How to install MinGW64 (non of the approaches work)

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I am trying to install MinGW64 on Windows 10. Here is what I tried:

Approach 1


I went to and from there to where I downloaded Win-builds 1.5.0. I run the exe and let it install everything. When it gets to install mingw64 it says that the Download failed (no further information). What should I do?

Approach 2


I also downloaded mingw-w64-v7.0.0 from, extracted the zip but have not idea what to do with the contents:

13.02.2020  13:37                   .gitignore
13.02.2020  13:37            31.032 aclocal.m4
13.02.2020  13:37             2.398 AUTHORS
13.02.2020  13:37    <DIR>          build-aux
13.02.2020  13:37               625
13.02.2020  13:37           123.961 configure
13.02.2020  13:37             3.268
13.02.2020  13:37             2.326 COPYING
13.02.2020  13:37    <DIR>          COPYING.MinGW-w64
13.02.2020  13:37    <DIR>          COPYING.MinGW-w64-runtime
13.02.2020  13:37             2.245 DISCLAIMER
13.02.2020  13:37               454 DISCLAIMER.PD
13.02.2020  13:37               745
13.02.2020  13:37            25.337
13.02.2020  13:38    <DIR>          mingw-w64-crt
13.02.2020  13:38    <DIR>          mingw-w64-doc
13.02.2020  13:39    <DIR>          mingw-w64-headers
13.02.2020  13:39    <DIR>          mingw-w64-libraries
13.02.2020  13:39    <DIR>          mingw-w64-tools
Approach 3

From: mingw-w64 installer "the file has been downloaded incorrectly"

In it was said that should download from, so I went there downloaded MinGW-W64-install.exe and ran it. The post says further

Once the compressed file downloaded, you have just to extract and copy/paste the MinGW64 folder( with the pre-compiled librairies) to your chosen folder ( in my case : C:\mingw64)

but I got a lot of files installed to C:\Program Files\mingw-w64\x86_64-8.1.0-posix-seh-rt_v6-rev0\. So I copied the files of the folder to C:\MinGW64, but it seems I still do not have it installed.

Approach 4

From How to install MinGW-w64 and MSYS2?

I went to, downloaded the x86_64 version, went through the steps outlined in - except for point 7. which I substituted with running pacman -S mingw-w64-x86_64-cmake. This seems to have worked, but the folder C:\MinGW64 is empty and running gcc.exe --version says, the command could not be found. I have no idea where msys2 installed what and how I have to link/move what to get gcc to run.

How to install MinGW 64 bits on Windows?, Note that once it is installed you do not need to invoke msys2 to use the installer � How to install MinGW64 (non of the approaches work). The exact path depends on which version of Mingw-w64 you have installed and where you installed it. If you used the settings above to install Mingw-w64, then add this to the path: C:\Program Files\mingw-w64\x86_64-8.1.0-posix-seh-rt_v6-rev0\mingw64\bin. Select OK to save the updated PATH. You will need to reopen any console windows for the new

The following approach did work for me. I got there via the link in

  1. Got to
  2. Click on the newest version (e.g. 8.1.0)
  3. Click on x86_64-posix-sjlj
  4. Download the 7z-Archive

Alternative way of clicking around:

  1. Got to
  2. Click on files
  3. Click on x86_64-posix-sjlj of the version you want
  4. Download the 7z-Archive


  1. Unzip the archive
  2. Inside it there is the folder mingw64 - move it (and its contents) into C:\MinGW64
  3. The gcc can be found at C:\MinGW64\mingw64\bin\gcc.exe

Getting Started, Thus, we strongly recommend that you do not install MinGW in any location with Both methods will allow you to modify the original installation packages, AFAIK, MinGW already does work with Vista, but why don't you just try it, and see; � In this video we will see How to Install MinGW (GCC/G++) Compiler in Windows 10. MinGW, a contraction of “Minimalist GNU for Windows”, is a minimalist develo

I had a similar problem installing MINGW-W64. What I did was to Run as Administrator, make sure the installation path contains no spaces.

Initially, I was installing it at C:/Program Files (x86)/Mingw-w64 so I change to install it directly on C:/Mingw-w64

Install MinGW. MinGW means Minimalist GNU for Windows: GNU is a source of open source programming tools (GNU stands for GNU is Not Unix).. In this handout you will download the files needed by GNU C++; in the next you will download a version of Eclipse that is already set up to use MinGW.

I installed using the process BUT this release is quite old. The page suggests current stable release is 4.4 while the MinGW installer installs 3.4. Also this installer has g77 which is no longer a part of GNU compiler suite, its replaced by fortran95.

How to install and use W32 and W64 cross-compilers under Linux Project-specific instructions For users looking for information about MinGW-w64, there are several topics:

#Go to SU to install the 1.0 cross-compilers for all users su #SU to root; give root password to continue cd /usr/ #Make installation directories in /usr/ #mkdir mw32 #If this is the first time, and mw32 doesn't exist yet #mkdir mw64 #If this is the first time, and mw64 doesn't exist yet #Install the 1.0 W32 cross-compiler cd mw32 rm -rf ./* #Remove previous installation, if any tar -xvf /home

  • also see here, sjlj might not be the best option