMDb API with Alamofire (iOS)
Xcode 8.0 swift 3.0 error Alamofire-swift.h not found and Could not build Objective-C module 'Alamofire'
How do I make task wait for completion in Swift 3
ios10 swift3.0 Alamofire upload picture gets an error
Unable to upload image with parameters using alamofire 4?
Using Alamofire in jsondecoder Decode Json Data using JsonDecoder and Alamofire
Data missing JSONDecoder
swift cannot dig into JSONDecoder data got via alamofire
SWift 4 JSONDecoder decode from Alamofire response
Swift store data from a Webrequest into structures
Swift : The data couldn’t be read because it isn’t in the correct format
Using Alamofire in login Alamofire clear all cookies
swift JSON login REST with post and get response example
How to login to a site using POST request? (Swift,iOS)
Swift login to json API
how to get JSON data from login?
Swift 2: Alamofire POST issue for login
How to get data from the POST json
always login successfully in the get method
Login page not fully login out user iOS
how to provide authentication token to login api by alamofire4 and swift3
how to pass JSON data from login view to multiple view controller, is it possible or not?
How to pass JSON data to another view controller from login function using post method?
Login with post with Alamofire not works
Strange issue with uiview animation and Alamofire on POST login request
How to use Alamofire with Facebook Login?
implementing closure in authManger.Login wapper function to Alamofire authenticate?
Using Alamofire in methods How to pass dictionary as a parameter in the method in Swift?
Swift Alamofire SwiftyJSON Asynchronous/Synchronous Class Methods
Change serverTrustPolicy of Alamofire.SessionManager to still use top-level convenience methods like Alamofire.request
What is the difference between the two request methods of alamofire?
How to make decoding generic function in Swift
how to post id and password by alamofire
Does AlamoFire use a singleton to abstract it's client class?
Nested function in swift 3
Using Alamofire in model view controller How do I get the value from the model to the controller
How to Add values from JSON to Model, In my Code Below
JSON Model Suggestion
Swift ios alamofire data returning empty first time in viewDidLoad
Appending Model into array in Swift
Using Alamofire in multipart Send POST parameters with MultipartFormData using Alamofire, in iOS Swift
Swift 3 Alamofire multipart upload
Alamofire 4.0 Upload MultipartFormData Header
iOS Swift uploading PDF file with Alamofire (Multipart)
Multipart-form (image,parameters,headers) Post request with Alamofire in swift
Upload Photo / File with JSON and custom headers via Swift 3 and Alamofire 4 | iOS | Swift
Swift 3 - Alamofilre 4.0 multipart image upload with progress
how to upload image (Multipart) using Alamofire 5.0.0-beta.3 (Swift 5)
Swift Alamofire file upload with signed request: how to send authorization headers?
Alamofire MultiPartForm files in NSTemporaryDirectory
Alamofire - how to have progress and completion closure with multipart upload
Using Alamofire in network programming AlamoFire Download in Background Session
How to check if the multipart upload was successful with alamofire image
Save Alamofire upload with multipartFormData request Swift
Alamofire: What is wrong with this syntax? "Extra argument in call"
Using Alamofire in nsdata How add Int value to the Alamofire upload parameters
Alamofire get pdf as NSData
PUT NSData to PreSigned URL from S3 with Alamofire.upload(...) not working on iOS 8
Download Video using Alamofire and then Play on AV player
Casting JSON to NSData in Alamofire
Alamofire + Decodable - how turn responseJSON to NSData
How to make multiple network requests one by one so I don't lose data?
How to get Image (not url or NSData )from server using Alamofire
Using Alamofire in nsdictionary Alamofire Parameters - NSDictionary is not convertible to [String : AnyObject]
Could not cast value of type '__NSArrayI' (0x10df73c08) to 'NSDictionary' (0x10df74108)
Alamofire 4.0.0: [String:String] is not convertible to [String : Any] & Request is ambiguous without more context
Could not cast value of type '__NSCFArray' to 'NSDictionary' + displaying annotations in a map view
How to save response value to NSDictionary in Alamofire?
How do I get the values as an NSDictionary in Swift 3?
