Character ﷼ can not be pasted in front of a number

I can't paste the character (Riyal currency) in front of a number:


It's even impossible to paste it between 2 numbers, it's pasted at the end:


There aren't any problems if you try to paste it in front of a letter:


Does anybody know what happens and how I can do it?

This is an interesting question. The more general case is pasting a RTL character (right to left) in a LTR format.

In addition to the character you need a LTR unicode mark:


See also:

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Probably related to the compilation direction. If you want to use it in HTML, I think following code can works for you

<bdo dir="ltr"> ﷼ 1</bdo>

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in html tag better do like this :

<html lang="fa">

in meta tag use this :

<meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" />

and in this case for example i used table and then RTL (right to left) in dir attribute :

<table dir="rtl" border="1" width="100%">
<td bgcolor="#A2F0BE">قیمت</td>
<td>4,840,000 ﷼</td>

and also check this out ,for example :

 HTML Entity (Decimal)  &#65020;

<p dir=rtl> 1000 &#65020;</p>

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  • no affect on me
  • When I try to paste it in Chrome's omnibox, the character is visible before the number, but shift + left arrow properly selects it. I don't have any issue when pasting in Google's website search bar.
  • @Seblor you can reproduce it from the top search bar in current page.
  • Since your question is tagged HTML I assume you have some HTML code exemple to provide. Or maybe it is when you type text in an <input> ? I think it would be very helpful if you add those precisions into your question post.
  • In case an example is needed, here it is in a sentence: I have &#65020;&#x200e;100 but I wish I had more. (&#65020; is the html code for the rial). Renders like this.
  • for more detail about bi-directional override tag