Why my design gets disappear when I use <TouchableWithoutFeedback>?

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      <View style={{flex:1}} >
          <KeyboardAvoidingView behavior='position'>
          source={require('../images/login_img.png')} />
        <ImgBack navigation={this.props.navigation} />

If i remove <TouchableWithoutFeedback> then everything is fine. Help me. Don't ask for Child Component code. No need to know about that. Everthing is fine there.

I am just having problem with the <TouchableWithoutFeedback>

I have imported import { TouchableWithoutFeedback } from 'react-native-gesture-handler';

faced this problem before and imported it from react native not react native gesture handler or use button with transparent attribute instead of touchable

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import { TouchableWithoutFeedback } from 'react-native';


import { TouchableWithoutFeedback } from 'react-native-gesture-handler';

Why are my jpeg images disappearing?!!!, I am writing a test and saved images in my course files as jpegs (yes, I published the file). My Role � Admin Group � Community Advocates � Instructional Designer Out of curiosity, have you tried using *.jpg files instead of *.jpeg (not that it should folks at the Canvas Help Desk to report the issue so they can get it logged. The old Facebook design will disappear forever in September. The message reads: “We have made improvements to the new Facebook.com site and are delighted that everyone can see its new look.

Add style={{height: '100%'}} to your TouchableWithoutFeedback component

Why Silhouette Studio Designs Disappear When Welding (and the , If you're trying to weld two or more Silhouette designs in Silhouette Studio So try again - select the frame (you'll notice it only gets one selection silhouette cameo tutorial for beginners, how to use silhouette studio, studio, silhouette studio By clicking on them and purchasing products through my links,� Thanks Pedro! But, still no luck. The (quiz) question is phrased: "Add the appropriate CSS code to the media query so that images within the ".cupcake" div disappear when the device or browser width is at most 480px wide."

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Why my design gets disappear when I use ?, Why my design gets disappear when I use ? 发布于 2020-04-23 11:33:34. <View style={{flex:1}} > <ImageBackground source={require('../images/back02.png')}� To make the design of your website responsive you can try the next 3 tips: 1. Flexible grids and layouts. Try using relative units such as percentages instead of pixels to dynamically resize any width.

A client of mine sent me a problem child InDesign file -- a legacy file in which she needed to move threaded text frames around and modify them -- and this question: I managed to lay out the text in a chapter the way I wanted but when I got to the end I started having trouble with the questions and problems text.

  • Try to add flex:1 to TouchableWithoutFeedback
  • which platform , android or ios ?
  • both. android and ios too !
  • @LeventeGabos your solution not working. Made no difference !