How can I add multiple parameters while posting using Swift
Using Alamofire in nsfilemanager Setting Alamofire custom destination file name instead of using suggestedDownloadDestination
Download Image Using Alamofire and Save to Application Support on Mac
PDF File reading Issue only on Offline mode swift
Alamofire download to file system doesn't work
Using Alamofire in nsurl iOS 9.3 : An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made
NSURLErrorDomain Code=-1004 for few seconds after app start up
Cancel all web service calls from Alamofire
Alamofire Request error: NSURLErrorDomain Code -1005 The network connection was lost
Right Way for changing timeoutIntervalForRequest in Alamofire
Swift iOS 9 NSURLErrorDomain Error -1004
How to POST request with parameters using Alamofire/URLSession.dataTask in swift
What happens when I set an object in an asychronous callback?
POST request in Swift 3.0
How can we upload multipart form data with nested JSON parameters in Swift?
Alamofire POST request ERROR NSURLErrorDomain Code=-999
WebService API Method in Swift 3 and Swift 4?
Unable to use NSURL in Alamofire response.result.value! Swift, xcode 7.3
Deadlock inside NSURLSession delegate queue
Using Alamofire in nsurlcache Alamofire - NSURLCache is not working?
How to disable the URLCache completely with Alamofire
Alamofire unable disable caching
How to most easily set the memory capacity of the NSURLCache to zero with AlmofireImage?
Optimizing iOS app in regards to network requests and offline usage
Using Alamofire in nsurlconnection iOS Network Connection Failure Policy suggestions
Why Authorization header gets removed in iOS PATCH requests?
Use Alamofire to Set HTTP Headers and HTTP Body
alamofire is not preparing correct url
Using Alamofire in nsurlsessionconfiguration MultipartFormData upload using Alamofire
Alamofire ignores timeoutIntervalForRequest and timeoutIntervalForResource parameters
Using Alamofire in oauth Understanding AlamoFire OAuth Example
Getting error Unsupported Grant type?
Alamofire 4 retrier and adaptor unable to see the changed accessToken
Swift Alamofire Getting Token from Refresh Token Request Error
Twitter Application-only authentication always return 401
How to get Twitter access token with Alamofire (Swift 2.2)
Strava alamofire token
Invalid Token When Using Alamofire
Alamofire doesn’t send Authorization header to eventbrite
Using Alamofire in pdf How to upload pdf file as multi part form data in alamofire?
how to upload pdf and image(any one whichever selected) file picked from phone via alamofire in swift
Realm accessed from incorrect thread when try to view pdf file again Swift 3
Using Alamofire in put How to send a POST request with BODY in swift
Generate cURL output from Alamofire request?
how to implement put http request using alamofire
How to use PUT request in Alamofire
Alamofire formatting POST/PUT parameters swift
the output of webservice is not giving the required json in swift using alamofire
Generate cURL output from Moya request?
When (and why the when) and how should I sanitize data from POST JSON in php (such that output usable in Swift AND HTML)
How to put image into AutoPurgingImageCache after af_setImageWithURL completed?
Pass an integer as a parameter in an Alamofire PUT request
How to multiple encoding parameters for put method Alamofire Request
How to update JSON using same API Function .PUT request in Alamofire
Swift ios alamofire put request error Thread 1: signal SIGABRT at
Lipo: input file must be a fat file
Bool in URL encoded parameters encodes as 0 and 1 with Alamofire in Swift3
Using Alamofire in python Alamofire Uploads PNG to Flask with White Background
How to send a dictionary through params webapp2 python?
How to use header key from the api to authenticate URL in iOS Swift?
Using return vales from flask in ios application
Using Alamofire in reachability How to use NetworkReachabilityManager in Alamofire
Swift iOS- What to do when there is a wifi connection but no internet connection?
Connecting wifi without internet not recognised with NetworkReachabilityManager or Reachability
Attempt to check internet connection on iOS device with Alamofire
AFNetworking 5 - NetworkReachabilityManager Listener
Alamofire - NetworkReachabilityManager doesn't work with .notReachable
By industry practices, should I check internet reachability before making API call or during API call in Alamofire
Using Alamofire in response How to get the result value of Alamofire.request().responseJSON in swift 2?
