not added label to textField like right view

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I'm trying to add a label to the text field but nothing is displayed

  @IBOutlet weak var myTextField: UITextField!

override func viewDidLoad() {
    let my = UILabel()
    myLabel.text = "text"
    myLabel.textColor = .black
    myTextField.rightView = myLabel
    myTextField.rightViewMode = .always

Try to add a frame to the label such as myLabel = UILabel(frame: CGRectMake(0, 0, 50, 21)).

not added label to textField like right view, I'm trying to add a label to the text field but nothing is displayed @IBOutlet weak var myTextField: UITextField!override func viewDidLoad()� What do you mean by "adding a label to the textfield"? Setting the text of the textfield? Have some kind of "ghost text" inside your textfield? Or simply add a label in front of/after your textfield? In the latter case, you should probably simply mimick what you did for the combo-box. – Guillaume Polet Dec 7 '12 at 12:39

Make sure that the Textfield is behind the Label! Besides that it should be showing properly.

[MDCTextField] [iOS 13] Right view covering whole textField � Issue , material-automation bot added the Needs actionability review label on Sep 24, 2019 It looks like it may be caused by the rightView subviews using [ TextFields] Fixed rightView and leftView compatibilities with iOS 13 (… sure i can. and i have. but i can't discover the sequence of methods to call on the NSTextField to get it to behave like a "Label" dragged from IB. setting no border, no bezel, not editable, not selectable results in a NSTextField that does not look or behave like the IB "Label".

set sizeToFit(), in my case it's help

rightView, The overlay view displayed on the right (or trailing) side of the text field. Availability. iOS 2.0+; Mac If it does not fit, it is scaled to fit. If you specify a control for� I was wondering if there was a way to make a label viewable in normal mode for a PDF text field form. I am making my PDF a form with a fillable text box in it. Well, I'd like the box name to show up when someone opens the PDF, not just if they only go into the edit form view.

UITextField, After adding a text field to your interface, you configure it for use in your app. The UITextField class does not provide built-in support for formatting its string using an Overlay views are small views displayed on the left and right sides of the text When configuring overlay views, consider whether you want your text field to� Right-click (control-click on Mac) the field label in the view and select Format. In the Format pane, specify the settings of the font, shading, and alignment field labels. Note: When you have multiple dimensions on the rows or columns shelves, the field labels appear adjacent to each other in the table.

Text Label vs Text Field vs Text View, Here's a quick guide for when you're not sure which to use. the differences between a text label, a text field or a text view can be confusing. When you want to show some text, but don't need the user to enter or See the following WWDC session for a flowchart to help you choose the right text control:. The textField component allows the user to edit single line of text.When the user types a key in the text field the event is sent to the TextField. The key event may be key pressed, Key released or key typed. The key event is passed to the registered KeyListener. It is also possible to for an

To implement an overlay view, create a view of a size that fits within the height of the text field and give the view an appropriately sized image. If the view is a button or other control, specify a target object, an action selector, and the triggering control events .