How can I prevent submit if selected options are empty?

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I'm trying to prevent submiting using an Onclick event (with javascript) if any of selected menus are empty. Maybe displaying an alert. Is it possible?

<select name="form1" form="my_form">
    <option value="Option 1">Option 1</option>
    <option value="Option 2">Option 2</option>

<select name="form2" form="my_form">
    <option value="Option 1">Option 1</option>
    <option value="Option 2">Option 2</option>

<form id="my_form" method="post" action="selections.php">
    <input type="submit" value="Send">
Proposed solution

The most convenient way is to use HTML form validations handled by a browser (required) as mentioned by epascarello

Unfortunately, your selects has the first option as the default. You can just add a placeholder option with no value. That will prevent submitting the form without selecting.

If you don't want to display it you can hide this option for the user. Second select in the example.

Third input added to answer your question in the comment. No value means it will be content of <option> tag be the default. It would only work if you have no text in this option.

<form id="my_form">
    <select required name="form1" form="my_form">
        <option value>Placeholder</option>
        <option value="Option 1">Option 1</option>
        <option value="Option 2">Option 2</option>

    <select required name="form2" form="my_form">
        <option hidden disabled selected value>Choose an option</option>
        <option value="Option 1">Option 1</option>
        <option value="Option 2">Option 2</option>

    <select required name="form3" form="my_form">
        <option>I'm the value if none set</option>
        <option value="Option 1">Option 1</option>
        <option value="Option 2">Option 2</option>

    <input type="submit" value="Send">

Disable submit button if empty fields && select option not , Disable submit button if empty fields && select option not selected. Posted 2 years ago by ravipw1801. I have a form, divided into multi-steps (achieved with� In the "Edit" tab, select "Alphabetical" as the sort order. Look for "Placeholder text" in the list. Click "Modify". Click Format and choose "Font". In the Font dialog box, click the checkbox for "Hidden" until you see a checkmark. OK. OK. OK. Now, as long as the Print option to print hidden text is not active, the placeholder text won't print.

I would use an id for your submit button:

<input type="submit" value="Send" id="submitButton" disabled>

Afterwards just create a function for your options:

    function onItemSelected() {
       var selectedItem1 = document.getElementByName("form1").selectedIndex;
       var selectedItem2 = document.getElementByName("form2").selectedIndex;
       if (selectedItem1 && selectedItem2) {
         document.getElementById('submitButton').disabled = false;
       } else {
             document.getElementById('submitButton').disabled = true;

You have to call the onItemSelected in each select input: For example:

<select name="form2" form="my_form" (onchange)="onItemSelected()">

How to prevent form from submitting when it still has empty fields , <br> <input type="radio" name="option" value="yes" id="radioid1" >Yes <br> return false; } else if((radioInput1.checked === false) && (radioInput2.checked asks to use only javascript to prevent form submission in case of empty fields. The third parameter of new Option() determines whether the item is "default selected"; i.e. it sets the selected attribute for the new option. The fourth parameter sets the options actual selected state - if set to true, the new option will be selected by default. Create if not exists. You can use .find to select the option if it already

Yes, you can prevent submitting the form if menu are empty using required property in in select tag.

Prevent submitting empty form - PHP, Hi everyone, I don't know why but I can't get my form to be checked if some of the submit the form - you will notice the isset value = 1 regardless of any values� Hi, I am having an issue with this plugin and I can't find a solution. I am using this with Laravel (even though I don't think it is relevant) I have a multiple select which is works perfectly fine and it sends data on form submit.

is it normal that your select inputs are not in your 'form' tag? in which case would they be empty? because 'option 1' is selected by default

Check if User has Selected any Value from HTML SELECT Element , In the markup section, I have added a HTML <select> option and add few values to it. In addition, I have a button control of type submit. When a user clicks the� In other words, any option contained within the <select> element may be part of the results, but option groups are not included in the list. If no options are currently selected, the collection is empty and returns a length of 0. Example. In this example, a <select> element with a number of options is used to let the user order various food

var selectElts = document.getElementsByTagName('select');
var formElt = document.getElementById('my_form');

formElt.addEventListener('submit', function(e) {
  // stop the form submission
  var error = 0;

  // Check all select menus
  for (var i = 0; i < selectElts.length; i++) {
    // Check if current input's value is empty
    if (selectElts[i].value.trim() === '') {
      error = error + 1;
      alert(selectElts[i].name + ' is empty');

  // if there are no errors, then we submit the form
  if (error === 0) {

option element, The placeholder label option is mandatory when the select element it belongs to is option in the element, that doesn't belong to any optgroup and with an empty supporting browsers will prevent form submission until an option other than� I can't thank you enough for the amazingly clear answers you give in this forum. My client wanted there to be a "0" value in their drop down menu instead of the blank default option.

In HTML you can create such control using appropriate tags: form:select > – parent tag of drop-down list and form:option > – child tag of form:select > tag. Spring MVC tag library has its own solution for the drop-down lists. In this post I will write about form:select >, form:option >, and form:options > tags.

Get Selected Options from Multiple Select Box. Similarly, you can retrieve the selected values from multiple select boxes with a little trick. A multiple select box allows a user to select multiple options. Hold down the control key on Windows or command key on Mac to select multiple options.

snbutton is a super small, cross-browser jQuery plugin that disables the submit button (and changes its content) whenever an input field is empty. How to use it: 1.

  • You can check if the values are false then in the submit event listener run event.preventDefault() so it doesn't submit
  • Maybe have a look at this. Maybe this fits your question sort of.
  • HTML5 required, why reinvent the wheel? <select required name=...
  • <select required did just fine. That was it! Thank you
  • This is everything I was looking for. Thank you to give the right credits. I don't see the reason of "value" attribute at the hidden placeholder, though. Is there any special reason to do that?
  • It is equivalent of value="". If you don't set any value, the value will be the same as the text that is between <option>I'm the value if none set</option>
  • I see now. Thanks!
  • Does the attribute title within <select> doesn't do the same thing?
  • There is no such attribute for <select> tag.
  • I made work like this but had to do some different stuff. First I took off the parenthesis from "onchange" to call the event properly. Afterwards I used getElementById within the function instead of getElementByName and added de corresponding ID's inside the <select.
  • Yes. The reason for that is that I need to pass values from multiple select forms. To make that possible, I'm using the attribute form="my_form" inside <select>