How to retrieve Alamofire response header for a request
How to read response cookies using Alamofire
How to get response headers when using Alamofire in Swift?
how to serialize json response to dictionary in alamofire 2 with swift 2 without swifty json
Alamofire Get Request and JSON Response
Intercepting EVERY response with Alamofire
ObjectMapper failed to serialize response
How can I print the json content of the response from post request in Alamofire in swift?
Using Alamofire in segue Swift - Call segue inside of a closure
How should i handle Alamofire response in shouldPerformSegueWithIdentifier?
How to load view controller (or invoke segue) after response gets loaded(using Alamofire)?
Present a view controller from a detached file from view controller
How to return validation errors back to swift from php or segue on success
Swift 3: Need to pass data to next view controller without moving to it
viewDidLoad() is running before Alamofire request in prepareforsegue has a chance to finish
Using Alamofire in serialization JSONSerialization Invalid type in JSON write (_SwiftValue)
NSErrorFailingURLStringKey (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error -1017) for specific requests
Cannot import ObjectMapper in Swift
responseSerializationFailed with Alamofire
building objects from json response using NSJSONSerialization
Alamofire Form Encoded POST Request Failing with responseSerializationFailed
Alamofire API request is getting failed with responseSerializationFailed in swift 3
Alamofire "Generic Response Object Serialization" does not compile
Crashes on ResponseSerialization.swift (partial apply for specialized)
SerializationFailure error while posting data with Alamofire
Understanding Alamofire's Response Object Serialization use of Closures
Loading Serialised JSON Into Table?
how to Deserialization json response type of without using library swift
NSJSONSerialization.JSONObjectWithData causing app to crash after alamofire migration
Decodable JSONSerialization error custom object alamofire
Alamofire responseSerializationFailed
Assign directly to the request body when POST-ing
Alamofire 3.0.0-beta.3 Image Response Serialization
Using Alamofire in string Xcode : Alamofire get String response
Heterogeneous collection literal could only be inferred to '[String : Any]'; add explicit type annotation if this is intentional
Using alamofire how get response as raw string
Value of type 'Result<String>' has no member 'error' [Alamofire, Swift 5]
Alamofire raw json string to post or put
How to Send Image as Base64String using Alamofire POST request and how to handle the request in MVC4 web Api Controller?
SwiftyJSON producing blank string values
How to add an Array<String> to a Dictionary<String, AnyObject> in Swift 2
Append values to [String : AnyObject] or [String : String]
Cannot subscript a value of type [Dictionary<String, Any>] with an index of type 'String'
How does map method work on string type?
Swift: Cannot subscript a value of type 'Dictionary<String, NSObject>?'
Using SwiftyJSON, array cannot assign value of type AnyObject to type String
Converting DataResponse<String> to a usable type
Swift 3: Convert SHA256 hash string to SecCertificate
How convert string to utf-8? (Swift, Alamofire)
I am trying to append values to a string array
"Expected to decode String but found a dictionary instead."
Using Alamofire in swift package manager Swift wait for closure thread to finish
Swift IOS library using Swift Package Manager not being able to compile
Alamofire library not responding with Swift Package Manager
Swift 3 Package Manager Upload to GIT Server
Using Alamofire in swift4.1 How to upload multiple images in multiple array of images using multipart in Alamofire?
Casting problems after updating from Swift 4 to 4.1
get Data from alamofire (responseString)
How to parse json data with swift4 which is inside another dictionary formated data?
How to post parameters to the server using Alamofire?
Using Alamofire in swift4.2 Trouble with Swift 4 Alamofire and encoding UIImage
Cannot put error with Generic Result enum in RxSwift
How to write alamofire request function that returns the response?
Swift 4 Transfer results to main thread when using external networking framework
Using Alamofire in synchronous AlamoFire asynchronous completionHandler for JSON request
Checking for multiple asynchronous responses from Alamofire and Swift
How to make a synchronous request using Alamofire?
How to run synchronically two functions with async operations on iOS using Swift
Wait for asynchronous request result
Swift: How to rm Alamofire get request One by One in loop
Multiple calls using Alamofire to different APIs - how to save results to an array?
making an asynchronous alamofire request synchronous
iOS Asynchronous Unit Testing (waitForExpectations failing) in Xcode 8 / Swift 3
How to make synchronous url requests with swift 3
wait for response Alamofire swift
Using a value from Alamofire request outside the function
Alamofire when data response Swift 4 Timer
Wait for multiple Alamofire requests to complete before continuing?
