How to insert a character at a certain position in a number without converting it into a string?

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If you don't convert it to string, it just a number and the "/"is not a number so u need to convert it to a string.

please check this link

function fortmat(date, format) {
    return date.toString().replace(/(\d{4})(\d{2})(\d{2})/g, `$1${format}$2${format}$3`)

console.log(fortmat(20200001, "/"));

This function helps you to convert the Date to another format.

How to insert a character in a string at a certain position?, This class provides an API compatible with StringBuffer, but with no static String insertAt(final String target, final int position, final String insert)� Ran into something similar and came up with this, could probably change this to a function/SP to make it reusable. Scenario faced was inserting a specified character at different positions within the string, for a certain number of times.

In Javascript you can't have a "/" in a number. If this is a date you could convert it to a date with the "/" as a delimiter.

Here you can learn more about dates in Javascript:

Add a Character to a String at a Given Position, I just announced the new Learn Spring course, focused on the fundamentals of Spring public String addChar(String str, char ch, int position) {. If you just want to insert a value at a certain position in a string, you can use the String.Insert method: public string Insert(int startIndex, string value) Example: "abc".Insert(2, "XYZ") == "abXYZc"

You cannot have a symbol of any kind outside the numeric spectrum inside a number...

Imagine if you were a calculator and a student wanted you to substract the word banana from 400.

That doesn't make sense.

If you need two separate numbers, then store them in a sepatrate variable.

Python, The problem of adding something at a position at string is not possible, without the The original string : geeksgeeks The add string : for The string after be performed in for the following problem is that converting the string to list and then adding the string at particular position and then performing the join. insert () is used to insert characters in string at specified position. It supports various syntaxes to facilitate same, here we will describe them. Syntax 1: Inserts the characters of str starting from index idx.

Python, Sometimes, while dealing with strings, we may encounter a problem in which Let's discuss certain ways in which this problem can be solved. datatype using the basic type conversion and adding it to appropriate position. number � Python | Count the Number of matching characters in a pair of string� Sometimes, we want to add a text string, say “XX”, as a prefix or suffix to another text string. This is quite easy with the function CONCATENATE, or even easier with the operator & . However, what if we want to insert the text string into a specific position in the middle of another text string ??

How to insert a character in a string at a certain position?, I'm getting in an int with a 6 digit value. I want to display it as a String with a decimal point .toString(j); //processing //output : 1234.56. last character in text file 1, 2 by lestmen » Tue Apr 01, 2008 2:49 pm 12 Replies 3569 Views Last post by Sarfraz S Tue Jul 01, 2008 3:21 pm Means of special character in JCL by Mehdi shri » Sat Jun 30, 2012 2:15 pm 4 Replies 1887 Views Last post by Monitor Sun Jul 01, 2012 8:00 am How to insert rows into DB2 table thru JCL

The entries in column A and column B do not have fixed length. However the sum of their lengths is not more than 10. The problem is to insert four zeroes exactly at 12 th position counting from first character in cell (i,1). So the problem is to insert four zeroes at right end in a string s which will be of length 15.