Handle Alamofire asynchronous request using SwiftyJSON
Using Alamofire in uiimage Alamofire: Do af_setImageWithURL and ImageDownloader share the same AutoPurgingImageCache?
iOS 13 adds "trim." prefix to files selected from UIImagePickController
Downloading UIImage via AlamofireImage?
Show image in UIImageview by using alamofireimage
ios swift 4 - Alamofire post parameter with UIimage file (convert curl to alamofire)
How to wait until alamofire image request is done
How to upload UIImage with some key and values to server with Alamofire
loop and append json data into UIImage[] in Background Swift
'Invalid type in JSON write (UIImage)' Alamofire API request
Having problems handling UIImageJPEGRepresentation or UIImagePNGRepresentation in Node.js
How can I use an if let statement to check if JSON data is present in multiple constants?
How to get photo local url from image picker in swift 4
Using Alamofire in uipickerview How to save variable in closure to external variable?
Load data from JSON in picker view
Trouble populating UIPickerView with JSON array using Alamofire | Swift
how to updatePickerView Data according to previous picker view selection
Using Alamofire in url How to add Alamofire URL parameters
post application/x-www-form-urlencoded Alamofire
How to clear AlamofireImage setImageWithURL cache
Alamofire 4 URL Request parameter encoding to JSON
Swift - How to send POST request with "x-www-form-urlencoded" content-type
Moya/Alamofire - URL encoded params with same keys
Alamofire Type 'ParameterEncoding' has no member 'URL' Swift 3
Convert cUrl command to HTTP Request in Swift
Entering username and password for Alamofire request
Encode Swift array for Alamofire post using URLEncoding
Swift 4 + Alamofire Decodable Json URL format
Using Alamofire in urlrequest Proper usage of the Alamofire's URLRequestConvertible
Singleton pattern and proper use of Alamofire's URLRequestConvertible
Type does not conform to protocol 'URLRequestConvertible' with Alamofire
How to set different expiration timeout for each NSURLRequest
alamofire multipartformdata use urlrequest
How to print request NSMutableURLRequest in Swift
Linking error in unit test using URLRequestConvertible
Adding headers to Alamofire request (with ephemeral session)
Alamofire Custom Parameter Encoding
How to use `ParameterEncoding` together with `URLRequestConvertible`?
Set Cookies for URL Request
AlamofireImage: How to downdload images with POST request
asURLRequest Alamofire try error
Loading Images from URLRequest using Alamofire responseImage IOS swift
Wait until multiple request to be executed and their completion block
Alamofire way for "setImageWithURLRequest: placeholderImage: success:" in AFNetworking
Using Alamofire in urlsession Translating Alamofire call to URLSession
URLSession or Alamofire.Request don't work with dashes in URL?
Multipart form data upload with Alamofire shows file missing in server
Converting ecobee Alamofire request to use URLSession
how to ignore cached response using Alamofire?
Using Alamofire in utf 8 How to set UTF8 encoding for Alamofire POST request body?
Alamofire dealing with special character parameters
Post arabic characters in almofire swift ios
Using Alamofire in video Is this possible to play Video File synchronous downloading with Almofire?
Download and Save Video to Camera Roll
Uploading video using URL swift Alamofire
Swift3 video file upload along with one more form parameter(can be skipped from form and sent as url path)
Trouble uploading videos from iOS using WordPress REST api
Setting snippet data for youtube upload via REST API using Swift
Video download using Alamofire is freezing the UI in Swift iOS
Alamofire OSX Upload Video
rare issue with a Video downloaded and played in iPad or iPhone
Using Alamofire in web services Call web services by alamofire respectively
Swift 3 Uploading data to a server with Alamofire
How to pasre JSON (dictionary and array) using the new Swift 3 and Alamofire
Using Alamofire in youtube data api Insert a comment using the YouTube API and Alamofire
SwiftyJSON/Alamofire not parsing string to UTF8
How to separate request body in alamofire?
YouTube API v3 is not responding in JSON with Alamofire